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GB Pockit Stroller 

7 Dec

Hi folks ✨

Strollers! Where to start!? We all live such busy lifestyles these days. We’re always popping here there & everywhere. Wouldn’t life as a parent be so much simpler if there was a stroller that was so compact & lightweight you could get on a bus without running over people’s feet with your giant pram wheels? Wouldn’t it be so nice to have a stroller that’d not take up 75% of your boot space in your car? Wouldn’t it be great if your stroller could fit in to your handbag? Yes… that’s right… your HANDBAG! 

Yes, that is indeed my handbag with a stroller in it. Please allow me to introduce you to the GB Pockit 

The GB Pockit holds the world record for being the worlds smallest fold stroller. It’s so super lightweight it’s unreal.

I was so sceptical of this stroller before it arrived… surely something so small couldn’t be comfy!? I must say that Seth loves this stroller! We took it on vacation with us to Center Parcs. As you can imagine – going on a 7 day break with an 8 month old – you need a lot of stuff! We have a Hyundai i30… so not the biggest of cars. So anything that saves space is greatly appreciated. This stroller literally went in the foot well of the passenger side!

So… what is the stroller like to use? First of all – it folds very easily. I thought with it being such a small fold that it’d be difficult to get it folded correctly. Well, its actually very easy to do. I also thought that the small wheels would be a problem – wrong! They are great! We were holidaying in Sherwood Forest – Centre Parcs. We took this stroller on paths, muddy walk ways & ground laden with bark. The stroller worked on all terrains! Nothing got in it’s way! Seth seems so snug & comfy. Seth isn’t a crying kind of baby, but he does let you know ASAP when he’s uncomfy. He was happy sitting in his Pocket while cuddling his Monkey.

The basket underneath isn’t the biggest obviously – but it’s big enough to fit a few things in. We also hung Seth’s bag on the back with his essentials in no problem.

The Pockit is easy to steer & very manageable. I have a back problem (condensed disc in my lower spine) so anything too heavy or clunky isn’t for me. The Pockit is so nippy & light. We got lots of compliments from people also on holiday. Lots of people had never heard of it – but they do now! I think several people at Center Parcs actually went back to their villas to order one. This stroller is so essential for holidays & travel!

We’ve got some travelling coming up over the festive period & this stroller will be the first thing we pack. In fact – we’ve said that it might just live in the car. It’s literally so small that it takes up no room! It’s ridiculously handy for popping to the supermarket. You can easily get all of your shopping in the boot while this sits under the seat. It also fits into the overhead compartment on a plane.

I live in a ‘Ye Olde Worlde’ little village. The paths are very narrow – so this stroller is fab for popping down to the deli or pharmacy. When you’re in restaurants  – you don’t take up loads of room anymore with a clunky big pram/buggy.

This stroller retails for around £149.95. If you travel a lot visiting family like we do… or you holiday a lot… or you simply want a lightweight small yet comfy buggy for busy compact City Life… Then this really is the buggy for you. It’d be so great for when little ones are stating to walk. You can literally take it with you for when they get tired & want their buggy.

The Pockit is our new travel buddy – we love it!

Stay tuned for more reviews coming up about the Pockit as we travel over the Festive Period.

Thanks for reading & I hope you’ve found this review useful!

Love & huggles,

Hayley xxx


Caudalie and Younique 

12 Jan

Hi folks ✨

Well… I have a few little reviews for you in this post ✨ 

 Caudalie are a lovely French cosmetics brand that have been going since around 1995. I was sent this lovely little set to test & try. The set comprised of:

  • Beauty Elixir
  • Lip Balm
  • Handcream
  • Make Up Remover/Cleanser
  • Face Moisturiser 

I have to say that I’m simply in love with the Beauty Elixir. For a 30ml full size bottle it’s £11.50. This elixir is great for using before your daily moisturiser as it hydrates the skin & reduces the size of pores. It’s also great for just a quick spritz to give your skin a little pick me up. I’ve popped this straight into my hospital bag for when I go in to have my baby. The Caudalie Beauty Elxir is one of their cult products… You seriously need to give it a go. The lip balm is also lovely. I go through lots of lip balm, I seem to be always applying it throughout the day. I’ve never been too keen on a pot of lip balm as my nails get in the way lol. So a good old fashion stick of lip balm is always preferred. Again – I use oodles of handcream. I’ve always been a massive lover of L’Occitanes Shea Butter handcream… But this is actually just as good. I love the smell too. Great for keeping in your handbag. The cleanser is AMZAZING! I’ve bought this on a number of occasions already. It’s so gentle. I have quite sensitive skin & my skin goes quite red with a lot of facial skin care products. But not this one… It’s so gentle & calming. I also wear a lot of eye make up & this is great for removing lots of black eyeliner! The face moisturiser is just okay… It’s quite thin for my liking. I like a very thick creamy face cream. But this is almost more of a lotion really. On the plus side it is very lightweight. So this would be great if you didn’t want a heavy thick moisturiser… Unlike me lol. 

  Lots of people ask me about my make up… Like what eyeliner & foundation I use. Well lately I’ve been using the Touch Mineral Liquid Foundation by Younique. I use shade: Organza. The liquid is so sheer & you don’t need a lot at all. I’m very pink skinned & this foundation covers all of that perfectly & effortlessly. The foundation is priced at £30. I use the Younique black Kohl Liner & Liquid Liner. They’re both utterly amazing! They last all day.  
 I love a liquid liner for my eyelid… The Younique liquid liner glides on just like a felt pen. The liner is much better than the separate ink pots & brush that many brands sell. This is also great for on the go. If you’re not confident with creating flicked liner – the. This is the pen for you – VERY easy to use. The kohl liner is great for your water line & for under your eye. It smudges easy to give that smoky effect… But then lasts all day. I’ve literally just ordered the white kohl liner, so once that arrives I’ll be doing a full review. If you want to order any of the fab Younique make up, you can do so via this link. Or if you’re on Facebook then you can like Gemma’s page & order direct from her. You can also keep an eye out for competitions & special offers on there too! 

Well thanks again for reading folks ✨ and I hope you found the reviews useful. Don’t forget to check the products out via the embedded links.

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx

Time for Reflection and Time to Achieve

31 Dec

Hi folks ✨

I just wanted to take this opportunity to say a MASSIVE THANK YOU to each & every one of you for your continued support. In Sept 2012 I started my weightloss journey as a UK size 24. I wanted to lead a healthier lifestyle in the hopes of gaining my confidence back & becoming healthy enough to conceive. I got down to a UK size 12 last year & managed to maintain with the support of my family, friends & you lot!!! In July of this year we found out it’d finally happened… We are going to be PARENTS!!! 💙 It’s been an up & down journey with lots of complications, but I’m now at 27wks & a UK size 14/16. So 2016 will see the birth of our miracle boy & me getting back to my target size of a size 12. I know I can do it with everyone’s support. Once again… Thank you! This blog has helped me to overcome my weight issues & you’ve all inspired me to keep going. So… My resolutions for this year are:

  • To be the best Mammy I can be
  • To continue blogging… This blog is almost 6 years old
  • To continue with my healthier lifestyle
  • Be as successful as I can be & build our business
  • Be more assertive & strong  

It’s so overwhelming to know that you’re reading this blog in 64 different countries. This blog began in 2010 as a Wedding blog to help me document our wedding plans… but with everything life has thrown my way since then, it gradually transformed into my lifestyle blog. It’s just nice to know that you’re reading… enjoying… & supporting me. 

 This morning I received more goodies to review!!! I have been sent the most beautiful travel toiletry set for my hospital bag when I go in to have my baby, from Gilchrist & Soames. Talk about luxury… the bag itself came in a lovely dust bag… I simply love it!!! The set included: Shampoo, Conditioner, Shower Gel, Bath Salts, Face Mist, Lip Balm, Body Soap, Face Soap & a Loofah. It’s gorgeous & looks right at home in my hospital bag. You can get free UK delivery with code: FS2015. I also received an Eyeko Skinny Liquid Liner. I wear a lot of eye make up on a daily basis & I have to say that Eyeko is my favourite liquid liner brand. If you’re not very good at winged liner… then this is the liner for you! It’s so easy to use… Much easier than a separate wand & pot. The Eyeko Liner is just like a felt pen really & it also holds it shape. It stays put all day too… I always get compliments on my eye liner. Right now you can save 25% on all Eyeko purchases quoting code: NYE25

Talking of discount codes… Top Collar are doing an amazing deal right now where you can try their home baked doggy treats for FREE!!! They use gluten free flour… all fresh ingredients & are great on sensitive tummies! You even get them delivered to your door in a personalised box for your pooch! If you fancy giving them a go simply follow this link: http://www.topcollar.co.uk/#!book-delivery/yqpgz then add code: COCO. My Coco is a very fussy little furbaby & she absolutely adores these biscuits. I’d seriously recommend giving them a go. 

 So… what are our plans for tonight? Well, we shall be having a lovely snuggly night in. Just me, the hubster & Coco. I have party snacks & yummy nibbles… I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else ❤️ Tomorrow I’m going to be cooking a Christmas Dinner & then at teatime we’ll be heading round to our neighbours for snacks. Nice chilled celebrations for us this year ✨ I’ve put make up on… but I’ll be seeing the New Year in, in my pyjama’s. I had to take this pic to show just how long & thick my hair has become… It’s growing so fast. It must be the pregnancy hormones. 

 Oooooo… well the postie has just dropped the latest issue of Elle & Elle Decoration through the door… so I think I’m going to go & give those a read! 

 Enjoy your evening whatever you get up too, thanks so much for reading & continuing to do so &…


 Love & Huggles,

Hayley 😘 xxx



Life’s Little Quirks and Loads of Deliveries

18 Dec

Hi folks ✨

Well considering I’m on maternity leave with the intention of relaxation… It’s been pretty much non-stop here. Little Coco had surgery on Wednesday… That’s why I’ve missed a few days of blogging. I literally spent all day in tears worrying about my precious little furbaby. But luckily… She’s home & seems to be getting back to her normal cheeky, feisty little self. We found a little lump on her shoulder & noticed her fur was thinning in that area too. As soon as the vet seen it he said a general anesthetic would be needed in order to take a biopsy. He also found that she still had some puppy teeth that needed to be removed… so the poor little thing had 4 teeth pulled too. Aww her little face when we went to collect her was so cute, she was so happy to see us. I’m just so glad that I can be home to take care of her, although, already she seems to be getting back to normal 💕

I had a lovely little surprise the other day… While the hubster was out at work – I took delivery of a brand new laptop & stunning laptop bag/satchel/briefcase. As you know I’ve been searching for the perfect work bag for a while. I wanted something spacious but pretty. This is going to be perfect for carrying my new lovely pink laptop around. If you like the bag, its by a brand called Ecosusi. They have a stunning range.Inside the bag there’s also a shock absorbing pocket perfect for tablets or small laptops I did have a Cambridge satchel, but really couldn’t get on with it. I just hated how small they are & the fact I have to undo the buckles each time I needed to get into it. I much prefer a magnetic fastening. My laptop is a 10.1″ ASUS Transformer Book… It’s almost like a 2in1 laptop & tablet. The screen completely detaches from the keypad, making it a fully functional tablet. I love it. It’s so lightweight too which is perfect for me after recent surgeries on my back etc… The hubster said these gifts are an investment into our business & my blog – he’s so thoughtful❤️ 

 Also this week, I’ve had an appointment with my midwife & a dental appointment. My midwife appointment was lovely as I got to hear Baby T’s little heartbeat again. Just perfect 💙 My dental appointment was fairly uneventful – so that’s good news as I hate having to go the dentist… Totally one of my little fears/quirks.

On Wednesday I also took delivery of some fab beauty goodies that I’ll be reviewing very soon. In the pack I received I got:

I can’t wait to try it all. Thank you Birchbox HQ. So stay tuned for that review 🎁 

 Something else that arrived this week is a massive pack of spa slippers. You may wonder why we’ve bought like a million pairs of machine washable spa slippers… well… we’ve had new carpets fitted throughout & we want to keep them nice & clean & new looking. So, as we’ll be asking guests to take their shoes off in the porch, we thought it only right to offer them some slippers to make them more comfy. I found it so funny when they all arrived! 

 The Baby Shower preparations are underway too… so you’ll be getting more info on that over the coming weeks 💙 

 I’ve been trying my best to eat healthy all week too… well around the sickness that I’m still suffering with. I’ve been making homemade sauces & Moroccan style stews. All of my healthy recipes that helped me to lose 6 stone, are on my weightloss page. So if you like what you see – click the link to my page. Obviously at the moment I’m not focusing on weightloss with being pregnant, but I’m still trying my best to eat as healthy as possible. Having said that, we are having KFC for tea tonight as a treat. 

So… today has been spent reviewing products, talking with potential companies I may be collaborating with in future & painting my nails to make them all sparkly & Christmassy. CND Vinylux is such a good brand – it last 7 days with no need for a UV lamp either.  

  Well… I think that’s about it for now.

I hope you all have a super Friday!

Thanks for reading ✨

Love & Huggles 💕

Hayley xxx