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Did Somebody Say… Christmas?

5 Sep

Hi folks,

I know some folk find mentioning Christmas so early a little taboo… but you know me! I just can’t enough of the Festive period. I just love love love anything & everything about Christmas. I’m always well ahead of the game when it comes to planning & organising for Christmas, but this year I’ve totally upped my game. Mainly as we have another family member joining us next month! As you all know, I’m going to have a little bit of recovery after the baby is born, as he shall be a planned c-section baby. So I really don’t want any planning stress when it comes to The Holidays. Seth is 2 years & 6 months now, so he’s very much aware of parties, Halloween & Christmas. So I just want everything planned & in place for him so he can get all giddy.

One of the things I love about Christmas, are our little family traditions. I had them with my family when I was little. So we have our own little things now that we have own children. We don’t tend to do Christmas stockings at the moment, but maybe that will change as the boys get bigger & older. For now we just do a Santa Sack & obviously a giant pile of presents from Santa. Oh & let’s not forget the Christmas Eve boxes that are delivered by the magical Elves on Christmas Eve.

So, you may remember 2 year ago when I reviewed a beautiful handmade Santa Sack from the Handmade Christmas Company. Well, they have sent me the most gorgeous Santa Sack for Little T as this will be his first Christmas. He is due to arrive 31st October. I chose the same design as Seth’s & yes it is personalised… but for now his name is top secret. Sorry folks… we just really want to keep it a surprise until he arrives. But I did entrust the Top Secret name to the lovely folk at The Handmade Christmas Company HQ… they’ve promised they won’t breathe a word to anyone.

For now I have disguised the name with the beautiful satin ribbon that comes with the Santa Sack. Nearer Christmas, I shall be featuring both Santa sacks together in another little review. Just so you can see them properly side by side.

As you can see… they are very much identical. The sacks are 80cm x 53cm in size. I can fit lots of gifts into them. Seth’s has held a lot of gifts over the last 2 Christmas’s.

There are 15 designs to choose from & all can be personalised with your name of choice. If, you’d prefer a non-personalised Santa Sack, you can get those too! And, they’re slightly cheaper. If you prefer Stockings, they also make those! Actually… I do love the Christmas Stocking now I’m looking at them. I think I may have to get some… I can feel another tradition starting already lol. The monogrammed stockings are utterly stunning!!! Need, need, need!

Even though Christmas seems a long way off… it isn’t really. We only have 3 month to go. And at least if you order now, you definitely know you’ll get it well in time for Christmas. They also offer free delivery on everything too! Now you can’t say fairer than that can you. I hate nothing more that High delivery charges.

I think I just love these products, as they all look so vintage, traditional & classy. They’ll stand the test of time. They’ll always be in ‘fashion’ & they’re so well made that they’ll last on durability alone. They’d make a great addition to any family traditions, decorations or simply as a gift. Do away with the usual Christmas gift bag & go a little fancier with a sack or stocking.

When you head over to their website, you’ll be given the option to sign up to their newsletter, which is a great way to stay up to date with promotions & new products. You can also head over to their Facebook Page too.

Thanks so much for reading! And I hope I’ve not freaked you all out talking about Christmas so soon lol.

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xx

The Handmade Christmas Co

5 Dec

Hi folks ✨

Christmas is literally around the corner! I’m sure by now you’ve all bought your gifts (well I’m sure a few of you are leaving things to the last minute lol). Now you’ll be wondering what to wrap all those beautiful gifts in. Well… this is the review is for you! 

The Handmade Christmas Co have sent me the most beautiful handmade personalised Santa Sack 

The sacks are 80cm x 53cm in size. I’ve manged to fit so much into Seth’s Santa Sack. The beautiful finishing piece for me is the gorgeous satin ribbon to tie the top. It just gives it a beautiful finishing touch. 

The sacks are priced at £22. A fantastic price when you think you’ll be using them year after year. There are various styles to choose from. There are also some non-personalised sacks too which are the exact same size & are priced at £17. 

If you’re looking for something that little bit more special for someone – this is just perfect. I was going to buy Seth a ‘Baby’s first Christmas Stocking’…  but this is waaaay better. With a stocking like that – you wouldn’t be able to use it year after year. With this – you totally can! Seth is too young to fully understand Christmas & Santa this year, but when he’s bigger, I’ll be filling this sack with goodies & leaving it in his room to wake up too on Christmas morning. 

The quality is simply beautiful. The print looks so ‘vintage’ & it has an overall luxury ‘classy’ feel to it. You also have the option of choosing the colour of the text on the name too. 

The Handmade Christmas Co have a Facebook Page you can ‘Like’ to stay up to date with new products & promotions. 

I’ve already got Seth’s Santa Sack under the tree & it looks so beautiful… I really am in love with it. If you did decide to go for the non-personalised Santa Sack – you could use it for the office Secret Santa to keep all the gifts in. Or, if you hand out gifts around the dinner table on Christmas Day – then this would be the ideal prop. 

So go on – head on over to their website now to look at all of their beautiful festive goodies. 

Hope you’re all having fun getting festive ✨

Thanks for reading as always!

Love & huggles,

Hayley xxx