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Candles And Giveaways

3 Sep

Hi folks,

Over the last week I have been filling my home with some lovely fragrances from the Classic Candle Company.

Whilst I was opening the box they arrived in, I could smell them. The scents are stunning… & that’s even before anything has been lit!

So… What did I receive?

  • 6 Mini Lights in fragrances: Berry Burst, Rose Petals, London, Relax, Classic Cotten & Colourful. Each will last 10-12hrs
  • Reed Diffuser in Orange & Anise. Lasts up to 12wks
  • Medium Jar in Belgian Waffle. Burns for 50-70hrs
  • Wax Melt Bar in Tiare Flower. Lasts for 48-60hrs

First of all… the one thing that stands out to me is the clean, crisp look of the products. With the wax being white & having a transparent casing, it just gives it an elegant feel & look. Any of these products would blend into any home decor. With other fragranced candle brands they may be coloured, which is lovely, but sometimes it deters you from certain fragrances if it means it won’t match your colour scheme.

With this lovely, clean white look… I can’t help but think of Wedding centre pieces.

Imagine a beautifully dressed room with these stunning candles all lit in the centre of the tables. It would look so elegant & it’d smell divine. Or, if not a wedding – a Christmas table. I think I’ll be getting one of the festive fragrances for the centre of my table on Christmas Day. Simple but stunning. This Belgian Waffle fragrance is beautiful. But then I do love sweet, foodie kind of fragrances. I lit this in my dining room & I could smell it all over the house. I have a 4 bedroom home too, so the fragrance had plenty space to spread out & try to fill. I can also say that there was no black smoke… with some cheaper candles I have found you can get a little black smoke. This was a nice clean burn. Also, with this candle almost being like a pillar candle, it doesn’t take long for the wax to pool & spread, giving an even burn – no tunnelling at all.

The mini lights are perfect for a little burst of fragrance. In no time at all after lighting, you’ve got an even pool of wax across the top scenting your room.

I’ve been lighting these ones on an evening once my little boy has gone to bed. I think my favourites have been Classic Cotten & Berry Burst. They’re all lovely… But I do love a fruity fragrance & you can’t beat that clean laundry scent.

These beautiful little candles would make amazing Wedding favours. Or Baby Shower favours; Baby Powder would be the perfect fragrance. With Christmas just around the corner too, these little mini lights would make a gorgeous little gift for your christmas dinner guests, or if you’re making your own crackers – they’d make a lovely little surprise.

I do love a wax melt, I’ve been melting the Tiare Flower wax melt bar in our kitchen.

It’s great that you can split the bar into 6 cubes & burn 1 at a time. This fragrance has been great for banishing foodie cooking smells.

If you’re not a big fan of candles, then maybe the Reed Diffusers would be perfect for you.

This fragrance is so stunning. Admittedly, this wouldn’t be a fragrance that I would choose, but it’s so fresh smelling. I opened this & popped on the windowsill in our office. When my husband came in from work a few hours later, he said he could smell it as soon as he walked into the porch. Our office is at the other end of the house. I think he got excited thinking I’d been baking some fancy cakes lol.

With the orange scent in this, it’s almost got a festive feel to it. It really is lovely & strong enough to fill the whole of my home. With so many fragrances to choose from, you could find the perfect fragrance to suit any room. One of the fresh classic fragrances would be stunning in the bathroom.

If you head over to their website, you can view their full range of fragrances & styles. They’ve actually just launched a new 2 wick candle too! Now here’s the exciting part… you can WIN a 2 Wick Large Candle worth £24.50 in the fragrance of your choice, delivered to your door for FREE!!! Enter HERE. Competition will close Mon 24th September 2018. UK Only.

If you can’t wait until then to get your hands on some beautiful candles then use code: ixxypoco at checkout to get 20% off!!! But be quick, as this discount will only be valid for 7 days!

Thanks so much for reading & don’t forget to enter this fab competition!

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx



Charming Charms with Charmed Aroma

13 Dec

Hi folks,

The festive-ness is really building now here at Thorne Towers. I received the most gorgeous little package from Charmed Aroma.

Just in case you’re not familiar with Charmed Aroma… here’s a little background; Every Candle is hand poured with a high quality soy wax. Soy wax is known for giving candles a longer & cleaner burn. All of the jewellery is Sterling Silver & if you’re super lucky… you can find a stunning piece of jewellery up to the value of $5,000!!! I mean how exciting!? Shipping is also available in the UK, US, CAD, AUS, FR, GER, IT, SPAIN.

So… let’s get to the good stuff!

These candles are absolutely gorgeous! My candle is ‘Candy Cane‘. The fragrance is stunning. After only been lit for a few minutes, my lounge was filled with the most gorgeous Christmassy sweet scent. The candle itself is also really pretty, in a nice glass jar. It would make such a stunning gift. And the best part… you get a jewel inside! My candle is the ‘ring’ candle. The ring I found inside is really beautiful. As the candle burns & the wax begins to melt, a little parcel will appear. Once it’s totally free of wax – you can scoop it out with a teaspoon etc… then reveal your hidden treasure!

What a stunning treat!

I also received a Candy Cane Bath Bomb. I so enjoyed running myself a relaxing bath & then finding my treat inside.

The Sterling Silver necklace I found inside is so pretty… perfect for wearing with a festive outfit on a night out. The bath bomb smelled so nice & filled the bathroom with a gorgeous scent. The bath bomb was really mild too & left my skin feeling really soft. This would make a fab stocking filler! What an amazing treat to buy someone. You can view my reveal video on my Instagram page.

If you head on over to their website you will find a gorgeous selection of scents & the types of jewellery you can find hidden within. This is not just another scented candle… it’s a candle with a little extra charm hidden within. I love them. Literally the perfect present!

The beautiful candles & bath bombs would make stunning gifts for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Birthday’s etc…

If you head on over to their website & use coupon code: HAYLEY10 you’ll be given 10% off. But please note that this will only be valid for 1 month.

Thanks so much as always for reading!

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx

Festive Fragrances

5 Dec

Hi folks,

Hands up if you’re feeling festive!? We put our tree up at the weekend & I’m just feeling so Christmassy. I love this point of the holidays when you can sit back & relax & just breathe in the festivities.

If you’re looking for any last minute treats for yourself to have around your home to add to the sparkle of Christmas. Or, if you need any last minute stocking fillers & gifts… then look no further than the fabulous Crabtree & Evelyn.

The products I’ve been using to add that festive spritz in the air are:

Both candles come in a stunning metallic glass holder & they come presented in a beautiful decorative box. Imagine how festively fabulous they’d look with a little name tag & then presented on your dining table as place settings? They’d look so gorgeous & they’d be a lovely little gift for your guests. They’d also be perfect for a Secret Santa gift.

The candles can be purchased in the larger size too.

The room spray is fantastic for an instant burst of festive fragrance around the home. I’ve been using this lots. It’s in a lovely elegant glass bottle & again, in a lovely decorative box. You really don’t need to spray a lot to fill the room with a stunning scent. I’ve been using this several times a day & I’ve hardly used any really when you look at the bottle.

We’re going on holiday in just over a week & I’m planning on taking a candle & a room spray with us for our lodge… Eeeeck I can’t wait.

I find that in this day & age – people are so hard to buy for. Everyone tends to have everything already that they need. So gifts should be lovely little treats. This room fragrance would make anyone a stunning little treat.

Crabtree & Evelyn offer a free click & collect service. So you can literally run in store & collect your items. No need to battle the crowds! Or if you’d prefer home delivery, they’re offering free delivery on all orders over £50. So you may as well treat everyone & yourself!

Head to their online Christmas Gift Guide for some inspiration & for gifts starting at just £7!

Ooooooh it’s not long now folks until Christmas… I’m super excited… can you tell!?

Thank so much as usual for reading!

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx

Gorgeous Goodies… Thanks Crabtree and Evelyn 

8 Sep

Hi folks,

You all know I’m a HUGE fan of Crabtree & Evelyn & I’m delighted to say I’ve been trying & reviewing more of their beautiful products! 

Now… where to start… let’s start with…

I decided to start with this product as this was my ultimate favourite in the pack I was sent. It is hands down my most favourite product from Crabtree & Evelyn now. I literally adore this hand scrub. I’ve menetioned a lot in previous blog posts that I suffer with mild dermatitis on my hands – especially along the index finger on my right hand. So, a hand scrub is something I’d really not buy. I’d presume that it would aggravate & inflame my sore skin, but… How wrong I was… 

This scrub is super soft & gentle. It almost seems to buff the sore, dry, rough skin. When you wash it off your hands they feel so soft. They even look fresher & brighter too. Almost like they’ve been given a brand new lease of life! I’ve been using this once a day. The fragrance is gorgeous. I cannot recommend this product enough! 

Lavender & Espresso Calming Soap

I’m really old school in the sense that I still love a good old bar of soap. I’ve always got a bar of soap in a soap dish at the side of the sink. This soap did not disappoint. I love Lavender as a scent anyway, but with the mix of Espresso in there too – it gives a lovely kick. This mix is naturally purifying without stripping away at the skin. This soap would actually be perfect in your kitchen for after you’ve been chopping stinky onions & garlic. It’ll get rid of those strong foodie smells in an instant. Whenthis bat of soap is out of its wrappper it literally fills the room with its aroma.

Rosewater & Pink Peppercorn Hydrating Hand Recovery

This product smells utterly fantastical! I knew as soon as I used it that it had patchouli in there somewhere & after reading the ingredients – I was right! Patchouli is one of my most favourite scents. It always makes me think of Autumn days… I don’t know why… but it does. For me – it’s a very uplifting scent & it’s also long lasting. So you tend to take the fragrance with you. 

This hand recovery is lovely. It’s been lovely to use on an evening. It seems to give your hands that much needed burst of hydration after a long day of running round after a toddler… constantly washing, scrubbing etc… you know what I’m talking about lol. This handcream has been kept in my bedside drawer… it’s now part of my bedtime skincare regime. I mean… we moisturise our face before bed… so why not our hands too!?  

With Christmas fast approaching – you must visit your nearest Crabtree & Evelyn shop or visit them online. Imagine receiving some lovely luxury items in your Secret Santa? I mean you can buy some of their luxury foodie items for as little as £5. They have something to cater to all budgets. With Crabtree & Evelyn you always know you’re going to get top quality products. So go on… treat yourself & your nearest & dearest. With only 3 more pay days until Christmas… you’d best get your skates on! 

Thanks so much for reading! 

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx

More Crabtree & Evelyn Goodies 

13 Jun

Hi folks

Have I got a lovely little review for you. The kind & lovely folk at Crabtree & Evelyn have sent me some lovely goodies from their Gardeners Range. 

I’d never tried the Gardeners Collection before. The fragrance from this range is utterly stunning. The scents that stand out for me are Lavender & Sage. But in there you’ll find Lavender, Sage, Rosemary, Thyme & Oak Moss. Such an intoxicating aroma. 

In my little blogging pack I received: 

So… let’s start with… 

Exfoliating Soap 

I popped this soap in our main bathroom & every time I open the door I’m met with a gorgeous fresh scent. It just makes you think of being outdoors in a beautiful floral garden. Scent aside, the soap itself is gorgeous too. I get very dry skin along my knuckles & down my index fingers. Soap tends to dry my skin out & can even make it crack. This soap however is really gentle & moisturing. The exfoliating element of fine ground pumice is amazing for cleaning overworked hands. Perfect for after muddy play in the garden. The fragrance really lingers on your hands afterwards too.

Ultra Moisturing Hand Therapy 

This little stunner is enriched with shea butter. The thing I love about this hand cream is that it’s not greasy at all & it absorbs really easily leaving no residue. The smell is gorgeous. You can buy this hand cream in various sizes… so you can have one stood in the bathroom & one popped into your favourite handbag. I’m a huge fan of any Crabtree & Evelyn Hand cream if I’m honest. But this one is deffinitely up there with my fave scents.  

Intensive All Purpose Balm

I love a multi purpose balm. A little tin of all round goodness that you can pop straight into your handbag for those pesky little skin emergencies. This beautiful balm is enriched with shea butter & beeswax. So it’s super hydrating & moisturing. The eucalyptus in it gives it that protecting antiseptic feel. I actually used this a lot on my lips. The constant change in weather at the moment from hot to cold has left me with sore & chapped lips. This balm has worked a treat! My little boy often gets a a rough patch of skin near his elbow from commando crawling around the place…. a teeny little dab of this & it cleared right up. This would be excellent on hard working hands too. It may be a little pot, but a little dab goes a long way. Less is deffinitely  more where this little miracle balm is concerned. This product is an Online Exclusive. 

This range is stunning… just what we’d expect from Crabtree & Evelyn. If you’re struggling for gift ideas for Father’s Day – these products would be prefect! Treat Dad & Grandad to some goodies. At the moment there is 30% off certain products & I know for sure that some of the Gardeners range products are in that deal. Also… free delivery online for transactions over £15! Bargain! 

So what are you waiting for??? Go treat yourself & your nearest & dearest too! 

Thanks as always for reading 🙂

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx

Bloom and Wild

1 Nov

Hi folks,

A week a go I received some absolutely gorgeous flowers from the online flower delivery company, Bloom & Wild. The bouquet I received was: Anoushka. I’ve still got this bouquet in a vase in my lounge over a week later! All of the flowers are hand picked in bud to last that little bit longer.

The great thing about this delivery service is that they are packaged in such a way that they can fit through your letterbox! So you never have to worry about the recipient missing the delivery time. The flowers were so carefully packed. They were delicately wrapped with a light net around each flower head to protect it. Not one of the flowers were snapped or damaged.

There’s little add ons you can tag on too, such as chocolates or scented candles. Flowers always make such a lovely birthday gift or simply a little pick me up for that special someone. They’ve got a fabulous range of Christmas flowers too!

Unlike some florists, Bloom & Wild  offer FREE delivery! Yes, thats right… FREE delivery! Also, if you like a bargain, you can get 20% off your first order with coupon code: PETAL. So, now you don’t have an excuse not to buy a beautiful bouquet. 

They’ve also got an app. With the app you can sync it to your calendar so you can set up reminders for birthdays etc… There’s also app exclusive promotions & offers. If you send a lot of flowers – the app is most definitely worth having.

Bloom & Wild flowers are blooming’ beautiful!

Thanks for reading folks!

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx


26 May

I received a beautiful little package from Candleisima a few weeks back. You need to check out their website for their full list of fragrances. There are some beautiful combinations. Damson Noir is just stunning. The fragrance comprises of Rose, Patchouli & Plum. I’ve always loved the smell of patchouli… I find it so relaxing. Pomegranate Marmelade is a lovely sweet citrus fragrance. 

I decided to pop my candles in the bathroom. I love a bubble bath & thought these candles would add a touch of luxury to the bathroom whilst unwinding after a hectic day of work & nurturing a new bambino 💙 Oh how right I was! I’ve lit these candles individually & together. Burning at the same time they created a gorgeous aroma.

Candlelisima candles are natural soy wax with cotton and linen wicks to contribute toward a toxin free lifestyle. This is good to know when you have a baby & a furbaby in the house. I’m also pleased to say that these candles didn’t emit any nasty black smoke either. 

Some of my visitors have actually said how beautiful the candles smell in the bathroom & that’s when they’re not even lit!!! There are so many candles on the market that have a wishy washy fragrance when lit. Not these though… These candles smell strongly & they also last even after the candle has been blown out. 

Pomegranate Marmelade in the metal tin would be fab for taking away on holiday. I tend to vacation a lot in Center Parcs & this candle would be lovely in the villa. I’ll definitely be buying some for our next vacation. Also, it’s Wedding season coming up… How nice would the tinned candles be as Wedding favours for your guests? 💕

You can find Candleisima on Facebook. Give them a like to stay up to date with new fragrances, products & giveaways. 

Thanks for reading ✨

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx

Reuben Bailey 

20 May

Hi folks ✨

A few weeks back I received a lovely package from the gorgeous folks at The Reuben Bailey Candle Company. I received 2 types… Lemongrass & Ginger in a Woodwick & Coconut Island in a regular wick. The candles were beautifully packaged in lovely cardboard presentation boxes, making these candles perfect for gifts ✨

The simplicity of the design gives these candles a lovely luxury/classic feel. They fit well with your home decor. I decided to light the Coconut during the day & the Lemongrass on a night. Purely based on the White & Black case. 

The candles burnt evenly which was great. No one likes wasting a candle to tunnelling. I lit Coconut Island on a horrible wet & dark day… My home smelt like I was somewhere exotic. It was absolutely stunning ☀️

I had friends over for drinks & snacks on my birthday & I lit the lemongrass candle… Everyone commented on how nice the fragrance was ✨ Such an elegant fragrance & not too overpowering.

I’ve noticed sometimes with a scented candle, you can get some black smoke. I actually smoke damaged my lounge wall a few year back with a Sparkling Lemon Yankee Candle! Oooops! Well I’m pleased to say that these candles did not create any black smoke. 

You can find Reuben Bailey on Facebook & Instagram. Give them a like & follow to keep up to date with new fragrances & special offers. 

If you like a fine fragrance & an elegant looking candle – give Reuben Bailey a try. You will not be disappointed! 

You can find their website here: http://reubenbailey.co.uk 

Right now they have an amazing offer on! 20% off until May 22nd using coupon code: springsale20 But hurry up… You only have until Sunday! 

Thanks for reading! 

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx

Valentte London

1 Feb

Hi folks

Valentte London sent me a beautiful boxed gift to review for you all.  

 Valentte are a beautiful home fragrance company based in Covent Garden London who sell home fragrance products along with skin care. The candles have an elegant luxurious feel & are hand poured vegetable wax. All of their products are scented with pure essential oils which are derived from flowers and other plants from around the world making them gentle to skin and deliver a stunning fragrance.

“Everything we do is guided by 3 simple principles… to smell beautiful, feel good & look gorgeous!” 

Justina Valentte – Founder

I have the reed diffuser in my lounge & the fragrance is utterly beautiful. It’s even filled my staircase too. It’s such a fresh clean scent. Not sweet or sickly. It’s very fresh & spring like. Whilst taking delivery of some groceries, the delivery driver even commented on the “nice smell” as I opened the door! 

The Reeds aren’t artificially coloured & the glass is clear… so this is ideal with any decor. I sometimes find with other brands they’re heavily decorated & coloured which can make them stand out too much. Diffusers are priced at £24. 

 The candle is simple & elegant. Even without lighting the candle the scent fills the room. There has been no black smoke or soot coming from the candle either. I’ve found with some other mainstream brands, the candles can give off smoke. This candle burnt clean & evenly. No tunneling occurred. Home candles are priced at £20. 

  I can honestly say that these products will not disappoint. Another two fragrances I’m interested in trying are: Patchouli & Eucalyptus, Verbena & Peppermint. If you head to their website you can view all of the fragrances available. They also have a Facebook Page where you can keep up to date with news & special offers.

With Valentines Day & Mothers Day fast approaching they’d make an ideal gift – they’d last so much longer than flowers! With the stunning packaging there’s no need for gift wrapping.  

 So there you have it… That’s my stunning review of Valentte. Don’t forget to click the embedded links & go shop… You will not be disappointed!

Thanks for reading

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx


Cleaves Candles

28 Jan

Hi folks ✨

For the last few weeks I’ve been trying out some wax melts from Cleaves Candles. Cleaves Candles pride themselves on making environmentally friendly wax melts. The soy wax is made 100% from soya beans & then mixed with botanical oils to create their beautiful scents. This makes the melts a much healthier alternative to other mass produced wax melts.

I was sent 4 stunning scents to try:

  • Angels Whisper
  • Lavender
  • Baby Powder
  • Baby Bedtime Bath 


    The first scent I tried was Angels Whisper. For a pack of 4 melts you will pay £2. How amazing are the prices!? I used the same wax melt around 7 times before the scent started to fade. The longevity of the fragrance is fantastic. This fragrance is a very subtle one. It’s fresh with a hint of flowers. If you don’t like a strong fragrance then you’ll love this one. I had this one melting in my dinning room. We had friends over for a meal & they commented on the nice smell… they didn’t even realise it was a wax melt. It’s such a subtle scent it just kind of blends into it’s surroundings. These melts made think of Weddings for some reason. With being white in colour they would make fantastic Wedding favours. 

     Next I tried Lavender. For a Clamshell of 6 melts you will pay £4. Now, lavender is one of my most favourite scents anyway & this melt certainly did not disappoint. This was my ultimate favourite out of the scents I tried. I melted this one in the kitchen. My kitchen still smells beautiful now, even when the wax isn’t melted. This one really is a stunning scent… It makes you feel like you’re out on a lovely sunny day. It’s the pick me up you need on a dull dreary day. 

     The Teddy Bear melts are super cute!!! They’d be ideal for baby shower gifts or gifts for someone whose just had a baby. Both Baby Powder & Bedtime bath were lovely. Bedtime Bath was my favourite purely because of the hints of lavender. I melted both of these scents upstairs. Baby Powder is a lovely powdery scent… Not overpowering at all. Again, Bedtime Bath is not overpowering either. Both scents are very soothing. They’re great for having in the bedroom or the bathroom when you’re unwinding & relaxing. Just like the other scents, even before they are melted you can smell them & the scent seems to linger with a lovely aroma. I’ve actually got one of the baby powder beats on the windowsill at the top of my stairs… We throne I walk buy I get the loveliest smell. You could easily keep one of them in a drawers or a cupboard to circulate a lovely fragrance. 

    You will pay around £2.80 for postage & can order via Cleaves Candles Facebook Page, Instagram & Etsy Page. Please note that there may be a higher charge when ordering via Etsy. Check out their social media as they are updated regularly with new fragrances & offers. You can even buy yourself a new wax burner. With such amazing prices you cannot go wrong. They come in lovely packaging so would make the perfect gift 🎁

    Overall, Cleaves Candles Wax Melts are stunning & just as good as the leading more expensive brands. You also have the comfort of knowing that they’re environmentally friendly & healthier. Give their Facebook Page a like to stay to update with news & for orders.

    Thanks again for reading 💕

    Love & Huggles,

    Hayley xxx