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Handbag Sized Helping Hand 

6 Nov

Hi folks,

Over the last few weeks we’ve been trying some Baby Cream from one of our most favourite baby skincare ranges: FrezyDerm UK. 

This cream is great for keeping in your handbag or changing bag etc… a lot of creams either come with a screw cap or in a tub. When you’re in a Baby Changing Room with a tantruming toddler or a crying baby, the last thing you want is to be fumbling with a screw top cream. The same goes for tubs of cream with lids that can come loose in transit & then smear all over everything in your bag – Utter Nightmare! This cream comes with a flip lid that clicks shut. Perfect for on the go!

As you all know – Seth suffers with mild Baby Eczema. So finding a cream that doesn’t make his skin flare up is vital. This cream is so mild. It’s a great barrier cream for use after each nappy change. It’s also great for any little skin emergency – such a sore chapped skin. This cream has been nothing but gentle.

Not only is this cream dermatologically tested but it’s also a winner & a finalist of some fantastic awards: Finalist by the Beauty Shortlist Mama & Baby Awards 2016 in the category Best Nappy Cream. Also, it won the Gold Award in the Best Nappy Cream category and the Silver Award in the Best Children’s Remedy category in Loved by Parents Awards 2017. 

You can buy a 175ml tube for £10.99 from the FrezyDerm UK website. Or, you can buy in a bundle from their offers section where you will get a lovely bundle of FrezyDerm goodies at a bargain price. 

Thank you so much for reading & I hope you’ve enjoyed the review. 

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx

Gorgeous Goodies… Thanks Crabtree and Evelyn 

8 Sep

Hi folks,

You all know I’m a HUGE fan of Crabtree & Evelyn & I’m delighted to say I’ve been trying & reviewing more of their beautiful products! 

Now… where to start… let’s start with…

I decided to start with this product as this was my ultimate favourite in the pack I was sent. It is hands down my most favourite product from Crabtree & Evelyn now. I literally adore this hand scrub. I’ve menetioned a lot in previous blog posts that I suffer with mild dermatitis on my hands – especially along the index finger on my right hand. So, a hand scrub is something I’d really not buy. I’d presume that it would aggravate & inflame my sore skin, but… How wrong I was… 

This scrub is super soft & gentle. It almost seems to buff the sore, dry, rough skin. When you wash it off your hands they feel so soft. They even look fresher & brighter too. Almost like they’ve been given a brand new lease of life! I’ve been using this once a day. The fragrance is gorgeous. I cannot recommend this product enough! 

Lavender & Espresso Calming Soap

I’m really old school in the sense that I still love a good old bar of soap. I’ve always got a bar of soap in a soap dish at the side of the sink. This soap did not disappoint. I love Lavender as a scent anyway, but with the mix of Espresso in there too – it gives a lovely kick. This mix is naturally purifying without stripping away at the skin. This soap would actually be perfect in your kitchen for after you’ve been chopping stinky onions & garlic. It’ll get rid of those strong foodie smells in an instant. Whenthis bat of soap is out of its wrappper it literally fills the room with its aroma.

Rosewater & Pink Peppercorn Hydrating Hand Recovery

This product smells utterly fantastical! I knew as soon as I used it that it had patchouli in there somewhere & after reading the ingredients – I was right! Patchouli is one of my most favourite scents. It always makes me think of Autumn days… I don’t know why… but it does. For me – it’s a very uplifting scent & it’s also long lasting. So you tend to take the fragrance with you. 

This hand recovery is lovely. It’s been lovely to use on an evening. It seems to give your hands that much needed burst of hydration after a long day of running round after a toddler… constantly washing, scrubbing etc… you know what I’m talking about lol. This handcream has been kept in my bedside drawer… it’s now part of my bedtime skincare regime. I mean… we moisturise our face before bed… so why not our hands too!?  

With Christmas fast approaching – you must visit your nearest Crabtree & Evelyn shop or visit them online. Imagine receiving some lovely luxury items in your Secret Santa? I mean you can buy some of their luxury foodie items for as little as £5. They have something to cater to all budgets. With Crabtree & Evelyn you always know you’re going to get top quality products. So go on… treat yourself & your nearest & dearest. With only 3 more pay days until Christmas… you’d best get your skates on! 

Thanks so much for reading! 

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx

Skincare Solutions 

30 Aug

Hi folks,

Over the last month we’ve been trying some new skin care products from FrezyDerm UK. The products we received:

As you all know, Seth has been so poorly with 3 viruses over this last month, which made his eczema flare up so bad. But, I’m happy to say that his skin is perfect right now.

At the weekend we had a lovely day out to Clifton Park. Whilst there Seth had fun playing in the water fountains & jets… but the chlorine in the water began to really dry out his skin. Luckily I had the Atoprel Emolleint Cream with me to soothe his skin. 

I’ve actually been using this cream too. I suffer with bad dermatitis on my hands… this cream has really been soothing them to the point where it’s almost disappeared! I’ve pretty much been carrying this emollient cream around in my hand bag at all times. It’s not greasy at all – it absorbs pretty much instantly.

The Baby Bath & the Baby Foam been so super mild on Seth’s skin. The Baby Foam is so super lightweight. We have had no flare ups with these products at all. Seth doesn’t have chronic eczema – but it is very sensitive. It really doesn’t take a lot to make his skin a little red – but these products have been nothing but gentle.

The Liquid Talc is great for whilst out & about. I’ve used this after Seth has played in the water etc… when you’re out & about trying to get your little one dried & then dressed, you really don’t want to have a box of talc flying all over the place. This product is perfect. It’s such a silky smooth lotion. It’s one of my new favourite products. I really do love this one! It’s great for in between tiny toes.

Seth absolutely adores the Sensiteeth Toothpaste. We all know how difficult it can be brushing a toddlers teeth… you sometimes feel like you’re fighting a losing battle. Well I have to say that teeth brushing has been a lot more pleasant with this toothpaste. I think we’re going to be buying some of this. If you’re struggling with brushing your toddlers teeth… this may well be the product to answer your prayers! It’s been smiles all round here.

Again, just like the teeth cleaning… hair washing can also be a tiresome task. Seth hates having his hair washed. Plus when they’re so little it’s hard to get them to keep their eyes closed. So obviously you want a super mild shampoo that won’t sting their eyes etc… The FrezyDerm Shampoo is just lovely. Not only is it dermatologically tested but it’s also ophthalmologically tested too! It’s so important to have skincare products for your little one that you 100% trust.

We’ve absolutely adored reviewing these beautiful products from FrezyDerm UK & we will most deffinitely be adding to our collection with more products. They have some fabulous offers on right now. So why not head on over to their website to check them out 🙂

For up to date info you can Like them on Facebook, Follow them on Twitter & Instagram.

Thank you as always for reading!

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx

Baby Eczema Nightmares 

14 Aug

Hi folks

I’m sorry for the lack of blog posts over the last week or so… Seth has been super poorly with Hand, Foot & Mouth as well as Impetigo. What a nightmare. But I supppse this is what happens when your little one is a social butterfly. 

So… Baby Eczema… what a nightmare. Seth was only diagnosed with it back in April. It isn’t a really severe case. But certain products can really dry out his skin & make it pink. So things like Bubble Bath & Body Wash have been a massive no no. I mean a bath with no bubble is just no fun at all when you’re 16 month old (almost 17 month). But not to worry… Baby Sebamed to the rescue! 

For anyone who has never heard of Sebamed they were established in 1957 by German dermatologist Dr. Heinz Maurer. From their pioneer product – the Classic Cleansing bar – to the very popular baby range, all of Sebamed’s products have been developed with the same pH level as healthy skin (pH5.5) making them suitable for all the family.

I was excited & nervous to try these beautiful products… excited to be able to run a lovely bubble bath for Seth… but nervous in case it hurt his skin. So… I used the Baby Cleansing Bar on myself. I myself have sensitive skin & suffer with dermatitis. I used the cleansing bar on my face to remove my make up. I did this for a week… & guess what!? No reactions to it whatsoever!!! It was so super mild & moisturing. Happy that Baby Sebamed was mild & gentle… I used them with Seth. 

Just look at that eczema free, happy smiley boy enjoying his bubble bath. I cannot believe just how lovely these products are. The Bubble Bath is lovely. I only use a small amount, but that’s all you need. Also it’s: 

  • 100% soap and alkali free
  • Extra mild tenside complex for gentle cleansing action without dehydrating
  • Soft controlled foaming
  • Extracts of medicinal plants soothe, hydrate and protect the delicate skin against inflammation and irritation
  • Natural moisturising agents protect against dryness
  • No tears formula doesn’t irritate the eyes.

Along with the bubble bath we also use the Body Wash & the Shampoo. Again- both are lovely & have caused no redness. 

Just look at how bouncy those curls are with that beautiful Shampoo

The Body Lotion & Diaper Cream are also lovely. I’ve popped the diaper cream in my bag for when we’re out & about. 

If you’re worried about buying products that may irritate your little ones skin, you need worry no more. These products have lived up to their reputation. They’re fantastic. 

Right now they have lots of offers on their website… you can get free delivery on orders over £20. There’s also 10% off all Baby products excluding the bundle sets. And… when you head to their website for the first time you’ll be greeted with the option to enter your email address to receive 20% off your first order!!! Now, with all of those offers, how can you possibly say no!? There are also products for you too!!! 

I’ve been using the Lip Defense everyday. With this weird weather we’re having – Sunny then Rainy… Warm then Chilly… My lips have bee drying out. This Lip Defense is lovely & moisturising. I’ve applied each morning before putting on my lipstick.

I’ve been using the Anti – Stretch Mark Cream after each shower. It leaves your skin lovely & soft. 

So what are you waiting for? Go use those offers!!! 

Thank you as always for reading! 

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx

Fragrant Florals

27 Jun

Hi folks,

I’ve been lucky enough to have the chance to test & try more gorgeous goodies from Crabtree & Evelyn. Right now we’re in the throws of Summer & all you can think of is beautiful beach days & gorgeous picnics in the countryside surrounded by stunning fragrant flowers. Well, both of these products will have you feeling like you’re surrounded by lots of luxurious, highly scented flowers. Imagine a sweet flowery field.

Ventian Violet Body Cream

I’ve been using this body cream each morning after my shower. It’s really thick & luxurious. I’d always choose a cream over a lotion as I have quite dry skin & I always feel that cream moisturises my skin so much more. The smell is so gorgeous & quite subtle as there are vanilla tones mixed in to give a lovely sweet scent. For me this is a perfect pampering, luxury product. The jar is glass & simply lovely. Everything about it screams class & sophistication. It’d look divine sat on any vanity unit.

The benefits to this cream are:

  • Dermatologist tested and approved
  • Leaves skin intensely re-hydrated
  • Contains exclusive Tri-Oil blend

Also, for a 200g glass jar you’d normally pay £30… but right now there is a HUGE sale on their website where you can grab this little beauty for just £18!!! You could treat yourself without feeling guilty that you’ve over splurged! Or you could stock up & save for Christmas as gifts. Perhaps the secret Santa at work? It’d be crazy to miss out on such a bargain.

Florentine Freesia Body Lotion

This body lotion is actually a limited edition product, making this a fab gift for someone… I mean who doesn’t love the exclusivity of having something ‘limited edition’? I used this lotion before bedtime to give my skin (especially on my arms) a little more hydration. I find that the summer weather tends to dry my skin out a lot – especially on my arms & the backs of my hands. There’s a lovely little hint of oranges & pears too – lovely to be wrapped in a light fresh scent for bedtime.

This lotion also has the added benefits of:

  • Trio Oil Blend
  • Rich in omega fatty acids, vitamins & antioxidants to nourish skin all over
  • Formulated without colour, mineral oil, parabens, phthalates or propylene glycol

Again… this little beauty is also on offer right now! So instead of paying £24, you’ll only pay £14.40!!! Again… treat yourself… your best friend… everyone!

Across the Crabtree & Evelyn website they have up to 40% off selected items, but, be quick as stock is shifting fast & this sale can’t last forever. There are some utterly gorgeous bargains to be had!!!

Have fun shopping!

Thanks so much for reading as always,

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx

Crabtree And Evelyn – La Source

22 Mar

Hi folks

I’m so excited to be collaborating with Crabtree & Evelyn again. They very kindly sent me over some lovelies from their La Source range.

A little more info about the La Source range; The La Source collection draws inspiration from the restorative powers of the sea around us, and is carefully designed to restore, condition and rejuvenate the skin from head to toe. Seriously, this range is literally like a little spa in your very own home. The smell is utterly divine.

The first product I decided to dive straight into was the hand lotion. I literally had the bottle open within seconds. The hand lotion is in a lovely bottle with a pump top making it easy to use when you’re super busy. It’s currently sat on my kitchen windowsill. With having a baby & a slight germ type phobia – I’m washing my hands several times every hour. This can make your skin dry out so very quickly, but that’s where this little spa in a bottle comes in like a knight in shining armour. Also, the scent seems to linger giving you this lovely fresh, relaxing fragrant aura around you. This bottle of loveliness costs £23.00. Well worth it & it will last you quite a while.

Who wants smooth soft skin!? Well if you raised your hand, then you need some exfoliating body scrub. I suffer with a little dermatitis on my arms & it’s really sensitive. I have to say that this product was lovely & mild. I used in the shower with a nice soft sponge & exfoliated gently. Afterwards, the skin on my arms was super smooth & soft. And again, the scent was simply amazing. It actually reminds me of the Aqua Sana Spa at Centre Parcs. A 175g tube will cost you £20. A steal when you consider how much you’d be paying in a spa.

Now, most of you know that I’ve had extensive surgery on my right leg. After a long day of Mammy-ing & generally just being the super busy person that I am… my feet are literally killing me. Especially on my right leg. So you can imagine the excitement when I discovered I’d been sent the foot soak!!! I got right to setting myself up a little foot spa up! I was NOT disappointed! I had my feet steeping nicely in the gorgeous effervescent sea foam soak & a chilled glass of sparkles in my hand… I mean… could their be anything more perfect than that!? The fragrance literally did fill the whole room which was so lovely & relaxing. I think I may have even nodded off at one point… Oooops! A box of 5 sachets only comes to £12!!! What a bargain.

Right now there is free delivery on the whole La Source range on the Crabtree & Evelyn website. The discount will be automatically applied at check out. It goes without saying that these fabulous products would make a stunning Mother’s Day Gift.

Thank you as always for reading 🙂

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx


Hello Gorgeous!

20 Mar

Hi folks

I have a lovely little review for you all about the stunning Dr Paw Paw Balm.

I was sent four 25ml tubes:

  • Original Balm
  • Tinted Peach Pink Balm
  • Tinted Ultimate Red Balm
  • Limited Edition Red Sparkle

Now… Dr Paw Paw Balm has lots of amazing attributes, but, the first one I wanted to mention is that it is 100% Cruelty Free… not only is it Vegan but it has now been awarded the PETA badge!

So… what are the other fantastical loveliness benefits you can gain from this balm…?

  • Protect & moisturise skin & lips – It’s so my new fave lip balm!
  • Soothe dry & cracked skin, including hands, elbows & heels – So true… my hands have never been lovelier!
  • Ease minor skin abrasions & insect bites – I burnt my arm on the oven shelf & this balm healed the skin over  a few days!
  • Smooth fly away hair & unruly eyebrows – My eyebrows are sometimes like spider legs… well not no more!
  • Protect & prevent split ends
  • Nourish nails & cuticles – My finger tips have never looked nicer!
  • Calm nappy rash
  • Create a base for make up
  • Highlight the brow bone & cheeks – I have highlights like Mrs Beckham… well… almost!

I mean… can you believe one product can do all of the above? Well… you’d better believe it because I’m in love with it! I’d never ever tried this balm before… so didn’t really know what to expect. I have to say that I’ve been carrying the red tinted balm around with me. It’s beautiful as a little lip tint on the go. I didn’t use this one on my cheeks as I’m fairly red anyways.

The peach tint is beautiful also on the lips & lovely as a little cheek highlight! It just provides that little dewy tint for a little natural flush. I wore this over my foundation, so you don’t have to worry about it making you patchy over make up etc… and yes… I was sipping sparkles at the time whilst having afternoon tea 🙂 

The original balm is my ultimate favourite. It’s a lovely lip balm! I’ve also been using on my hands… I get the odd patch of dry skin along my knuckles & this soothed it no end. It’s also great on baby skin! Seth sometimes gets a little dry patch of skin on his left eyebrow… well this just cleared that right up! We all get rough skin over Winter & this is a saviour. I shall be adding this to my handbag, especially as the Summer months are approaching & insect bites & nettle stings are always a hazard!

The limited edition red sparkle is stunning & perfect for nights out etc… Or even better… a fab gift for Mother’s Day!!! And who doesn’t love a little sparkle to brighten the dullest of days!?

So… how much do these little tubes of gold cost??? Prices start at £3.95 for 10ml of the Original Balm. It’s not often you find a little gem like this that is so affordable. What are you waiting for??? Buy buy buy! If you fancy trying a little of each you can buy the set for £20.85. In my eyes this is such a guilt free treat as they’re a simply a beauty must have!

Happy Balm Buying!!! & thank you Dr Paw Paw for the opportunity to try your gorgeous balm.

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx


Being Beautiful on the Outside 

16 Aug

Hi folks ✨

I know beauty comes from within… But let’s face it… We all want the packaging to look it’s best too! Since having Seth I’ve noticed a few changes in my skin. The first one being the skin on my hands… Because I’m constantly washing my hands… Washing bottles… Steeping baby clothes in Napisan… All of those factors have really taken its toll on my poor hands. Especially along my index finger. The skin has become dry & cracked & even bleeds at times. The second is my arms. I’ve always had dermatitis on my arms… Kind of like dry skin paired with pimples. The skin can break & bleed. Since having Seth the skin looks & feels more raw. Not good.

So… You can imagine my sheer delight when my gorgeous friend Jeanette sent me a lovely package of skin care items to try 💕 

I was sent 4 lovely products from the Forever Living range: 

  • Aloe Lip Balm (but I’ve actually been using this on my cuticles – it’s fab!)
  • Aloe Gelly (I’ve been using this on my arms as well as Seth’s gums as he’s teething
  • Aloe Hand Wash (I’ve been using this as a face wash for myself & also as a shampoo for Seth. His scalp & hair are gorgeous – no flakes!)
  • Propolis Cream – I may as well just refer to this as the ultimate miracle cream! 

I started with the propolis cream… I began using this as a hand cream. Seriously… Within 4 days the sore dry cracked skin I was talking about on my hands totally disappeared! I did a little before & after photo

You can see above just how healthy the skin is now. It’s worked so well on my hands that I’m now using it for everything. Seth gets a little dry patch of skin in one of his eyebrows – it’s cleared that up! I wear flip flops a lot around the garden etc… In the summer so I get dry skin on my feet – it’s cleared that up! I have extensive scarring on my right leg which becomes tight & sore after showers – it’s softened my scars up! It’s literally amazing! I kid you not! 

The aloe gelly to me was kind of odd at first. It seemed wet & sticky. But, once you’ve applied it – it dries instantly! It’s so bizarre. It honestly leaves no residue at all. After reading about its healing properties I decided to use it on my arms after each shower. Because the skin can break I worry that creams may cause some kind of infection etc… As this has a natural antiseptic quality I thought it may help the skin to repair. How right I was! 

You can see a marked improvement in the right pic. It’s reduced the redness & the amount of broken skin. I don’t know how it works… But it clearly does! The gelly is great for bites & stings too – so it’s something you could definitely do with keeping in your handbag… Especially if you have children. I’ve even been using this as a teething gel for Seth. 

The lip balm is lovely. I’ve been using this as a lip balm as well as a cuticle moisturiser. As its in a ‘lipstick’ form, it’s fab for using on the go. 

The aloe handwash is really lovely. It’s a lovely mild handwash that doesn’t dry you out. I’ve even been using this as a face wash on a evening when I can’t be bothered to cleanse & tone. I wear a lot of eye make up & this washes it all away. I’ve also been using this as a shampoo for Seth. Seth has very thick hair on top & down the back. But he has none on the sides bless him lol. He seems to get a little dry skin in the bald areas, but after using this as a shampoo – his dry skin has totally gone. So if you’re looking for a super mild ‘wash’ for the whole family – this is great! 

I’ve really enjoyed trying these products & I will 100% be purchasing the Propolis Cream & Aloe Gelly. Simply fab products! If you’d like a browse or if I’ve inspired you to purchase any of the products, you can do so here: SHOP

Thank you Jeanette for sending me these gorgeous products! ❤️

Thanks so much for reading ✨

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx

New Skin 

20 Apr

Hi folks ✨

Over the last few weeks I’ve been trying out some new skincare products. With having a new baby, you can feel really tired while trying to get your little one into a good routine that works for you both. I can handle feeling tired as I can survive on small amounts of sleep. But, a massive concern of mine was my skin suffering. I may sound vain, but I truly was. It doesn’t take much for me to starting showing dark circles under my eyes. I don’t suffer with eye puffiness… But I do gain dark circles when I’m super sleepy. I’ll also suffer break outs of spots along my jawline. Pair those things with my usual very red complexion & you’ve not got a good combo. 

Well… I received the most gorgeous skin care set from ESK. ESK are an Australian based skin care company. The whole skincare range has been carefully developed by doctors, dermatologists & scientists. 

I love the simple design of the packaging… Maybe insignificant to some people… But how a product looks is a major factor for me. 

The products I was sent:

  • Make Up Remover – can be used Morning & Night
  • Hydroxy Cleanser – can be used Morning & Night 
  • Reverse ‘C’ Serum – to be used Morning
  • Zinc Shade – to be used Morning
  • Peptide Primer – can be used Morning & Night
  • Smooth Serum – to be used Evening 
  • Ultimate A – to be used Evening

**Ultimate A shouldn’t be used by pregnant or breastfeeding women. As I was pregnant  when I received this set & then breastfeeding Seth to begin with – I haven’t tried Ultimate A yet. 


I have been using the hydroxy cleanser each day with warm water – it’s so refreshing on a morning… Specially after a few night feeds. I’ve not had any spots whilst using this cleanser. It really does make your skin feel squeaky clean, but not tight. I’ve found that some wash cleansers can tighten the skin – this didn’t do that. After cleansing I’ve been using Reverse ‘C’ every other day. I have been using every other day as the instructions stated to do that with acne prone skin. Even though I don’t have acne… I do have very pink skin. So I thought it’d be best to adopt that routine. Now, this product is meant to reduce the signs of aging… It must be doing something right as I’ve had so many compliments since Seth was born, telling me I look younger. I’ve been using Zinc Shade each morning as my moisturiser & primer. It creates a gorgeous base to apply your make up on top of. The consistency of the cream is lovely too – not greasy. 

Night: Before bed I use the Make Up Remover with some cotton wool to remove all of my make up. The Aloe Vera makes it feel so mild. I sometimes find that make up removers can feel very ‘astringent’ or harsh… This is lovely & mild. I wear a lot of eye make up & this really does remove it all effortlessly. I follow with the hydroxy cleanser. Afterwards I use either Peptide Primer or Smooth Serum. I tend to alternate them every other night. Both are lovely products. Generally after cleansing, my skin can become very red. Not now… these products seem to calm & cool my skin so well. 

  As you can see – I have no blemishes &I’m actually much less red than usual. I’m being very brave sharing this ‘naked’ face selfie. I have noticed such a positive change in my skin since starting this new skincare regime. 
  My make up seems to appear a lot more flawless too. I think it’s the good base from the Zinc Shade. I’ve been told on numerous occasions that I’m glowing & I looking younger. That’s not bad for a new Mammy who is turning 34 years old in less than a month! 
Overall, this skincare is fantastic! I’m always very nervous of trying new skincare products as I do have fairly sensitive skin, but I’ve had no breakouts or reactions. All I’ve had is a positive improvement & lots of compliments! 

You can find the ESK website here. You can find their online shop via their website. Postage to the UK is available so there’s no need for us to miss out on these fabulous products! 

I hope you’ve found this review useful. Thank you ESK!

Thanks for reading ✨

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx