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Out and About with Versatrax

26 Jul

Hi folks,

We’ve had such lovely weather for the last few days… I really do hope that this is it now… Summer has finally landed!?

I can’t believe that Seth has completed his first full term of pre-school. I’m so glad that we decided to take early intake with him rather than waiting until September. He has come on so much & his development has been amazing in the last few month.

I love that each day he gets excited for his walk to school with Mammy & Baby Ted. It’s one of the first things he says when he wakes up. Driving whilst doing the school run is so not enjoyable. Parking is a nightmare! We walk too & from school everyday. I think it’s good for kids to walk & to get out in the fresh air, rather than bundled in to a car all of the time. We’re very lucky in that our school is only a very short walk away. It only takes us 10-15mins to get there… depending on how slowly Seth wants to walk lol.

Ted just loves being out & about in a buggy too. We’ve just received the Joie Versatrax. It is absolutely gorgeous.

With Joie you always know you’re going to get safety & quality. But the Versatrax isn’t just reliable & safe… it also has that ‘fancy feel’. It has lots of added little extras that just make it all the more luxurious. The tan leather trims & cup holder – really finish this travel system off perfectly.

I love that this is a sturdy travel system, yet folds so compact. It literally folds down in half. Also, there’s no back breaking manoeuvres or fancy footwork needed to collapse this pram. It’s so simple & quick. I am quite literally the most clumsy person I know, & even I have mastered this easy procedure. A click of the safety switch & you’re pretty much done!

Once folded this pram will stand freely. So it’s perfect if you’re short on space. Also, you won’t need to prop it against your hallway wall. There’s nothing worse than a pram or buggy that doesn’t free stand & has to be propped against your cream walls. It’s also great for if you’re in a restaurant etc… you can fold it & stand it out of the way with ease.

I love that this pram gives you the option of forward or rear facing. Ted is 8 month now & loves to be nosy & look at what’s going on. However, he is teething & it’s been making him a bit upset. Sometimes he likes to rear face when he’s feeling a little under the weather. So the Versatrax gives us that option. It’s so simple to unclip & turn round.

Like all Joie products… the Versatrax is super comfy. We’ve had no complaints from Ted. The seat is comfy & has a nice soft feel. No sharp edges or corners. Everything is finished off beautifully. The seat will fully recline & has a soft touch harness. There’s also calf/leg support too. So your little one can really kick back & relax.

The Versatrax handles beautifully. The push bar is comfy to hold & has a one handed push. Now you all know that one handed push is a big requirement for me. I need to be able to push the pram/buggy with one hand while I’m holding Seth’s hand too. We have 2 busy roads to get across on our school run. So need to have hands available. Also, I’ve been diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome in my right wrist/hand. Vibrations can really trigger the pain. The Versatrax has lovely foam filled rubber tyres making it a smooth ride for your little one & a comfy one for you while pushing it. There’s hardly no vibration.

There’s also a really big storage basket on the bottom & is very easy to access. A big basket is a must for us, as I just seem to have so much stuff with me all of the time lol.

Here is a list of the features:

  • Suitable from birth with flat reclining seat
  • Adjustable forward and rearward facing seat
  • Pairs perfectly with Joie infant carriers gemm™, i-Gemm™, i-Level™, and i-Snug™ with the included adapters or with other infant carriers using Maxi-Cosi® style attachment
  • Pairs perfectly with ramble™ XL carry cot using the included adapters
  • One hand easy fold and setup, with seat rearward or forward facing
  • Freestanding when folded
  • Carry strap built in
  • Water repellant canopy
  • Full-size UPF50+ canopy with eyeshade visor
  • Multi-position recline for backrest tilt options
  • 2 position calf support
  • Front and back access storage basket
  • All wheel suspension for a smooth ride
  • Sweet Stride™ single front swivel wheels
  • One touch brakes
  • SoftTouch, 5-point harness
  • Height adjustable pushbar
  • Locking front swivel wheels
  • Cup holder

This really is a fantastic travel system. If you’re looking for a travel system that you can rely on, look fancy, is great on space & easy to use… then this is the one for you. Travel systems have a reputation for being big & bulky. But this certainly isn’t like that. It’s sturdy, lightweight, easy to use & folds very compact. It really is perfect for everyday family life! It’s going to be great for travel too as it doesn’t take up much space in the car! So look out for my review on how it is on holidays!

Thanks so much for reading & I hope you’ve found this review helpful!

Love & huggles,

Hayley xxx

Disclaimer: This is a collaborative posts – I have received gifting &/or compensation for featuring some of these items, but all opinions are my own.

Hey Like Wow!

17 Jul

Hi folks,

How gorgeous has this sunny summer weather been that we’ve been having? We’ve had so many fun family days out & days in the garden. Staying hydrated in this weather is so super important. I try not drink too many fizzy drinks & tend to stick to water. However… over the last month or so I’ve been trying out a lovely beverage from Hey Like Wow. 

So… what is it? 

It’s a still vitamin water that is:

  • Sugar Free without the nasties
  • Enriched with Viatnins B6, C & D, Calcium
  • No Artificial Sweeteners
  • No Artificial Preservatives 
  • Allergen Free 

In the cap of the bottle you may be able to see a red button… Well this is a blast cap that delivers your vitamins straight into your water. Soluable vitamins are the most powerful the moment they hit the water. So, this amazing blast cap gives you the control of only releasing the vitamins right before you drink. 

So… what’s it like?

 I loved them. Like I said – I’m a big water drinker, so having something with a little more flavour & added vitamins is fab. They’re lovely ‘on the go’ drinks that fit great into a healthy lifestyle. The sports caps make them easier for kids to drink from too – Seth’s loved having a taste test. 

To stay up to date with new launches from Hey Like Wow you can follow them on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram

For stockists please visit their website.

Thanks so much as always for reading 🙂

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx

The Power of Coffee

22 Jun

Hi folks

As I mentioned in my last blog post – I’m working super hard at being healthy. Eating right… drinking plenty of water & trying to fit in daily body magic. But… along with all of these things, I’ve been sampling some coffee. A coffee that improves your mood… improves your energy levels… increases your focus & can even aid with regulating your appetite! So… what is this magical elixir I hear you ask!? Lean Java Bean

Now… you all know that I don’t go in for faddy diets. I don’t like anything that involves meal replacement or dropping to a scarily low calorie diet. I’m all about everything in moderation & losing weight the old fashioned way. I don’t like the idea of weight loss medication either. 

Whilst having a catch up with a good friend, she told me about a health drink. A health drink that was coffee! I mean normally we’re bombarded with literature claiming coffee is bad. Lean Java Bean has increased anti-oxidants. Anti-oxidants seems to be some kind of buzz word we hear on health shows & in health magazines… but the top & bottom of it is that they’re fantastic for boosting your immune system, our mood, our memory, skin… etc… so many benefits.  

Now… this all sounds great… but does it actually work. I was quite excited at the thought of a magical cup of coffee that’d give me a massive energy boost. I mean, as a Mammy to a 15 month old who juggles work, Mammy-ing & running a house, I can always do with a bit extra energy. You can imagine I was super excited to start my 3 day trial. You literally drink one each morning. Stick to a healthy diet & drink plenty water. 

Honestly, I was not expecting to feel any different. But, after my first cup I seriously felt a little kick. I felt more awake & alert. I had more energy & I actually didn’t feel hungry between meals. And that was after day one!!! 

The coffee itself tastes nice. I often find with a health drink, they can taste flavourless & quite frankly a little disgusting. So what a pleasure it is to drink a nice cup of coffee. 

Now… let’s get to the weightloss aspect. I didn’t expect any weight loss with this coffee. And like I’ve already said I don’t do miracle weightloss aids. But… along with a healthy diet I lost 5lbs during my trial of this coffee. That’s right… 3 days… 3 cups of coffee… 5 whole lbs!!! I was speechless. 

I’m sure some folk will say it’s a placebo effect etc… but as someone who has gone through a lengthy weightloss journey, this deffinitely feels to me like an extra little boost. Well, put it this way – I’m so convinced that it works that I’ve bought myself a whole box.

I’m actually so impressed. If you’re intrigued & would like more info, then head on over to the Nulife Facebook Page. 

I can’t wait to see more results! 

Thanks so much for reading & I hope you’ve found my review useful. 

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx

“On the great clock of time, there’s but one word – NOW”

8 Jul


Never a truer word spoken. The time is now… there’s never going to be a right moment to start losing weight… But by changing your lifestyle today, you’re giving yourself extra time in the future. Medical experts all over the world are reporting that a healthy lifestyle and a healthy weight is the key to a longer life span. I don’t know about you but I’m planning on being around for as long as I possibly can! 🙂


The easy thing to do is to try and block out your weight gain… but the right and often the harder thing to do is to admit that you need to change, before it becomes an even bigger problem to solve. being unhealthy and over-weight will only lead to a dark future ahead of health problems and pain.


I’m such a bookworm/geek and just couldn’t help dropping that quote in by Dumbledore… he’s a clever man that Dumbledore. I’ve often thought about the above quote while I’ve been on my weightloss journey so far, I just found that it kind of related to me and made sense.

Try not to get hung up on labelling your weightloss goals… I try to steer clear of the word ‘diet’. I just think there’s a lot of stigma attached to that word;

  1. It can make you feel like you’re under pressure to succeed
  2. Once people know you’re on a diet they tend to taunt you and try to get you to eat junk food
  3. There are too many ‘faddy’ diets out there that can bamboozle your brain!

So, say no to diets and yes to plain old healthy eating 🙂


By just adopting a healthy relationship with food you’ll feel more in control and less likely to give yourself such a hard time. With healthy eating you can still have those treats… you just have to plan them into your healthy eating regime. But please do remember that you’re not a dog… so don’t reward yourself with a teat! I guarantee that it will get so that you enjoy your healthier foods more than your old favourites of greasy, salty, oily take aways! Also this way it’s not as obvious that you’re trying to lose weight, because you’ll still be eating good sized portions and regular food. Not these stupid calorie controlled ready meals that wouldn’t even fill up my  teeny Teacup Chihuahua! lol. There is no way that I could live my life drinking detox shakes, slimming soups and protein only meals! Yak! Plus… it makes your breath STINK!

The only negativity I’ve encountered about the whole healthy eating ethos is that people seem to be hung up on how much time it’s going to take them prepare everything from scratch… welll… I’ll let you into a secret… It don’t take long at all!

Here are a few examples of things I snack on, have for breakfast, lunch and tea… yes I’ve been timing myself all week when preparing my food… sad I know!


Breakfast Poached

Poached Eggs and Beans.

Preparation Time: 7mins (Heat beans in microwave while you poach eggs in poaching pan)


Scrambled Eggs (I use skimmed milk with my eggs – no butter) and Beans.

Preparation Time: 4mins (Heat Beans as above while you scramble your eggs)


10 Cal Hartley's Jelly

Hartley’s 10 Calorie Jelly Pot.

Preparation Time: 0mins

Easiyo with Fruit

Homemade Greek yogurt with chopped nectarines, strawberries and banana.

Preparation Time: 8 mins (although the yogurt takes 12 hours to brew which I did the night before)


Fat Free Quiche No Pastry

Pastry-less quiche.

Preparation Time: 6mins to prepare and 22mins to cook.

Prawn Salad

Prawn salad.

Preparation Time: The prawns are bought ready to eat and the salad took 7mins to prepare.



Spaghetti Bolognese.

Preparation Time:

Sauce – 11 mins to prepare then throw raw ingredients into slow cooker and cook on low for 7 hours.

Spaghetti – 12 mins to boil.

Moroccan lamb

Moroccan Lamb.

Preparation Time:

Lamb and sauce – 11 mins to prepare then throw all raw indregients in slow cooker and cook on low for 9 hours.

CousCous – 5 mins.

Veg – Steam for 5 mins.

As yu can see from the selection of foods above… it’s all healthy, yummy, low fat, low in calories and it’s not going to take oodles of your precious time!

Since I started on a quote by Shakespeare I think it’s only fitting that I finish on a quote by Shakespeare:


Thank you again for reading 🙂

Hayley xxx

Treat-Wise Fake-a-Ways

31 Mar

Happy Easter Everyone!

Today’s blog post is just going to be a quickie… Just a quick recipe for a yummy Chicken Madras which is low on fat and calories… So you know you can enjoy it and still be losing weight!


This recipe is based on 2 people sharing.

3 Sprays of Sunflower Frylight,
5 Garlic Cloves Diced,
2 Red Chillies Sliced,
1 Green Chilli Sliced (you can use more or less chilli depending on how spicy you like it),
1 Diced Red Onion,
Tsp Cumin Seeds,
Tsp Ground Ginger,
Tsp Dried Coriander,
Tsp Cayenne Pepper,
2 Skinless Chicken Breasts Sliced.

Add everything to your wok and start cooking.
As your Chicken starts to cook and brown add 1 Tsp of Tumeric and 3 Tsp of Madras Powder.
Carry on cooking and stirring to avoid anything burning.
Add a Tin of Chopped Tomatoes & 1 Sliced Green Pepper.

Now you can leave to simmer while you cook your rice… I served my curry with Basmati Rice.

It’s really as simple as that! So quick and easy and incredible tasty and yummy… Plus… It’s healthy and diet friendly. It’s also cheaper than buying a real takeaway! Lose weight and save money… AMAZING!

Thanks for Reading!

Hayley xxx

Size 10 Here I Come

2 Mar

Morning Everyone,

Well I’m still plodding on with my weightloss… I’m currently 46lbs lighter, so only 2 more pounds to go until I hit 3 and a half stone lighter. I started off at 17st 4lbs in September and now I’m 13st 13lbs under 6months later… I feel so proud of myself. I’ve still got another 3 stone to do but hopefully I’ll reach that target by the end of the Summer.

A few people have been asking me what I have for my lunch at work so I’ve been taking a few pictures:



I generally have a salad with fat free cottage cheese and fish… Usually either Salmon fillet, Tuna or Mackerel. They’re always filling and naturally low in fat and calories. If you’re concerned about portion control you could always try taking your lunch to work in little tubs. That way you can’t over indulge too much.

I’m still continuing with a good range of healthy meals for an evening meal too… I mean you don’t want to bore yourself with the same old food day in and day out.



I like to make a good range of meals from something spicy to a hearty meat and veg combo. Above are a few pictures of some yummy meals I’ve Meade over this week.

Another trick up my sleeve is keeping a few essentials in my bag for when I’m out and about 20130302-095520.jpg
I always keep a little snack with me in case I get hungry and can’t find anything healthy to snack on and I always have my box of sweeteners with me in case I call in somewhere for a coffee and there isn’t a sugar alternative. I’ve gone from drinking sugary milky tea or coffee to drinking green tea and black coffee. That way there’s no hidden calories. I mean if you order a large hot chocolate with whipped cream or a large full fat latte on a regular basis then you’re potentially consuming an extra 900 calories in one drink!!! It’s crazy!

Well thank you for reading again and I hope you’re all doing well in your weightloss too! 🙂

Hayley xx

Nothing Tastes as Good as Losing Weight Feels

6 Feb

I just love the quote by Kate Moss; “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels”. But to be honest I don’t think I ever truly believed that until I started to lose weight last September. Being able to fit into clothes that are 3 sizes smaller and being able to wear clothes in my wardrobe that I haven’t been able to wear for years is just an amazing feeling! No gourmet pizza could rival that feeling!

The top that I am wearing in this photo was bought from Coast around 4 years ago… I literally wore it twice and then it was too small for my expanding waistline. It’s been sat in my wardrobe ever since. Well today I mustered up the courage to actually try it on and it fit perfectly! Even better than when I first bought it! Paired with a slim fitting pencil skirt, it just looks amazing! I’m so happy!

I’ve actually had some comments from people referring to that I’m losing weight ‘un-healthily’ by just not eating. Well folks… I can confirm that I DO eat and that I eat BIG portions 🙂 But the difference is that I’m eating homemade healthy food and healthy snacks. I’ve lost 3 stones since September. That’s been a weight loss of a couple pounds a week… Some weeks I only lose 1lb but others I can lose 3lbs… Sometimes I just stay the same. But it just takes time and commitment.

Above is a picture of a lunch that I took to work a few days ago… It consisted of salad, fat free cottage cheese and a homemade lean steak mince chilli. Mmmmmmmmm amazing! I can eat really nice food… But yet lose weight and feel healthier! The key is… Commitment! As long as you’re prepared to plan ahead and get organised with your cooking, then there’s no reason why you can’t do it too!

Thanks again for reading 🙂

Hayley xx

Breakfast Treats

27 Jan

Morning Everyone!

During the week I tend to just have Weetabix with Skimmed Milk and Fruit for my breakfast as it’s really quick and easy to do before I go to work. But, on a weekend when I have a little more time on my hands in the morning I tend to have something different for breakfast… Something a bit more ‘treat-like’ than just cereal.

A grilled (unsmoked) back bacon sandwich on brown or wholemeal bread with extra light Flora spread is still low in fat and calories… Or Dippy Egg with soldiers made from brown or wholemeal toasted bread. You’ll feel like you’re having a treat when really you’re still being really healthy yet eating something tasty and substantial.

The thing about eggs is that they really fill you up for the day too! So you’re less likely to snack on convenience foods.

Enjoy your Sunday!

Hayley xx

Damn! Did I REALLY Look Like That!?

26 Jan

Hi Readers!

Well I’m happy to report that the weightloss is continuing… I’m now 40lbs lighter than I was 19 weeks ago… So 2 more pounds and I’ll be exactly halfway to my target weight! I think at the time I was very much in denial at how fat I’d actually gotten. Something I did this week though really opened my eyes as to how unhealthy I was beginning to be… I did a split screen photograph of how I looked before I started my weightloss journey and how I look now.

I just look and feel so much better, so I can only imagine how great I’ll feel when I hit my target of losing 6 stone.

So… I’ve been getting creative in the kitchen again to keep me interested in my healthy eating. If any of you are interested here’s 2 recipes I threw together and I can confirm that the outcome will be really yummy!!!

Hayley’s Style Moroccan Lamb:

400g Diced Lamb
1 Tin Chopped Tomatoes
1 Diced Red Onion
1 Diced Courgette
Diced Baby Corns
5 Garlic Cloves Diced
1 Diced Pepper (Any Colour)
1 Birdseye Chilli Finely Chopped
Half Teaspoon Cumin Seeds
Half Teaspoon Ground Ginger
1 Teaspoons Cayenne Pepper
Half Teaspoon Dried/Ground Coriander

Put all of your ingredients in a slow cooker and slow cook for around 7 hours. Thicken with tomato purée before serving. Then serve alongside some couscous or rice and a veg of your choice! Voilá!

Stuffed Chicken Breast:

Slice a plump Chicken Breast along the side to the middle so it can be stuffed
Stuff with:
Finely chopped red onion
Finely chopped garlic
Fat free cottage cheese
Then wrap with a rasher of unsmoked back bacon
Top with tomatoes purée and 3 or 4 thinly sliced low fat cheddar cheese

Bake for 45-60mins… Cover with foil and remove the foil for the last 10mins

Serve along side veg or salad and homemade potato wedges that have been bake in 3 sprays of frylight olive oil.

Just gorgeous!

Hope you find the recipes useful and yummy!

Thanks again for reading!

Hayley xx

New Year… New Me… Almost Half Way There!

6 Jan

Can I just start by wishing you all a very Happy New Year!
I’ve had such a fantastic Christmas… I even allowed myself to indulge in some of my favourite food and drink. In a previous blog I announced that I was going to allow myself a 2lb weight gain over the festive period… However since I was away on holiday for Christmas and eating out everyday I gained 3lb… So when I got back from my holiday Friday 28th December I weighed in at 15st 4lbs… But this morning I got weighed and I’m down to 14st 11lbs in just over a week by eating healthy. So that’s a 7lb weight loss. It’s just amazing to think that you can still enjoy the holidays and be in control of your weight!

I’m currently 2 stone and 7lbs down from where I began 17weeks ago. I’d like to lose another 3 stone and 7lbs. I have no doubt whatsoever that I’m going to hit my target weight. The key… HEALTHY EATING. Since I’ve gotten back from my holiday I’ve been eating 3 heathy nutritious meals a day.

A ham sandwich on brown bread with salad (no mayo or dressing) can be spruced up with some fat free cottage and celery… Mmmmmm yum!

I just love roast vegetables… So why not try par boiling your carrots and parsnips then roasting them in some low calorie olive oil cooking spray?

One of my favourite foods is chunky vegetable soup/broth. If you’ve got a slow cooked… I’ve got a great EASY recipe!
Simply add all of your ingredients to your slow cooker and cook on high for around 7 hours… Just add:
Diced Ham Joint
Table Spoon of Barley
Table Spoon of Lentils
Table Spoon of Split Peas
Diced Carrot
Diced Parsnip
Diced Half Turnip
2 Sliced Leeks
Half Diced Onion
Then add boiling water to cover your ingredients.
The end result is so yummy!

You don’t need to start 2013 on a fad diet or starvation… You can totally lose weight and get healthy while snaffling hearty, filling and yummy food!

Thanks for reading!

Hayley xx