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Hey Like Wow!

17 Jul

Hi folks,

How gorgeous has this sunny summer weather been that we’ve been having? We’ve had so many fun family days out & days in the garden. Staying hydrated in this weather is so super important. I try not drink too many fizzy drinks & tend to stick to water. However… over the last month or so I’ve been trying out a lovely beverage from Hey Like Wow. 

So… what is it? 

It’s a still vitamin water that is:

  • Sugar Free without the nasties
  • Enriched with Viatnins B6, C & D, Calcium
  • No Artificial Sweeteners
  • No Artificial Preservatives 
  • Allergen Free 

In the cap of the bottle you may be able to see a red button… Well this is a blast cap that delivers your vitamins straight into your water. Soluable vitamins are the most powerful the moment they hit the water. So, this amazing blast cap gives you the control of only releasing the vitamins right before you drink. 

So… what’s it like?

 I loved them. Like I said – I’m a big water drinker, so having something with a little more flavour & added vitamins is fab. They’re lovely ‘on the go’ drinks that fit great into a healthy lifestyle. The sports caps make them easier for kids to drink from too – Seth’s loved having a taste test. 

To stay up to date with new launches from Hey Like Wow you can follow them on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram

For stockists please visit their website.

Thanks so much as always for reading 🙂

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx

The Power of Coffee

22 Jun

Hi folks

As I mentioned in my last blog post – I’m working super hard at being healthy. Eating right… drinking plenty of water & trying to fit in daily body magic. But… along with all of these things, I’ve been sampling some coffee. A coffee that improves your mood… improves your energy levels… increases your focus & can even aid with regulating your appetite! So… what is this magical elixir I hear you ask!? Lean Java Bean

Now… you all know that I don’t go in for faddy diets. I don’t like anything that involves meal replacement or dropping to a scarily low calorie diet. I’m all about everything in moderation & losing weight the old fashioned way. I don’t like the idea of weight loss medication either. 

Whilst having a catch up with a good friend, she told me about a health drink. A health drink that was coffee! I mean normally we’re bombarded with literature claiming coffee is bad. Lean Java Bean has increased anti-oxidants. Anti-oxidants seems to be some kind of buzz word we hear on health shows & in health magazines… but the top & bottom of it is that they’re fantastic for boosting your immune system, our mood, our memory, skin… etc… so many benefits.  

Now… this all sounds great… but does it actually work. I was quite excited at the thought of a magical cup of coffee that’d give me a massive energy boost. I mean, as a Mammy to a 15 month old who juggles work, Mammy-ing & running a house, I can always do with a bit extra energy. You can imagine I was super excited to start my 3 day trial. You literally drink one each morning. Stick to a healthy diet & drink plenty water. 

Honestly, I was not expecting to feel any different. But, after my first cup I seriously felt a little kick. I felt more awake & alert. I had more energy & I actually didn’t feel hungry between meals. And that was after day one!!! 

The coffee itself tastes nice. I often find with a health drink, they can taste flavourless & quite frankly a little disgusting. So what a pleasure it is to drink a nice cup of coffee. 

Now… let’s get to the weightloss aspect. I didn’t expect any weight loss with this coffee. And like I’ve already said I don’t do miracle weightloss aids. But… along with a healthy diet I lost 5lbs during my trial of this coffee. That’s right… 3 days… 3 cups of coffee… 5 whole lbs!!! I was speechless. 

I’m sure some folk will say it’s a placebo effect etc… but as someone who has gone through a lengthy weightloss journey, this deffinitely feels to me like an extra little boost. Well, put it this way – I’m so convinced that it works that I’ve bought myself a whole box.

I’m actually so impressed. If you’re intrigued & would like more info, then head on over to the Nulife Facebook Page. 

I can’t wait to see more results! 

Thanks so much for reading & I hope you’ve found my review useful. 

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx

Drama, Drama, Drama at Thorne Towers

14 Jan

Hi folks ✨

Well… Yesterday & today has been a day for drama & calamities! Urgh… I’m so accident prone!!! 😩

Yesterday I was making a gorgeous low fat pasta bake… It was all going fine while the bolognese was bubbling away in the Crock pot… I part boiled the wholemeal pasta with no dramas… then I mixed it all & spread it out into a lasagne dish topped with yummy homemade low fat cheese sauce… transferred it to the oven… all fine & accident free! Then… I burn my arm as I’m taking it out of the oven… OUCHIE! 😞 Honestly it hurt so bad 😦 It’s now blistered & is all bubbled up. However… the pasta bake was yummy. 

This morning began with yet more drama as I’ve not slept… at all. But, I didn’t mind since the weather man on the TV this morning promised that today would be a day of snow in the UK… You can imagine my delight when it began snowing. ❄️ I was so excited when the tiny white flakes started to drift passed the window… then the banging began… the wind had knocked the back gates off of their latch & I noticed that the newly emptied recycled boxes were starting to blow around off the bottom of the drive. So… I headed outside in my Harry Potter PJs, leopard print dressing gown & Ugg Boots… with no make up on I may add! I headed out of the back door & down the drive where the gates proceeded to clash behind me. I successfully rescued the recycling boxes but couldn’t get back into my garden as the gates at clashed & swung the wrong way & had bent the latch so I could swing them the right way. So… there I was… Crying in the snow… prego… in my PJs & freezing my backside off! I don’t know how, but I managed to squidge through the teeniest of gaps. I scraped my bump though 😦 Then I needed to somehow secure the gates… so after 20 minutes of dramatic crying (and I do cry very dramatically) I managed to secure the gates but the latch is still broken, and, while sorting the gates… my iPhone 6 plus fell out of my pocket & onto the concrete, thus smashing the screen… ace! Honestly… I’m just so gutted!!! 

 So I’ve spent this afternoon watching Criminal Minds & feeling sorry for myself. I’ve aired on the side of caution after last nights burny arm incident & opted for a Crock Pot meal for tea. I decided to get creative & added  load of stuff to the Crock & I’ll hope for the best… It’s all healthy though:

  • Chicken Breasts
  • Tinned Chopped Tomatoes
  • Frozen Diced Onion
  • Frozen Oriental Vegetables
  • Frozen Sweetcorn
  • Piri Piri Seasoning
  • Garlic Granules

I’m hoping it’ll turn out nice… I couldn’t stand anymore drama today lol. 

Yesterday I received a lovely gift package from Cleaves Candles. The wax melts are made completely of soy wax & natural botanical oils, they’re also environmentally friendly. The scents I received are:

  • Lavender
  • Angels Whisper
  • Baby Powder
  • Bedtime Bath

Once I’ve tried them all I’ll be writing a full review on each scent I’ve tried. But so far I can already say… I love them. They smell lovely even before they’ve been lit. The prices are so good too at £4 for a clamshell or £2 for a pack of 4 melts. They’d be gorgeous little favours for a wedding. It’s the first thing I thought of… Plus Wedding season is fast approaching. Check out their Facebook Page too for some Valentines themed gifts 💙

 Coco also received her latest treat box from Top Collar . If you fancy ordering a box for your furbaby… simply click the embedded link & enter coupon Code: COCO to receive a totally free box! They’re gluten free & great for sensitive tummies. If Coco is impressed… then they must be good. Also… They come in a personalised box!!! They’re so cute 🐾

 Righteo folks… I’m gonna leave this post here… But stay tuned for more reviews! 💕

Thanks again for reading ✨

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx


“Weebles Wobble but They Don’t Fall Down”

11 Jan

Hi folks ✨

Well I don’t really want to test that theory in my title too much. I’m getting to that stage in my pregnancy now that I’m just so unsteady on my feet. I think with my pre-existing back condition & nerve problems in my right leg… Then paired with my ever increasing baby bump… I feel wobbly on my feet most of the time. Daily tasks… & shopping… Are becoming harder everytime! Yesterday we went to Dunelm shopping for more nursery bits & a few much needed housey bits. Not even half way round Dunelm I needed a pit stop in a cute little bucket chair… It weren’t so cute though I can tell you – when the hubster had to replicate a hydrolic crane to get me out of the chair! Lol 💙 

 Baby T seems to be sitting rather low these days & that seems to be impacting on the pain/infection in my fibroids. I think I’m managing the pain quite well really, plus I just don’t like giving in. I’m too much of a ‘doer’… It does mean though that my 7pm I’m just literally shattered.  

 I’ve been looking everywhere for the perfect Winnie the Pooh cot bedding for in the nursery & eventually found what I was looking for in Dunelm. The bedding pack came to £39.99 & then the two fitted sheets were an additional £14.99. They’re so cute!!! We even spotted some Winnie the Pooh wall stickers, so once the Cot Bed arrives we can start getting the stickers on the walls. The cot is the only piece of furniture that we’re waiting on for delivery. So once that’s built & in place, we’ll know whereabouts on the  walls we want the pictures to be 💙  

While in Dunelm we also bought a new curtain pole for the window at the top of our stairs along with a white sparkly voile curtain. We just needed something to finish off the staircase. We also bought new placemats for the dinning table & a chintzy oil cloth table cloth. I really do love a bit chintz! 🌸 

 We must’ve only been in Dunelm for around 30mins… But that’s literally all I could manage. I really wanted to go to Boots & M&S too but I just couldn’t do it. So instead we headed off for some food & a pint of lemonade! We decided on the Pastures at High Melton. I love that place! The food is always so nice & there’s always plenty of staff too, so you’re never waiting long for your order to arrive. I should’ve taken a picture really of my Mediterranean Chicken… But I totally forgot to lol… I think I was just too excited to eat it all! ✨

The only things left to buy now for the nursery is some new curtains & a new curtain pole. But… I’m hoping to buy that today with the help of my Bezzie who is coming down today to stay overnight. It’s pretty exciting to see her coz I’ve not seen her in ages! But it’s even more exciting that she’s also pregnant… So we get to be pregnant together & waddle around!  ❤️ Luckily… Where we’re off to shopping today has a cafè with homemade cake… So I’m sure we’ll be making an emergency pit stop in there! Then tonight will be pyjamas, Celebrity Big Brother & Take Out. Sounds like a pretty perfect night to me! 💕

Talking about CBB… I don’t think I’ve mentioned it since it started! I didn’t actually watch the launch, I was actually planning on giving this years a miss. But once I discovered that Scotty T from Geordie Shore was in the BB house – then I had to start watching as well as watching the live launch on catch up! I just love him & as you all know I’m a massive Geordie Shore fan. What can I say… I love the trashy TV!  

 So here’s hoping for a more pain free day ahead… Although… I have been awake since 4:10am. I honestly don’t know how I’m surviving right now on such little sleep. I’m gonna have to slap extra lashings of Gwen Stefani Urban Decay eye make up on today to hide the tired eyes  

   I just don’t know what I’d do without the magic of make up! 
Anyways… Have a great Monday ✨

Thanks again for reading… It’s lovely to see my stats gradually climbing with all of you new readers 💕✨ 

 Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx 


Reviews and Recipes

7 Jan

Hi folks ✨

Well… It’s been such a busy week so far!!! Monday was tests… Tuesday was scan, Anti D injection (which I did NOT like & it made me feel so ill) & a consultant appointment. Yesterday I braved the dentists chair to have a half filling in a small crack in on of my wisdom teeth. I’m glad I went to have it corrected – but I was super scared. I have a bit of a phobia of the dentists chair… But luckily for me I have a lovely dentist who is superb at making you feel at ease. So today is going to be a much needed pyjama day ✨

Yesterday before I went to the dentist – I received the most gorgeous parcel in the shape of the Scentsy ‘Whoot’ Electric Warmer. It’s seriously stunning… especially of an evening as it lights up. It created a lovely little pattern on my wall. This Owl warmer is priced at £39.00. In my opinion it truly is worth every penny. Once you have the warmer, then there’s no limit on what scents you can use. Plus a bar to melt is only £5.50 & it splits into 6 pieces. So that’s like 6 separate wax tarts. It’s excellent value. You all know I’m very much a Yankee Candle girl… I was VERY skeptical about Scentsy, but I’m completely won over. With a candle I’m always worried of the smoke it kicks out & it discolouring my walls. I mean, before we moved I had to repaint my lounge wall a few times to cover up really bad soot marks. Plus, now that we’ll have a little person in the home from March, I just think this electric warmer will be safer too… no naked flame. Where I’ve positioned the warmer – the flex is hidden down the back of the unit it’s stood on. As the wax is heated at a low temperature – the scent will outlast a regular candle too. My warmer is in my lounge & I could smell the fragrance all the way upstairs in all of the bedrooms. When I came downstairs this morning I could smell it – even though it had been off all night. Then the best part is – there are over 80 fragrances!!! All you need to do is pour the wax away when you fancy a change. 

If you’d like to order or peruse the collection, click here. Or if you’re on Facebook, you can like this page & ask questions & see all of the latest special offers to be had. I seriously cannot recommend these products enough! ✨

I’ve been making some truly yummy concoctions in my Crock Pot… all incredibly low in fat & calories too! 


  • 250g Lean Steak Mince
  • 1 Tin Chopped Tomatoes
  • Frozen Diced Onion
  • Frozen Sliced Peppers
  • Frozen Spinach
  • 3 Celery Sticks Sliced
  • Frozen Sweetcorn
  • 1 Tin Bean Salad
  • 1 Tsp Garlic Granules
  • 1 Tsp Dried Chilli Flakes

I cook on low literally all day. You may need to thicken with some tomato puree before serving.  

Spaghetti & Meatballs

I love spaghetti & meatballs… Quorn is a great alternative to meat & it’s super low in fat. I find that the meatballs are a bit ‘bouncy’ in texture if you cook on the hob… but in a slow cooker or Crock Pot – they’re amazing! Really tender & they soak up the flavours really well!

  • Quorn Swedish Meatballs
  • 500g Pasatta
  • Frozen Diced Onion
  • 1 Tsp Garlic Granules
  • 1 Tsp Mixed Herbs

Again, I leave this to cook all day on low. I serve with dried pasta as this is lower in fat & calories than fresh pasta. 

Chicken Chasseur/Casserole

This is my healthy version of a chassuer… but it’s more like a casserole really.

  • Frozen Skinless & Boneless Chicken Thighs
  • 1 Tin Chopped Tomatoes
  • Frozen Green Beans
  • Frozen Diced Onion
  • 1 Tsp Garlic Granules
  • Sprinkle of Thyme
  • Sprinkle or Tarragon

Cook on low all day. I tend to serve with potatoes & veg. The chicken will break apart & give a ‘pulled chicken’ effect. Chicken thighs tend to cook better in the slow cooker as they don’t dry out like breast can.

By using a lot of frozen ingredients, tinned or dried… you cut down time spent in the kitchen. I like to keep my recipes quick & simple for a busy lifestyle… Coz lets face it… we all seem to lead hectic lives these days. Also, using frozen ingredients cuts down on a lot of waste as you simply use what you need -then bung it back into the freezer. Frozen products tend to be that bit cheaper too. Healthy eating does not need to cost a fortune. My monthly food bill is a lot cheaper these days. Some dried herbs & a tin of tomatoes is much cheaper & healthier than a pre-made jar of sauce. The oil, salt & sugar content in a jar of sauce is normally ridiculous! If you’d like daily recipes then like my facebook page here. After I recieved good blood test results with regard to my sugar levels & vitamin levels… I owe that to my healthy lifestyle. Baby T is thriving on it too 💙

 We’ve bought a lot of stuff over the last few days from MotherCare. Don’t forget that they have an amazing sale & offers on right now 💙
Well… I shall leave this post here.

Thanks again for reading… I’ve had another peak in my monthly stats.

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx






Skip the Diet… Just Eat Healthy

5 Jan

Hi folks ✨

If you returned to work yesterday for the first time after the Christmas vacation – I hope it wasn’t too painful. It feels so bizarre being off work for me. I’m technically not on my maternity leave yet as I’m still using up all of my built up annual leave. It’s so much better for me being off work as I have so many medical appointments & because I’m so up & down with pregnancy sickness & with pain from the fibroids – this way I don’t feel the pressure of letting colleagues down.

Yesterday seemed like such a long day. I started the day with loads of blood tests which required a lot of waiting around until lunchtime. Both arms were so sore from the amount of blood they needed to take – ouchie! I’m such a big wimp when it comes to having blood taken. The nurse I met yesterday is also the breast feeding supporter. That was utterly fantastic for me, as I really want to breast feed & I had so many questions. I felt so much more confident after speaking with her… She was literally a fountain of knowledge & gave me lots of literature to peruse. I can also make a one to one appointment with her at a later date – which I will most definitely be doing. While talking with her I was able to get all of my ‘weight’ fears off of my chest. As you all know in the last 3 yeas I’ve managed to lose 6 stone in weight. It’s been a constant fear of mine about gaining weight during my pregnancy. Well, she really put my mind at ease with regard to weight gain. I’ve gained 11lbs so far & I’m 28 weeks pregnant. We talked through the reasons behind pregnancy weight gain, the gains you make in order to breast feed & then the fat that’s used to breast feed. Call me dumb… But I never actually realised that you burn an added 500 calories during breast feeding. 

 We briefly discussed nutrition too… Having lost weight on my own I’m very confident with food now & things I make. I feel so much more confident knowing that once our gorgeous boy is here I can eat healthily… feed him… & get back to my goal weight 💙 I’m so not into ‘diets’. Honestly… I cannot go onto Facebook or Twitter without being bombarded with offers of weightloss capsules… diet shakes… juices & borderline starvation. I’m not knocking any of these diets if they work for you… but for me  I need to eat actual food 3 times a day, plus snacks. I like a nutritious hearty meal & as the nurse pointed out – new breast feeding mammies need lots of healthy food & plenty water. Energy & hydration is key. I was told by my midwife months ago that the only form of healthy eating/weightloss that they endorse is a Slimming World style of eating. Slimming Wold is the style of eating that I’ve been sticking too for the last 3 years. I never joined the group, but I took their syn free & extra easy way of preparing & consuming food. It’s all about the good fats, less salt, less sugar. It really works for me.

A classic example of the kind of things I cook is what we had for tea last night: Sausage Casserole. 

 It’s so simple to make… especially if you have a Crock Pot/Slow Cooker. I served the casserole along side peas, sweetcorn & mash with added mustard seeds. I didn’t use any sauces as they tend to have hidden salts, sugars & oils. To make the actual casserole:

  • Linda McCartney Red Onion & Rosemary Sausages (they are super low in fat)
  • 1 reduced salt beef Oxo cube
  • 1 tin of chopped tomatoes
  • Frozen casserole veg (I buy from either Asda or Waitrose)

Literally throw all of the ingredients in your Crock Pot – I pop the veg & sausages in frozen – it’s so quick & easy. So if you’re in a rush on a morning – this is the recipe for you. Set on low, then cook all day. You could serve with extra veg, boiled potatoes or chips baked in frylight. 

Tonight for tea we’ll be having Chilli… so I shall post that recipe in my next update. 

I really am working hard to get my website up & live… I’m going to feature my recipes & my product reviews… so please keep your eyes peeled for that. If you’re wanting more recipes along with pics of how the recipe will turn out… you can find my diet page here. You can always find me on Twitter & Instagram too.

So… back to yesterday… Since it was such a pants morning of ouchie tests I decided a little retail therapy was in order & since my new fave thing is treating my little boy… that’s what I did 💙 I popped to Boots & bought this gorgeous little Very Hungry Caterpillar all in one with hat… I just love it. Even better at 50% off. Seriously they have so many reductions right now. 

 Once home I ordered him a lounger from the Boots website. He’s going to have a cot bed in his nursery & a Snuzpod for a nighttime in our room… but for through the day downstairs I was going to get a crib or a Moses basket. But I spied this lounger & read the reviews, watched youtube videos & I was totally sold. It’s comfy & fun. So I’m hoping it shall arrive this week. I just want everything as cozy as can be for his arrival 💙 

 Last night was spent unwinding in front of ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ with a cup of decaf tea in hand & my new Harry Potter colouring book… it’s so relaxing. 

Everything looks so super tidy with all the Christmas decks down. 

 Before I go I just wanted to remind you all of Coco’s special offer with Top Collar homemade & healthy doggy treats. Simply follow this highlighted link & enter code: COCO to receive a completely free box of goodies! The box is personalised so it’d make a lovely gift for a family pet or friends pet. 

 Righteo folks… I’m gonna leave this post here as I have another day ahead of me at the hospital in the shape of a scan, consultant appointment, blood results & anti D injection.

Thanks again for reading ✨

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx 


A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes 

1 Dec

Hi Folks ✨ 

I’ve had a pretty exciting two days of emails from various companies UK & USA based who want to collaborate with me. Eeeeeeck – exciting stuff!!! Even a Doggy company have approached me who’d like to send Coco her own subscription boxes to review. Coco is totally gonna be my co-blogger 🐾 

 I’ve always wanted to write a successful blog… So thank you to each & everyone one of you who continue to read ✨ Maybe one day I’ll make it to the National Blog Awards!!! I literally started with like 10 views & now I’m hitting over 9,000 views! So a MASSIVE huge thank you! As a thank you I’m gonna put together another giveaway of goodies. So once I’ve sorted that out, you can all enter again 🎁

 So then… What have I been up to today? Well this morning started with my weekly blood tests. It’s a total chore… But then it is kinda nice & reassuring that me & my Bambino are being closely monitored & looked after 💙  I headed straight to work afterwards… When I got to work I found a lovely little gift off Carolyn.  
   I know it’s not technically the ’12 days of Christmas’ yet… But she said I was allowed to open it like it was an advent calendar. It’s so cute & I love it ✨ I haven’t actually opened my proper advent calendar yet though coz me & the hubster got up at different times this morning & he’s working late this evening… So I’m gonna wait until he gets home so we can open them together  

 Nothing fancy this year… Last year I got a Benefit MakeUp advent calendar & it was such a waste of money. So I decided on good old Cadburys this year for the grand total of £2 ☺️  

Oooooh actually I’m going to have to back track a little as I really wanted to talk through some of my current favourite makeup must haves!  

 I’m simply loving my Mineral Touch Younique foundation. It’s such a silky consistency, it literally glides on. I have such a pink complexion & it’s by no means ‘flawless’, but this foundation gives the illusion of it being so. I always use Benefits Fake Up under my eyes to disguise any dark circles. Then I set in place with a Clinique translucent loose powder.  

 I don’t go in for any of this ‘contouring’ malarkey… But I do always use a Benefit blush across my cheek bones to give a little colour. My favourites are Hoola, Sugarbomb & Rockateur. Today I used Rockateur.  

 Benefits Stay Don’t Stray is an amazing eye shadow primer. This morning I used a Benefit highlighter under my brows with a little shimmer power from Virgin Vie. Urban Decay Naked Smokey was my eye make up of choice & of course my brows are preened with Benefits Brow-zing palette.  

Eyeko Fat is my new fave must have liquid liner. It’s also a big fave with Alexa Chung. I used Benefits They’re Real Mascara & Younique Moostruck Kohl Liner for under my bottom lash  line  

 Then finally I finished off with a festive red lippy. I used Younique precision lip liner in Primal & a red glossy lipstick by My Little Box. My Little Box is my favourite monthly subscription box. If you fancy giving it a go just follow this link: https://www.mylittlebox.co.uk/home

  This was the finished look. If any of you are inspired to try Younique, you can order direct here via a friend of mine: https://www.youniqueproducts.com/gemmadover
So…. Back to my day…. It was so cold in my office that I totally needed a Wispa Hot Chocolate  

Confession time: it’s actually been such a naughty day so far with my food choices… Not only did I have a hot choc but I had a Pot Noodle of all things for my lunch!!! So bad!  

 I think I talked myself into the bad choices simply because it was blood test day lol. Tonight for tea we’re planning on having a take out pizza when the hubster gets home. So… The healthy eating shall recommence tomorrow. I mean…. We’re allowed a naughty day aren’t we!? 

Work was pretty normal… Writing more procedure manuals & sorting out our Social Media sites. Since getting home I’ve done nothing apart from snuggle Coco under my fleece blankie whilst watch How I Met Your Mother & The Big Bang Theory. I can predict that next up will be first look Hollyoaks 😁 Tonight is literally gonna be a lazy night under my blankie whislt watching trashy TV… Sometimes you just need nights like this. Ooooooo and let’s not forget ‘I’m a Celebrity Get Me Outta Here’. I can’t wait to see who wins in the final… I’ve been voting each night via the app to keep Vicky Pattison in. I’d love to see her crowned Queen of the Jungle. 

Well, I’m gonna leave this post here. I hope you’re all having a fabulous Tuesday whatever it is that you’re up too. 

Thanks for reading ✨


Hayley xxx

Baby Brain and Baby Showers 

28 Nov

Hi Folks✨ 

So… Some slightly embarrassing stories have emerged since posting out my Christmas Cards… Firstly I sent my friend Rosie 2 Christmas Cards – both different though I may add, so at least she got an extra sparkly card to hang up lol. Then secondly… I wrote the wrong name in the card I sent to my own cousin & her husband!? I mean… What’s that about!???? I’d seriously never given the term ‘baby brain’ any thought until I started finding the tea bags in the fridge… & now dodgy Christmas cards! So can I take this opportunity to apologise to anyone who I’ve written something random & odd in their cards!? Luckily, so far, it’s just made people laugh. But I mean how embarrassing! 😶

I woke up today feeling pretty proud of myself for completing a whole week at work. I’ve managed to get a load of stuff done too before my leave starts. I’m a very organised person so I just want to leave things all neat & tidy for my lovely colleagues… You know who you all are ✨ I really wasn’t well last night & basically started throwing up as soon as I got home. I’m very much the kind of person who can hide things very well… Especially when I’m not well or feeling pain. Since my ops began in 2011 I’ve had to live with nerve damage in my leg, so I think I’m pretty mentally hardy to pain. Plus, I never leave the house without a full face of make up… So I think if you smile (which I always do coz I’m rarely miserable) & have sparkly make up partnered with it… People forget. In a way though I kinda like that coz I hate people fussing. But then on the other hand it can be annoying too coz then people don’t realise the effort you’ve put in to actually getting yourself there & doing a job well done. But… Then again… I am extremely soft hearted & get hurt easily. I’m so not thick skinned & I tend to suffer with that affliction of ‘overthinking’ & ‘self-doubt’. Life is a learning journey that we just have to feel our way through I think. Sometimes you can skip your way through & sometimes you have to crawl a bit… But as long as you have folk by your side crawling with you & helping you to the goal post – you’re doing a pretty sterling job I’d say ✨

It’s no secret that Victoria Beckham is my idol I look up to her. I love her charisma, drive & resilience. But really… We shouldn’t idolise those in the spot light coz we’re surrounded by so many inspirational people. I have many friends who own businesses… Or some who are one parent families… People who only see their kids of a weekend… Some who have a struggle in all aspects of life – but the one thing that they all have in common is this amazing zest for life & the ability to hold it all together. Now that – I admire. Life is hard, in many different ways for people; whether it be medical, financial, romantic… Everyone has some challenge they’re trying to defeat. Even those who seemingly have it all. I don’t believe anyone who says they don’t have some little hurdle they’re trying to climb. I was at work this week & that literally just struck me – I know some fantastic people. Wowzers… Now that’s a bit deep for a Saturday morning isn’t it!? I haven’t even had my crumpets yet! Lol. 

Let’s move on to something more ‘lighthearted’ 💙 BABY SHOWER! Honestly I never thought I’d really get to organise a baby shower. I always had thoughts of having lovely afternoon tea somewhere or hiring some amazing space & hosting some kind of extravaganza… But instead I’ve decided I just want something nice at home. I’m gonna have a ‘man creche’ so people can bring their other halfs & Graham will take them for a drinkie across the road lol. That way they can join in at the end of the shower. I’ve enlisted my Mammy to bake some pies/quiches. I can be on sandwich duty & I’m gonna enlist the fabulous Julie to make my cake. So it’ll be an afternoon tea but at home. Then that means Coco can join in too! I won’t be setting up a ‘gift list’ with any companies etc… I don’t want the shower in order to gain loads of gifts from people. I just want people to come & eat cake & join in with how excited we are ✨ 

 My hubster deserves a little shout out I’ve decided purely being the supportive human being that he is. No matter what medical drama I’m having or even if I’m just ’emotional’… He’s always a rock. He called us ‘Team Thorne’ & we are a little Team. Soon be a slightly bigger Team 💙 Life can throw anything at us & we’ll get through it together ❤️ (sorry for the soppiness – I think my emotions are heightened with all these pregnancy hormones) 

I’ve had some lovely lovely lovely messages off people lately – so thank you very much 💕😘

Today’s plan is pretty much to be lazy & relax. Then later on its the Christmas light switch on in the village & tea out ✨ Really looking forward to it. 

Righteo folks, I’m gonna finish this post here. Hopefully I shall blog tomorrow with an update of our Saturday evening ☺️ Have a lush Saturday whatever you’re up too & if you’re venturing out to those mega sales this weekend – be careful of those excitable crowds 😁

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx

Reviews… Business… and the North Pole Breakfast

27 Nov

Hi Folks,

Right… just wanna get some ‘businessy’ type stuff out of the way: Thanks for the response to yesterday’s blog post. My private email address that you can contact me on is: freeman.hayley@gmail.com I will review products from beauty to housey items to food items to… anything really. The free vouchers to restaurants etc… are always a nice little surprise. You’ll also find me via Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest & Instagram @IxxyPoco I’m also in the process of having a website developed… so keep those gorgeous peepers peeled!

Woo hoo… can you believe it’s Fri’Yay!? I literally can’t believe I’ve managed a full week at work too!!! I’ve written so many procedure manuals this week it’s unreal… my eyes are gonna be square from looking at a computer screen. The hubster had to pretty much walk me to the office door this morning as I was struggling with the infection pain… but I did it… I made it… & I did it with sparkles & a leopard print cardigan lol… Oh & a massive Choccocino from Campus Coffee! Yesterday I received my official letter confirming that my maternity leave request had been accepted. So… as of December 11th I shall be on leave until February 2017. I just can’t believe it… It’s happening… I’m finally gonna be a Mammy after years of waiting. 

 Obviously with being pregnant I can’t have my usual weekend sparkles… so I’ve become a bit creative with my non-alcoholic sparkles & drinkies. Relish in Doncaster will literally make you any scrummy cocktail you’d like – but minus the alcohol content. Their Strawb Sensation is to die for. I’ve also developed a new love for Belvoir Pink Lemonade. And Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without copious mugs of Mulled Wine… well… Fellow Prego mammies to Be  you need to buy some Ribena Winter Spice! Its beautiful! Just like Mulled Wine… but without the wine lol. The Tee Total thing really doesn’t phase me if I’m honest. While I was having my right leg rebuilt I didn’t drink alcohol for over 2 years. Abstaining from the stuff is an easy thing to do for me. Even when everyone else around you is enjoying a festive tipple. I’m happy with my pink lemo in a champagne flute. For me… it’s all about the presentation… if it looks good… then I’m sure I’ll like it. I’m very aesthetically minded. 

 It struck me last night after I posted yesterdays blog post – that I haven’t given you guys an update on my skanky nails for a while! Well… they’re so much better. For new readers – here’s a brief update: Back in May I went to a cheapo nail place to have some acrylics done for my birthday. I went cheap & where they use those little electric files & wear face masks – you know the places I’m talking about. Well within 4 weeks of having them on… my thumb nails lifted away from my nail bed & I contracted a water infection in each & every nail plate. The result was nails covered in brown & khaki green spots. They were paper thin & extremely sore. I couldn’t bare to have my hands in water even! Typing was a nightmare too!  Well… 6 month on & they’re almost healed. All my finger nails are back to normal. But both thumb nails aren’t quite there yet. I’ve been using a good cuticle oil daily & a Sally Hansen nail strengthener to try & repair the damage. So… the moral of the story: Always go to a good nail salon like Perfect Harmony in Sprotbrough Village, Doncaster. 

 **please note that the above polish is Holly Place by Nails Inc. 

With Christmas fast approaching – I’ve gotten myself super organised! I’ve already posted my Christmas cards & everyone’s Gifts are all wrapped. I’ve even got all my grocery shopping ordered & ready for delivery around Christmas week. Seriously… What would we do without Morrison’s & Ocado!? They’ve both got amazing deals on to be had & their customer service is top notch. Their Twitter support is incredible too… I can speak from first hand experience. Nothing is ever a bother.

With today being ‘Black Friday’… I just wanted to mention Gemma again. Gemma is a fab Younique make up rep & she has some good deals right now. https://www.youniqueproducts.com/gemmadover Not only does she have her online shopping link, but she has a Facebook Page too where she holds competitions & special bargains. Give her page a like: https://www.facebook.com/Younique-by-Gemma-415392888667186/?fref=ts Liking her page costs nothing… she won’t push sales on to you… but it’s a chance for you to keep an eye out for some amazing bargains. And I mean – who doesn’t love a competition!? You’ve gotta be in it to win it!

So… Who’s heard of The Noth Pole Breakfast? If I’m honest – I hadn’t heard of it until someone told me about it on Facebook then I did some research via Pinterest. It’s a cute little idea of having a Christmas themed Breakfast on December 1st. The idea is that Elves magically deliver it before you wake up – too cute! Well this year I wanted a practice run before our bambino arrives. So this year is a dress rehearsal if you like. I’m having our North Pole Breakfast Saturday December 5th when my Parents are down visiting. I have Christmas Crockery… Christmassy Glassware & some Christmas themed foods lol… I can’t wait! I just love to ‘faff’ lol. I bought the cutest Christmas Glass bottles & straws from Home bargains for 50p each. I don’t think some of you down south of England have a Home Bargains? If not – then you can shop online. I also bought some amazing Christmassy Crockery from B&M. Unfortunately though I couldn’t get any side plates… so I’m still on the look out for those! 

 I’ve really been into pregnancy ‘freebies’ at the moment. Honestly… if it’s free then get it I say! I’ve heard lots of people slagging off the Bounty Packs, Emma’s Diary Packs etc… but seriously guys… they’re free! What do you want!? I’ve literally signed up to everything. I’ve had free pregnancy nutrition items from Boots, free Pampers packs, Free Hipp Organic feeding spoons, Free Johnson’s products… honestly loads of things. Starting your nursery is pretty pricey – so surely all of the free things you can apply for are just a little bonus. I mean the travel sized toiletries are great for taking your little one on vacation. Here’s a few links to get you started if you’re interested:

http://www.emmasdiary.co.uk/baby-offers/free-baby-samples this is the Emma’s Diary one. It’s pretty good & you get lots of vouchers for money off things sent to you
http://m.boots.com/h5/cat_hub?unCountry=uk&path=/en/Mother-Baby/Parenting-Club/ This is the Boots parenting club to pair with your advantage card… you’ll get 10 points per every £1 that you spend
http://www.hipp.co.uk/join This one is really good. You get free baby spoons every now through letterbox & you get lots of money off coupons for food & things
http://www.bounty.com/about-bounty/bounty-packs?gclid=CPiLqorlockCFYvnwgod3V8AkQ these are 3 packs from bounty you can get: Mum to Be, Newborn Baby & Family Pack. All of them are worth getting coz you get lots of sample sized things that are perfect for your changing bag.

I’m so looking forward to tomorrow… we’ve got a lovely lazy morning planned with breakfast in bed. Then we’ll probably do some boring ‘housey upkeep’ type of things… but at 4pm we’ll be heading to our Village Wine Bar to watch out Village Christmas Tree being lit up! Afterwards we’ll be heading to the Boat Inn on Sprotbrough Falls for some tea by the open fire. Oh I just can;t wait. I’m feeling more & more Christmassy each day… if that’s even at all possible! I can’t recommend the food enough at The Boat Inn, plus the overall setting of the place itself is beautiful. Sprotbrough is most definitely a gorgeous Village to live in.
Ooooooh and… we’ve had word from the carpet place & our new carpets will be fitted for Christmas!!! Yey! They shall be fitted December 8th! Our literally hate our current carpets with a passion. They’re the ones that were already down when we first moved in back in March… They’re tired, worn & a bit ugly if I’m honest lol. So, some fresh new ones will really lift the place.

Right well… I’m gonna leave this post there as we’re expecting a grocery deliver any minute… so I’d best get organised & try & make some room in the pantry for it all lol. Thanks again for reading!

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx


Merry Blog’Mas Folks!

26 Nov

Hi Folks,

Again I must apologise for my lack of posts… Every time… I say that I’m going to get back to my regular blogging routine… Then I fall off the blogging train…! But this time, I MEAN it! I really do promise.

Well… so much has happened since my last blog post. It’s been an up & down roller-coaster of being ill… going on holiday & getting myself back to work! After discussions with my Midwife, Consultant & Doctor – we’ve decided that I should go back on a very low dose of anti-sickness medication. The low dose seems to help, so that’s most definitely a good thing. It’s so awful when you’re literally sick 24/7. I have had my 20wk scan now & can tell you all that our little boy is doing great. He’s just so perfect already. It’s so nice coz my hubster can feel him kicking now too. He’s such an active little tinker. He seems to roll around & kick all day long. I’ve never felt anything so magical as this before. I truly am blessed.

 We’ve been busying ourselves so much in the house… Getting things ready for our little bundle. Well… when I say ‘we’… I actually mean my hubster bless him. I’ve been so ill that he’s not allowed me to lift a finger. So, we’ve painted our front porch & staircase a beautiful marshmallow pink & we’ve painted the nursery a beautiful pale lemon. It’s all ready now for the new carpet & all the finishing touches. We’re hoping to have the lounge & stair carpet fitted before Christmas too! Yikes… It’s not far away! We’ve already got our decorations & Christmas tree up too hee hee. I’m so super excited for Christmas this year. Well, I’m the same every year really. Next year is going to be a whole new experience with having a little one to share the magic with. Oh… & don’t you just love my Liberty Bauble!? Hee hee I do!

Oh & along with the painting… We’ve been deep cleaning everywhere! I mean, I’m a bit of a clean freak anyways as I fixate over germs… but we’ve been taking extra time over things to make sure they’re bleached within an inch of their life lol. I may as well just wander around the house with a bottle of Dettol spray superglued to my hand. The hubster even gave the oven a thorough deep clean too! Ooooooo I do love a sparkling oven lol.

 Our Christmassy Vacation was just so perfect in Sherwood Forest. It was literally 7 days of pure sparkles & magic. We didn’t actually do a lot with me being in so much pain with this ongoing infection I have. But we still had fun. Every night we had a log on the log fire… We ate out… We had little walks around the forest… We basically just had a much needed chill out. The way they do the Winter Wonderland is so utterly fantastical. I’d really recommend it to anyone & everyone. It’s completely dog & child friendly too. Coco had a super time! While I was there I developed a new love for colouring. Yes… I’ve jumped on to the adult colouring in band wagon. When I got home I even treated myself to some books from Liberty of London.


I feel like I’ve had so many treats lately… beauty boxes… a new Joules handbag… Hotel Chocolat treats… Oooops! Oh well, sometimes you just need it. I did finally decide upon which diaper bag to have & the Cath Kidston bag won! I’ve read so many good reviews on Mumsnet that I simply could not resist. Its really such a good buy & after it has served it’s purpose of being a diaper bag – it’d make a fab work bag or overnight bag. Nowhere does it say ‘diaper’ or ‘changing bag’. And… my diaper bag can’t be classed as a treat to ‘me’ as it’s totally a new Mammy essential item 🙂

Some other items I’ve been treating myself with are beauty products from Younique. I have the most amazing rep – Gemma. I can’t recommend her enough. She’s always on hand to offer advice on products if you have questions & she’s no pushy ‘sales lady’ either. The products I’ve used so far have been utterly amazing. I’m going to add the pics, as they speak louder than words. Also, here’s her direct link to buy products if my pics inspire you to do so: https://www.youniqueproducts.com/gemmadover I have a very pink/rosy complexion & the liquid foundation & compact foundation literally work wonders in seconds! The eye liner & lip liner lasts for literally hours & don’t get me started on the amazing 3D lash results! Below you will see a comparison pic of the mascara… I used 3D lash on one eye & Benefits They’re Real on the other… I’ll let you make your own mind up based on the pics below.

 Ooooooooh I’d like to give a massive shout out to Catherine who won my Beauty Bundle Giveaway! She received her goodies today & I’m happy to say that she’s over the moon with all of her goodies! I’ve enjoyed this whole giveaway process so much, that I’m definitely going to be doing another one! So keep your beautiful sparkly peepers peeled for my next one! And if any of you lovely companies out there want to send more goodies for me to add to the bundles – please do so!

 Now that I have my ‘sickness’ under control, I’m getting back to my healthy eating. I’ve only actually gained 5lbs so far & I’m 22+2 wks pregnant… So I’m thinking that’s fairly good. My midwife is happy with that. I’ve been having to remind myself of how far I’ve come on this weightloss journey with before & after comparison pics. Doing that always boosts my body confidence. It’s so hard seeing your body changing shape when you’ve worked so hard to lose weight. I remind myself all of the time though, that I lost the weight for the sole purpose of being able to conceive & to be a healthy Mammy. For that, I’m so proud of myself. I’ve lost count of the times I was told by various medical professionals I’d struggle to conceive if at all because of my size. So, if I can keep my gain to a minimum… then hopefully it won’t take long to lose the extra lbs after my little Prince arrives.

I’d like to do another shout out to every single one of you… THANK YOU so much for reading this blog. Here’s how many of you are reading & where you’re all from! I had no idea I was reaching so many countries. I got so giddy earlier when I read my stats properly to see which countries you’re all from. It’s so lovely to know that so many of you are reading & joining me on my little sparkly ride through life. While you’re all reading… I shall continue writing. That’s why I feel so bad for neglecting this blog while I’ve been unwell. But I’m gonna make that extra special sparkly effort to post regularly, coz you’re all visiting my blog & there’s been no new updates for you all.

Well, I’m gonna leave this post there as it’s most definitely time for some tea. So, once again – thank you for reading! Eeeeeck… It’s almost Christmas!!! And… It’s almost time for I’m a Celebrity Get me Ouuta Here! What can I say… I’m addicted to reality TV! Lol.

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx