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Planning the Perfect Play Date

30 Nov

Hi folks,

Life is so hectic & fast paced these days… especially when you’re a parent. Planning your life around classes, play groups, work, housework, socialising etc… yikes… how do you fit it all in!?

I like to arrange regular playdates for Seth with all of his little best friends. Plus, it gives me some much needed time to have a catch up & have a cuppa with my fellow Mummy’s. The easiest way for us to arrange our playdates is with the use of Doodle. Doodle is so user friendly! Also, when scheduling an event – your invitees don’t even need to have the app as you can invite them via Text Message, Email, Whatsapp & Facebook Messenger. I usually opt for Facebook Messenger as we’re all on that social media platform.

Getting started is super easy… the app is free to download & very user friendly.

When creating the event you have free reign to choose time, date, location etc… the great thing about this scheduling app is that you can send your invitees multiple dates. That’s the main thing that I love about this app. When planning an event – you always need a few options. Like I said earlier… Life is super busy these days.

Once you have created your event/time poll you will be able to invite people. You do this by clicking the icon in the top right corner that looks like a little person.

You can also add messages & start discussions with one another via the speech bubble icon also in the top right corner. It just keeps all correspondence in the one area & it also means that no one is left out of the conversation.

Each time someone responds & participates in your time poll/invitation you will receive an alert via the app & an email notification.

Once everyone has responded – you should have a clear idea which date is most suitable.

Every busy parent needs this app. Myself & my husband have been using this app for arranging Christmas nights out too – it just cuts out all of the needless text messages. It’s quick, easy & precise! Like your very own personal assistant that lives inside your smart phone!

Happy Scheduling!

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx

Oooooo… That Friday feeling ✨

24 Jul

Hi Everyone,

Well it’s been quite a busy week. I’m so glad that it’s Friday & that the weekend has finally landed. I really need to get back to blogging daily, as when I leave it for a few days I have to do an epic recap of my week lol. 

Well this week marked the start of the new restructure at work. It actually wasn’t as bad as I was expecting. In fact… Dare I say that I actually quite liked it!? It was good to see the LTS department whom we are now sharing an office space with. It was also good to see the technicians from our IT department – who we are also sharing an office space with. I’m a socialable person, so it’s nice working with a big team. This coming week though, I shall be back at my beloved University Site ❤️ It’s always going to be my favourite place to work as it holds such good memories for me & the team I’ve worked with there for so long have made the place feel so safe & like home. The HM family vibe is still gonna carry on ✨ I don’t care what anyone says… They’re not my work colleagues – they’re my friends. Just like one big family we all stick together & support each other. 

So… Here’s a rundown of my make up, breakfast, lunch & dinner choices over this week lol:  


Today I’m having a well earned day off… So I get to enjoy a little extended weekend. I so needed a break since it was such a hectic weekend last week. All I’ve done today is snuggle with the Chihuahua. Oh & wash & straighten my hair which in itself is an epic task! My hair is so long, thick & curly! Oh & then… At lunch time Joe & Matt from work popped in for lunch & brought me a warm pork sandwich from the Deli in the Village – how nice is that!?  And for those of you who haven’t been to The Pantry in Sprotbrough Village – you are truly missing out! They stock some amazing Ales, Coffee, Cheeses, Bread… Etc… It’s just lovely. I’m so lucky to have it as my corner shop.

 Matt & Joe are good lads… Even if they do mock my taste in handbags & insist that kit kats aren’t biscuits lol. 

Later on this evening Rachey Roo & Michael are popping over for a catch up, giggles & drinkies ❤️ Me & Rachel always have such a giggle.

Tomorrow apparently it’s not gotta rain… So… It’s gonna be BBQ day! We’ve been promising Matt a BBQ in Thorne Gardens (yep… That’s my garden lol) for ages. So tomorrow is it. We have burgers… Kebabs… & like a million sausages in all different flavours. I’m also gonna make Matt drink his dandelion & burdock out of one of our girlie pink cocktail jars lol. They totally make drinks taste better!  

 I’m guessing we’ll also need the Chiminea on too… We wouldn’t want to get chilly would we?  

I’ve been really trying to eat well this week after the Wedding last weekend. I actually do feel so much better for it too. I’ve been drinking a lot of water too. It sometimes feel good to have a little detox. I’m gonna keep it up now I think… I’ve had far too many treats & indulgences lately. It’s time to knuckle down to a healthier me… Again. Plus… I have my vacation coming up in Novemener… Then a Wedding in December… Then another vacation in January… Then a Hen Party in July & then… I’m bridemaid again in August 2016! I’m so super excited ✨

Well, that’s all for now folks ✨💕

I hope you’re all having a fabulous Friday & as always… Thanks for reading ❤️

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx

“Let’s go invent tomorrow instead of worrying about what happened yesterday .” Steve Jobs 

31 May

Evening All ☺️

So today has been a super lazy Sunday & it’s been lush so far! This morning started with a bubble bath & coffee… Lots of coffee  

   I love our little pink automatic filter coffee pot! Best £15 ever spent! We use this so much more than our Nescafé Dolce Gusto. I just find some of the pods so sickly in the Dolce Gusto. Whereas this is just lovely filter coffee. We had Douwe Egberts Americano Breakfast this morning. So yum. 

After a good soak in the tub, I made a yummy breakfast. We tend to snaffle a full ‘healthy’ English brekkie of a Sunday 


 Only 66 calories per skinny sausage, grilled unsmoked back bacon, baked beans, 1 dry fried egg & 1 slice of toast. Utterly delicious! I don’t fry anything or use oils or fats. 

After breakfast I got on with a little of my Social Media work. Obviously I needed a 7up Free over ice… Such thirsty work lol. Not as nice as a glass of Sparkles though  😞

After a spot of work I cracked on with this months menu  

It may seem a little excessive planning meals for a whole month… But I find that it helps me to stay on track when I’m fully organised. I find that it’s also cheaper to buy food for the month rather than daily. I like to organise & arrange everything in my walk in Pantry so it’s easily accessible. Like… I split all of my mince & meats into 250g portions. So I can throw it straight in the slow cooker etc…  

        We bought a chest freezer as well as our Fridge Freezer – purely for freezing homemade pre-made meals & so I could buy in bulk. It’s such a Godsend. 

After all of that… I had a sneaky glass of Vino ☺️ 

 I’ve been a busy bee really… I only say I’ve had a lazy day as I’ve not put any make up on at all today, nor gotten dressed or done my hair! Eeeeeck!  

I’m in the process of making some Easiyo yogurt too  

 It’s currently brewing in the cupboard under the stairs as its so warm in there & you really need a good warm space for making yogurt as it won’t set properly & will split if it’s too cold… Which wouldn’t be very nice let’s face it. I’m making some Greek style Rhubarb… Mmmmmm yum! Can’t wait! 

So, something cute happened today… My hubster has bought me my own domain name & has started building my website for me. I am now the proud owner of: www.hayleythorne.co.uk For now that web address will just take you straight to this blog. But once my website is up & running it’ll have all of my contact details & all of the social media services I provide along with Skype teaching sessions & perhaps stuff to do with my weightloss & make up stuff. I’ve been asked a lot lately to maybe do YouTube make up tutorials so that is also a possibility. For now though, I’m just focussing on the Social Media stuff… But who knows. I may branch out. It feels really good to be doing some work on my own… I really feel like I’m starting to achieve things. 

After all of that – we clearly needed some food. So I rustled up a yummy dinner of: Roast Ham Joint, Cauliflower Cheese Bake made with low fat cheddar & semi skimmed milk & then various veggies including roasted sweet potatoes  

   I’ve got loads of the ham left, so I shall be making a homemade fat free carbonara pasta sauce with it on Tuesday… So stay tuned for that. 

So far this evening we’ve chilled on the sofa as a little family catching up with ‘Botched’ on the E Channel & Geordie Shore! Love me some trashy TV! So does Coco…  

So… There you have it! That’s pretty much been my Sunday so far! I think it’ll be cups of tea & a movie now! I may even manage to snaffle a Cornetto in a bit… Ooooops! Maybe though… Only maybe lol. As I should really be going fat free in everything that I consume this week coz I have a girlie Wine Bar day coming up this Saturday with this lovely girlie…  

 It’s gonna be a Hayley & Niamh drinking sparkles day! I think Chrissie shall be joining us too  

 As well as Christine too… Christine is my partner in crime at work lol. So… It’s gonna be a cracking day with lots of giggles & silliness so I imagine! I’m such a girlie girl & just love girl time. 

Well, I hope you’re all enjoying a fantastical Sunday! Have a good one folks & folkettes ❤️

Muchos Loves & Huggles,

Hayley xxx