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Melting Creations

14 May

Hi folks,

A few weeks ago I was sent some lovely eco friendly handmade soy wax melts to try. I do love a yummy fragrance engulfing my home.

These melts are handmade by a single, stay at home Mammy. The packaging isn’t fancy – to keep costs low. But, the product itself is so lovely that it doesn’t need to be wrapped up in a fancy box.

The scents I received:

Black Cherry



Cinnamon Apple

Candy Hearts

Angel Cake


The first scent I decided to try was Black Cherry. I popped two of the little melts in to my warmer. I decided to use two, simply as I like a stronger scent. The aroma was lovely. It almost had a ‘fizzy’ candy kind of smell. I’ve used these melts in my sitting room, but also in my kitchen to get rid of cooking smells. Honestly, these melts literally fill my whole house. Even with the door closed downstairs… I could smell it up in the bedrooms. None of the scents were too heavy either.

All of the other scents were just as lovely. If you’re looking for that fresh clean scent… then Dove is the one for you. Candy Hearts is just like a fizzy refresher sweet. Parmaviolet literally does just make you think of childhood sweets. Angel cake has that lovely home-baked fragrance. Mango is lovely & fruity for the Summer. Then last but not least – cinnamon apple made me think of cozy nights in & Christmas.

Now, we all know & have tried the big brand names when it comes to wax melts & candles. Yes… they are beautiful… but they can be rather pricey too. These little melts & bars are so easy on the purse strings. You could also buy a few packs & split into little parcels for Wedding Favours or Baby Shower Gifts. Or, with the end of term fast approaching – these little melts would make a lovely gift for your favourite teacher. A lot more diet friendly than a box of chocolates!

The wax bars are fantastic value for money as you can break them into 8 pieces. So essentially thats 8 melts for the price of 1 really. As they’re so affordable, you could also become really creative. You could buy a few bars & break them up & make some fragrance cocktails. Add a piece of this & a piece of that to create your own home fragrance! I mean… why not.

I love that this is a little family business & that Stacey get’s her kids involved too, with helping Mammy to add the stickers to the packets etc… Being a Mammy myself, I know just how much kids love to get involved. I mean, Seth is involved in so much of my work… & he loves it!

So, all in all… amazing little melts that are so affordable.  Also, with them being soy wax… they’re a lot more ‘safe’… Cleaner burning – no toxins, carcinogens or pollutants which means it’s less likely to trigger allergies. No petrol-carbon soot like you can get from petroleum-based paraffin candles. It’s also longer lasting  as soy wax burns cooler. Therefore you can enjoy soy wax melts for generally 30-50% longer than a paraffin based melt.

You can find Melting Creations on Facebook here & you can find them on Etsy here.

Coming soon… I shall be posting my London adventures very soon. The Mothercare A/W 2017 Press Show was utterly fantastic! I have some gorgeous pics of the new collections along with a summary of Clemmie Hoopers Q&A.

Thanks so much for reading folks!

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx

Reuben Bailey 

20 May

Hi folks ✨

A few weeks back I received a lovely package from the gorgeous folks at The Reuben Bailey Candle Company. I received 2 types… Lemongrass & Ginger in a Woodwick & Coconut Island in a regular wick. The candles were beautifully packaged in lovely cardboard presentation boxes, making these candles perfect for gifts ✨

The simplicity of the design gives these candles a lovely luxury/classic feel. They fit well with your home decor. I decided to light the Coconut during the day & the Lemongrass on a night. Purely based on the White & Black case. 

The candles burnt evenly which was great. No one likes wasting a candle to tunnelling. I lit Coconut Island on a horrible wet & dark day… My home smelt like I was somewhere exotic. It was absolutely stunning ☀️

I had friends over for drinks & snacks on my birthday & I lit the lemongrass candle… Everyone commented on how nice the fragrance was ✨ Such an elegant fragrance & not too overpowering.

I’ve noticed sometimes with a scented candle, you can get some black smoke. I actually smoke damaged my lounge wall a few year back with a Sparkling Lemon Yankee Candle! Oooops! Well I’m pleased to say that these candles did not create any black smoke. 

You can find Reuben Bailey on Facebook & Instagram. Give them a like & follow to keep up to date with new fragrances & special offers. 

If you like a fine fragrance & an elegant looking candle – give Reuben Bailey a try. You will not be disappointed! 

You can find their website here: http://reubenbailey.co.uk 

Right now they have an amazing offer on! 20% off until May 22nd using coupon code: springsale20 But hurry up… You only have until Sunday! 

Thanks for reading! 

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx

Cleaves Candles

28 Jan

Hi folks ✨

For the last few weeks I’ve been trying out some wax melts from Cleaves Candles. Cleaves Candles pride themselves on making environmentally friendly wax melts. The soy wax is made 100% from soya beans & then mixed with botanical oils to create their beautiful scents. This makes the melts a much healthier alternative to other mass produced wax melts.

I was sent 4 stunning scents to try:

  • Angels Whisper
  • Lavender
  • Baby Powder
  • Baby Bedtime Bath 


    The first scent I tried was Angels Whisper. For a pack of 4 melts you will pay £2. How amazing are the prices!? I used the same wax melt around 7 times before the scent started to fade. The longevity of the fragrance is fantastic. This fragrance is a very subtle one. It’s fresh with a hint of flowers. If you don’t like a strong fragrance then you’ll love this one. I had this one melting in my dinning room. We had friends over for a meal & they commented on the nice smell… they didn’t even realise it was a wax melt. It’s such a subtle scent it just kind of blends into it’s surroundings. These melts made think of Weddings for some reason. With being white in colour they would make fantastic Wedding favours. 

     Next I tried Lavender. For a Clamshell of 6 melts you will pay £4. Now, lavender is one of my most favourite scents anyway & this melt certainly did not disappoint. This was my ultimate favourite out of the scents I tried. I melted this one in the kitchen. My kitchen still smells beautiful now, even when the wax isn’t melted. This one really is a stunning scent… It makes you feel like you’re out on a lovely sunny day. It’s the pick me up you need on a dull dreary day. 

     The Teddy Bear melts are super cute!!! They’d be ideal for baby shower gifts or gifts for someone whose just had a baby. Both Baby Powder & Bedtime bath were lovely. Bedtime Bath was my favourite purely because of the hints of lavender. I melted both of these scents upstairs. Baby Powder is a lovely powdery scent… Not overpowering at all. Again, Bedtime Bath is not overpowering either. Both scents are very soothing. They’re great for having in the bedroom or the bathroom when you’re unwinding & relaxing. Just like the other scents, even before they are melted you can smell them & the scent seems to linger with a lovely aroma. I’ve actually got one of the baby powder beats on the windowsill at the top of my stairs… We throne I walk buy I get the loveliest smell. You could easily keep one of them in a drawers or a cupboard to circulate a lovely fragrance. 

    You will pay around £2.80 for postage & can order via Cleaves Candles Facebook Page, Instagram & Etsy Page. Please note that there may be a higher charge when ordering via Etsy. Check out their social media as they are updated regularly with new fragrances & offers. You can even buy yourself a new wax burner. With such amazing prices you cannot go wrong. They come in lovely packaging so would make the perfect gift 🎁

    Overall, Cleaves Candles Wax Melts are stunning & just as good as the leading more expensive brands. You also have the comfort of knowing that they’re environmentally friendly & healthier. Give their Facebook Page a like to stay to update with news & for orders.

    Thanks again for reading 💕

    Love & Huggles,

    Hayley xxx