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New Year… New Me? Nope!

1 Jan

Happy New Year Folks ✨

I don’t go in for all this “New Year – New Me” twoddle… I happen to like ‘me’. I always think if you’re starting a new year with massive expectations of yourself then you’re setting yourself up to fail. You can improve any aspect of your life at any moment in time. If there’s something you want to promise to yourself – then make it something personal & soul felt to you… like… embracing who are you. We all need little tweaks now & then or sometimes even major MOTs in the shape of a healthier lifestyle or a rain check on how we treat people. But don’t go thinking you have to make a 100% change of you are. I spent far too many years doubting myself & allowing others to put me down. I always thought I needed to change… but you know what? I removed myself from those toxic few & happiness followed ✨

One of the worst & best things that ever happened to me was having my right leg rebuilt. It was the worst in the sense that I had to endure 3 horrid surgeries with literally years of grueling physio. But worse than that… Still to this day I have to face people saying to me “well… you only broke your leg… get over it”. It’s the best thing that’s happened to me, for many reasons:

  • It’s made me very aware & sympathetic to hidden illnesses & disabilities that people go through & battle everyday. You look at me & you don’t see 24hr pain, 7 days a week. I mean physical pain in the form of nerve damage, arthritis & 3 collapsed discs in my spine. I’m not looking sympathy as it’s made me stronger. It’s also made me aware that people may need help & support… sometimes you need to ask the right questions… but when you do you could change someones life with a kind word or support ❤️
  • Being stuck indoors for almost 3 years collectively took me to the lowest point I’d ever been too… It really gave me time to reflect & analyse ‘me’. I started to see things that I’d never seen before. For all I was unhappy with my current physical situation of practically living in hospitals, I was actually more unhappy with the person I’d allowed myself to become. I was overweight… I was unhealthy & worst of all… I didn’t like myself. Not liking myself had allowed others to keep me down. If you have a low opinion of yourself & then others tell you you’re ‘rubbish’… well you just believe it. I had the misfortune of working with one or two people who found it acceptable to put others down in order to make themselves ‘better’. I mean… how ugly is that!? Well… I made a vow in Sheffield Northern Generals orthopedic waiting room that no one would ever put me down again. I also vowwed that I’d get healthy – not go on a mad restrictive diet… just, to get healthy with no unrealistic expectations of myself. I also promised to start ‘liking me’.  
  • Then came the ‘Glad Game’… rather than aspiring to be someone I wasn’t or looking at what others had – I made a list of every single good thing in my life… everything I was ‘Glad’ of. You know what… My Glad List was pretty long!
  • But… the most poignant moment in my life to date that came from my leg surgeries… meeting a Man who was going through the exact same thing as me – battling infection & bone misalignment. I was lucky… I managed to get through the pain & surgeries with 2 legs. Unfortunately he didn’t. His right leg was removed. I was devastated for him. It dawned on me that whatever I was battling… Someone had it worse. That was the day that my complaining ended… & my sparkle started.                    

Everyone has a battle in their life… no matter how small… it’s all relative to them. Just take a moment to appreciate you & what you have…. and if you’re not 100% happy with that, start making a few small changes. Those small changes begin to become BIG changes. It’s taken me from 2011 to get to this point that I’m currently at. I’m most definitely not perfect & I can always benefit from a few tweaks… But I’m so happy. This is perfect to me & that’s all matters.

Improvements can’t come from other people & on the same note – don’t change for other people… Do it for you. If you feel as though you haven’t got anyone to talk too… then you can always drop me a message via this blog. I’m no expert… But I’m human & I have a heart.l ❤️

As in my previous post, my resolutions this year aren’t about ‘change’… they’re about improving & maintaining. If I could, then I’d wave a magic wand to give everyone happiness… but sadly I can’t. But, I can always help you find your magic dust to sprinkle on yourself.l ✨

Last night before I fell asleep I watched that Shia LeBoeuf “do it” video, it’s hands down one of the funniest things I’ve seen… but… it does inspire me too. If you listen to the words he’s actually talking common sense… pair that with his actions & his tone then you’ll fall about laughing. But honestly… that video don’t half lift me. A motivational speech shouldn’t be serious & stern… it should be utterly hilarious like this one that makes you realise that you shouldn’t take things too seriously. Seriously… if you’ve not seen it – then click the link above. Save the link in your favourites for when you’re down… I can guarantee that it’ll give you a boost… & a good laugh

 #LifeGoals – my new favourite hashtag. Goals are imperative to my success. I need a goal to work toward. It’s what keeps me focused. My goal for the last 3 & a bit years has been to have a baby. But I needed to lose weight & become healthy. So I did. Now my goal is to maintain my healthy lifestyle whilst being the best Mammy I can be 💙

I didn’t actually mean for this post to be a total ‘ New Year – New Me’ rant… But I began typing & this is what came out. I hope it speaks to you & maybe gives you some kind of warmth or hope that things are changeable… if you want them to be ❤️

So… Happy New Year & thank you for reading,

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx

Bezzies – Shopping – Champagne – Silliness – Funtimes ❤️ 

14 Jun

Hi Guys & Girlies, 

I’m sorry for my lack of blog post yesterday. We’ve had bestfriends staying with us all weekend so I just didn’t get round to writing a one yesterday. 

So… Here’s how my Saturday went… 

We were up fairly early as Isaac needed to catch up with some Baby TV haha. He just loves that channel so much bless him ❤️

It was such a horrid rainy day yesterday so I decided to go with fairly neutral make up & comfy clothing… Oh & obviously I needed a can of Coke Zero to make me sparkle ✨


Rachael & Kirsty just love to bargain shop… Just like me!!! So, we decided that we needed a shopping trip to our new local Home Bargains store. There’s a huge store just opened on York Road. They literally sell everything!  

I found an amazing acrylic organiser for £4.99 to go alongside my acrylic cube make up storage. It’s stunning & a fantastic size. 

I’ve not tried this iced tea yet… But I just loved the bottles. They were an utter bargain at 80p each. When I’ve tried them I’ll let you know what they’re like.

I’ve literally wanted a Brabantia wok for ages!!! But they’re so super expensive… Good job I picked up this beauty for £20! (The hubster wanted to get in on the blogging action lol) 

We’re just so excited to finally have a garden. So, we purchased this for the discounted price of £29.99. Next on the list is a BBQ & a patio set. 


We literally found so many bargains! We also got some compost, more plant pots & a sweeping brush for outside. 

We also popped into Pets at Home to get some shampoo for Princess Coco Chanel  


After our epic shopping trip, we needed some lunch  

           We decided on The Pastures for lunch. I had a large glass of Red Wine & a Pulled Pork Ciabatta Sandwich. It was so yummy scrummy… But really naughty. The Pastures is always fantastic. The food there is always nice & the service is really good. Isaac loved the soft play area too ☺️ 

After lunch it was back home to unpack the shopping. Of course we needed a cup of tea & a piece of some yummy brioche… It was so utterly delicious.

   We relaxed at home while Isaac watched some more Baby TV ☺️ 

Then… We took Kirsty, Rachael & Isaac on a little Walkie around our village. I’m so happy that they love our home ❤️ We showed them our fave watering hole: Otto Wine Bar.  

                 Such a lovely little place ✨ I’d totally recommend everyone to go visit the wine bar. 

After a lovely trip to Otto, it was a slow walk home to sit down & relax with good company.  

    I have to confess to more naughty food… We all shared some Dominoes pizza for supper. I’m such a pizza snob these days… It has to be Dominoes. I just don’t like any other take out pizza.  

After some pizza & sparkles… We all got a little giddy & started to watch silly videos on YouTube… Then we decided to re-make our fave YouTube video lol. 

The link below will take you to a video that made us laugh until we cried: 


Below is the video we made haha ☺️ I can’t stop laughing at it. But you really need to watch the original video via the link before watching our videos.  I’ve literally had the BEST weekend! 
Today has been a really lazy one & Kirsty & Rachael have already gone home 😞 

Graham managed to sneak a few snuggles off Isaac before they left ❤️ 

I’ve eaten so badly this weekend. I’m making a promise to start over on my healthy eating tomorrow. For lunch today I made Salad, Beetroot, Vegetarian Quiche, Ham, Cheese, Deli Coleslaw & Homemade Potato Wedges.  

     Ocado/Waitrose literally have the best food! 

I’ve had so much fun sorting all of my make up into my new make up storage  

   So there you have it folks… That was my Saturday ✨☺️ 

I hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend & that the weather is nicer where you are! 

Thanks for reading,

Love & Huggles, 

Hayley xxx

The Filter Coffee Movement 

12 Jun

Hi everyone! 

Oh I’m so glad it’s finally Friday & that the weekend has eventually landed! 

This morning started with my regular Yorkshire brew & putting my face on.  


I wasn’t very adventurous & just went with a Naked Palette 3.  


Sometimes I just love a neutral eye colour. 

Breakfast this morning was lovely scrambled egg & red onion & Rosemary Linda McCartney sausages… So yummy 

Lunch was simple – leftover Moroccan pork stew  

 It was a fairly usual day at work today… It started with coffee ☺️  

   Every time I go into our kitchen at work I just giggle to myself when I see this poster on how to make a cuppa coffee lol. 

Today I got some lovely messages… The first one was a tweet from Ocado  

 Then I got this lovely message…  

 I just can’t believe so many of you are reading this blog! So thank you very much. 

I left work a little early today to make sure everything was sparkly & beautiful for my bezzies to arrive.  

 This was my candle of choice for today… It smells so yummy!  

To celebrate the arrival of my bezzie I had to pour some sparkles! The is such a lovely Cava & even better since its on offer from Ocado right now 

Rachael & Kirsty brought our gorgeous godson with them. He’s such a little beauty ❤️ 


We’re on a mission this weekend to make  Coco & Issac bezzies  

  For tea I made a rather unhealthy tapas style of dinner. Rachael decided to make tapas butties haha… So fancy. I just love having them to stay ❤️

Rachel actually got me to try a Bloody Mary since I’d never really  tried a one.  

 I was mega suprided as it weren’t horiffic!!! 

Well I’m gonna leave this post here as I’m mega sleeeeeepy! Sleep sweet folks & have a fab Saturday! 

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx ✨