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MAM Milestones

16 Jan

Hi folks,

Having a baby is the most amazing & precious gift. You just want to cherish & remember every single moment. When Seth was born I vowed I’d take as many photographs as possible & that I’d actually print them out or I’d have Photobooks made… so I could look back in years to come & be transported back to that moment in time. Making memories is so important.

A fantastic way to remember & document all of those important little achievements is using milestone cards. MAM UK have brought out their own milestone cards along with products to match. We received a gorgeous set of the cards with corresponding soothers.

They’re so lovely & there’s even a little box where you can write the date.

Seth was utterly fascinated with the cards… he wanted to read them & point out the pictures on them. I wish I’d had a set for when Seth was first born. But, we are hoping that Seth will have a brother or a sister in the near future… & if we are lucky enough to have another – I’ll most definitely be using these cards for each & every milestone.

The cards themselves would make a lovely little gift for any baby shower, especially with the matching product.

Seth has always been a huge fan of MAM Soothers… they’re literally the only ones he’s ever taken too. He would only ever have MAM bottles too.

Since the very beginning… Seth’s always been a MAM UK fan. It’s so nice when you find a brand you simply adore & trust.

Thank you as always for reading.

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx

Charming Charms with Charmed Aroma

13 Dec

Hi folks,

The festive-ness is really building now here at Thorne Towers. I received the most gorgeous little package from Charmed Aroma.

Just in case you’re not familiar with Charmed Aroma… here’s a little background; Every Candle is hand poured with a high quality soy wax. Soy wax is known for giving candles a longer & cleaner burn. All of the jewellery is Sterling Silver & if you’re super lucky… you can find a stunning piece of jewellery up to the value of $5,000!!! I mean how exciting!? Shipping is also available in the UK, US, CAD, AUS, FR, GER, IT, SPAIN.

So… let’s get to the good stuff!

These candles are absolutely gorgeous! My candle is ‘Candy Cane‘. The fragrance is stunning. After only been lit for a few minutes, my lounge was filled with the most gorgeous Christmassy sweet scent. The candle itself is also really pretty, in a nice glass jar. It would make such a stunning gift. And the best part… you get a jewel inside! My candle is the ‘ring’ candle. The ring I found inside is really beautiful. As the candle burns & the wax begins to melt, a little parcel will appear. Once it’s totally free of wax – you can scoop it out with a teaspoon etc… then reveal your hidden treasure!

What a stunning treat!

I also received a Candy Cane Bath Bomb. I so enjoyed running myself a relaxing bath & then finding my treat inside.

The Sterling Silver necklace I found inside is so pretty… perfect for wearing with a festive outfit on a night out. The bath bomb smelled so nice & filled the bathroom with a gorgeous scent. The bath bomb was really mild too & left my skin feeling really soft. This would make a fab stocking filler! What an amazing treat to buy someone. You can view my reveal video on my Instagram page.

If you head on over to their website you will find a gorgeous selection of scents & the types of jewellery you can find hidden within. This is not just another scented candle… it’s a candle with a little extra charm hidden within. I love them. Literally the perfect present!

The beautiful candles & bath bombs would make stunning gifts for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Birthday’s etc…

If you head on over to their website & use coupon code: HAYLEY10 you’ll be given 10% off. But please note that this will only be valid for 1 month.

Thanks so much as always for reading!

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx

Defying the Odds

30 Nov

Hi Folks ✨

I’ve had so many emails with regard to providing reviews for companies – so keep your eyes peeled for some exciting collaborations ✨

So as I mentioned in yesterday’s post – I was slow cooking some gammon in Diet Coke. Well it was utterly stunning!  

 I roast some potatoes in FryLight & black pepper & steamed carrots, French beans & broccoli… So yummy! Mega filling too. I’d actually gotten some toffee pudding & custard for dessert… But didn’t end up making it as we were so full. 

Not long after tea we decided to go to bed to watch Dumb & Dumber To… It’s so funny! But then I am a huge Jim Carrey fan so I tend to love everything that he does. 

I didn’t sleep well last night at all due to lots of pain from the infection. But… I did drag myself into work. Although I was sick quite a bit once there… My poor colleagues lol. So around lunch time I took some flexi & came home early to snuggle up with Coco 

 She just loves to snuggle the bottom of my bump & go to sleep bless her. I’m sure she understands that I’m pregnant. She seems very protective of me ❤️ it’s just so cute. I’m just so happy right now with my little family 💙 we’re just so happy & excited for our little love lump to arrive. He’s so wanted & cherished. It’s crazy to think that I was told years ago I’d have problems with my fertility due to my weight. Then losing the weight & finding out I have several fibroids & with the infection – it’s lucky I conceived at all. My midwife says it all of the time. So he is totally a little miracle. This little bundle literally did defy the odds to get himself here. He’s always letting me know he’s there too with his little love kicks & love punches 💙 He’s just so active in there – I love it. It’s just so precious.  

Not long after I got home – the January edition of Elle Decoration arrived! I love Elle Decoration.  

 If you’re ever looking for new decor ideas – seriously check out Elle Decoration. It’s probably my fave glossy mag to read. I used to subscribe to like 5 glossies… But now I stick with Elle & Elle Decoration. Although I may treat myself after Christmas to a subscription to Vogue. Or… If any of my lovely friends or family want to gift me a subscription… Please feel free Hee Hee ✨

So I’ve relaxed all afternoon which has been amazing. I definitely feel much better than I did this morning. Hopefully I’ll sleep well tonight & feel more refreshed in the morning ready for my weekly tests. Then I’ll be heading to work straight afterwards.

Oh, this afternoon my friend Carol popped in as she’s getting married 13th December (so exciting!!!) & I’m doing her hair & make up. I don’t have any professional qualifications, but I do, do make up & hair for friends now & then. I like to think I’m pretty good at it. Carol seemed to like what I did – so that’s good. I’m so excited for her Christmas Wedding. As you all know I had a Christmas Wedding – they’re so the best 🎄 I’m kinda undecided what to wear as I’ve hated every single maternity dress I’ve tried on. I do have a lovely sparkly size 16 dress upstairs in my wardrobe that I’m tempted to wear. It’ll save me at least £100… Plus I already I have boots & a clutch bag to match. All I’ll need is something for my hair & maybe some new sparkly jewels. Eeeeeeck this weekend is her hen party too! It’s next Sunday… But I can’t say anything about it just now as its all top secret… But do expect a post about it next week ✨

Oooooooooh just want me to pop a little bit on here on about my new Yankee Candle – Christmas Garland. It’s so nice! It smells utterly gorgeous… I highly recommend it  

 Tonight’s tea is so yummy!!! It’s pasta with a homemade low fat carbonara sauce. Graham used leftover gammon from yesterday & some low fat Philadelphia. He  added peppers, onion & garlic. It’s just so nice. Way nicer than a shop bought pre-made sauce. It’s really quick & easy too.  The hubster made it for us bless him coz I’ve still got a bad headache.

 Well, I’m gonna leave this post here as we have an Ocado delivery coming for 10pm. As you know, my parents are coming down for the weekend so I have a few things on there for our North Pole Breakfast 🎁

Enjoy the rest of your evening! ✨

Thanks as always for reading,


Hayley xxx

Reviews… Business… and the North Pole Breakfast

27 Nov

Hi Folks,

Right… just wanna get some ‘businessy’ type stuff out of the way: Thanks for the response to yesterday’s blog post. My private email address that you can contact me on is: freeman.hayley@gmail.com I will review products from beauty to housey items to food items to… anything really. The free vouchers to restaurants etc… are always a nice little surprise. You’ll also find me via Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest & Instagram @IxxyPoco I’m also in the process of having a website developed… so keep those gorgeous peepers peeled!

Woo hoo… can you believe it’s Fri’Yay!? I literally can’t believe I’ve managed a full week at work too!!! I’ve written so many procedure manuals this week it’s unreal… my eyes are gonna be square from looking at a computer screen. The hubster had to pretty much walk me to the office door this morning as I was struggling with the infection pain… but I did it… I made it… & I did it with sparkles & a leopard print cardigan lol… Oh & a massive Choccocino from Campus Coffee! Yesterday I received my official letter confirming that my maternity leave request had been accepted. So… as of December 11th I shall be on leave until February 2017. I just can’t believe it… It’s happening… I’m finally gonna be a Mammy after years of waiting. 

 Obviously with being pregnant I can’t have my usual weekend sparkles… so I’ve become a bit creative with my non-alcoholic sparkles & drinkies. Relish in Doncaster will literally make you any scrummy cocktail you’d like – but minus the alcohol content. Their Strawb Sensation is to die for. I’ve also developed a new love for Belvoir Pink Lemonade. And Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without copious mugs of Mulled Wine… well… Fellow Prego mammies to Be  you need to buy some Ribena Winter Spice! Its beautiful! Just like Mulled Wine… but without the wine lol. The Tee Total thing really doesn’t phase me if I’m honest. While I was having my right leg rebuilt I didn’t drink alcohol for over 2 years. Abstaining from the stuff is an easy thing to do for me. Even when everyone else around you is enjoying a festive tipple. I’m happy with my pink lemo in a champagne flute. For me… it’s all about the presentation… if it looks good… then I’m sure I’ll like it. I’m very aesthetically minded. 

 It struck me last night after I posted yesterdays blog post – that I haven’t given you guys an update on my skanky nails for a while! Well… they’re so much better. For new readers – here’s a brief update: Back in May I went to a cheapo nail place to have some acrylics done for my birthday. I went cheap & where they use those little electric files & wear face masks – you know the places I’m talking about. Well within 4 weeks of having them on… my thumb nails lifted away from my nail bed & I contracted a water infection in each & every nail plate. The result was nails covered in brown & khaki green spots. They were paper thin & extremely sore. I couldn’t bare to have my hands in water even! Typing was a nightmare too!  Well… 6 month on & they’re almost healed. All my finger nails are back to normal. But both thumb nails aren’t quite there yet. I’ve been using a good cuticle oil daily & a Sally Hansen nail strengthener to try & repair the damage. So… the moral of the story: Always go to a good nail salon like Perfect Harmony in Sprotbrough Village, Doncaster. 

 **please note that the above polish is Holly Place by Nails Inc. 

With Christmas fast approaching – I’ve gotten myself super organised! I’ve already posted my Christmas cards & everyone’s Gifts are all wrapped. I’ve even got all my grocery shopping ordered & ready for delivery around Christmas week. Seriously… What would we do without Morrison’s & Ocado!? They’ve both got amazing deals on to be had & their customer service is top notch. Their Twitter support is incredible too… I can speak from first hand experience. Nothing is ever a bother.

With today being ‘Black Friday’… I just wanted to mention Gemma again. Gemma is a fab Younique make up rep & she has some good deals right now. https://www.youniqueproducts.com/gemmadover Not only does she have her online shopping link, but she has a Facebook Page too where she holds competitions & special bargains. Give her page a like: https://www.facebook.com/Younique-by-Gemma-415392888667186/?fref=ts Liking her page costs nothing… she won’t push sales on to you… but it’s a chance for you to keep an eye out for some amazing bargains. And I mean – who doesn’t love a competition!? You’ve gotta be in it to win it!

So… Who’s heard of The Noth Pole Breakfast? If I’m honest – I hadn’t heard of it until someone told me about it on Facebook then I did some research via Pinterest. It’s a cute little idea of having a Christmas themed Breakfast on December 1st. The idea is that Elves magically deliver it before you wake up – too cute! Well this year I wanted a practice run before our bambino arrives. So this year is a dress rehearsal if you like. I’m having our North Pole Breakfast Saturday December 5th when my Parents are down visiting. I have Christmas Crockery… Christmassy Glassware & some Christmas themed foods lol… I can’t wait! I just love to ‘faff’ lol. I bought the cutest Christmas Glass bottles & straws from Home bargains for 50p each. I don’t think some of you down south of England have a Home Bargains? If not – then you can shop online. I also bought some amazing Christmassy Crockery from B&M. Unfortunately though I couldn’t get any side plates… so I’m still on the look out for those! 

 I’ve really been into pregnancy ‘freebies’ at the moment. Honestly… if it’s free then get it I say! I’ve heard lots of people slagging off the Bounty Packs, Emma’s Diary Packs etc… but seriously guys… they’re free! What do you want!? I’ve literally signed up to everything. I’ve had free pregnancy nutrition items from Boots, free Pampers packs, Free Hipp Organic feeding spoons, Free Johnson’s products… honestly loads of things. Starting your nursery is pretty pricey – so surely all of the free things you can apply for are just a little bonus. I mean the travel sized toiletries are great for taking your little one on vacation. Here’s a few links to get you started if you’re interested:

http://www.emmasdiary.co.uk/baby-offers/free-baby-samples this is the Emma’s Diary one. It’s pretty good & you get lots of vouchers for money off things sent to you
http://m.boots.com/h5/cat_hub?unCountry=uk&path=/en/Mother-Baby/Parenting-Club/ This is the Boots parenting club to pair with your advantage card… you’ll get 10 points per every £1 that you spend
http://www.hipp.co.uk/join This one is really good. You get free baby spoons every now through letterbox & you get lots of money off coupons for food & things
http://www.bounty.com/about-bounty/bounty-packs?gclid=CPiLqorlockCFYvnwgod3V8AkQ these are 3 packs from bounty you can get: Mum to Be, Newborn Baby & Family Pack. All of them are worth getting coz you get lots of sample sized things that are perfect for your changing bag.

I’m so looking forward to tomorrow… we’ve got a lovely lazy morning planned with breakfast in bed. Then we’ll probably do some boring ‘housey upkeep’ type of things… but at 4pm we’ll be heading to our Village Wine Bar to watch out Village Christmas Tree being lit up! Afterwards we’ll be heading to the Boat Inn on Sprotbrough Falls for some tea by the open fire. Oh I just can;t wait. I’m feeling more & more Christmassy each day… if that’s even at all possible! I can’t recommend the food enough at The Boat Inn, plus the overall setting of the place itself is beautiful. Sprotbrough is most definitely a gorgeous Village to live in.
Ooooooh and… we’ve had word from the carpet place & our new carpets will be fitted for Christmas!!! Yey! They shall be fitted December 8th! Our literally hate our current carpets with a passion. They’re the ones that were already down when we first moved in back in March… They’re tired, worn & a bit ugly if I’m honest lol. So, some fresh new ones will really lift the place.

Right well… I’m gonna leave this post there as we’re expecting a grocery deliver any minute… so I’d best get organised & try & make some room in the pantry for it all lol. Thanks again for reading!

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx