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Valentine’s Day Pretties

9 Feb

Hi folks

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner – I received some gorgeous products from Crabtree & Evelyn. You all know that I just love love love Crabtree & Evelyn products.

If you want to impress that special someone – you need to get yourself to your nearest store or get buying online… their gorgeous pretties are sure to impress!

So… what did I receive?

And what did I think…?

Pear & Pink Magnolia Body Soufflé

This is utterly divine!!! Scented body lotions can make me quite nervous as I have sensitive skin on my arms & legs. This is so delicate. It’s stunning. The texture is so super lightweight. If you’re after a beautiful hydrating body lotion that isn’t too heavy or ‘cloggy’… then this is for you! The scent is lovely & soft with a hint fruity freshness. Love love love this lotion. It comes packaged in a lovely box too, which gives it that luxury feel. It’s a fairly big tub, so it should last a good while. Definitely worth every single penny.

Citron & Coriander Body Wash 

Perfect for morning showers as the beautiful zestiness gives you that wide awake feeling. It’s so fresh & zingy… this makes me think of long summery days. This body wash leaves you fruity fresh & soft… it’s definitely not drying like some body washes can be. The whole of this range is stunning – so you could absolutely put a little ‘Zingy Hamper’ together for that special someone. There’s even some jars of Lemon Curd & Beautiful BiscuitsImagine the fabulous gift you could throw together!

Citron & Coriander Soap

Oh I just love a good old traditional bar of soap – I really do. This soap has left my bathroom smelling super fresh. You’d think I had a reed diffuser in there. This is a lovely gentle soap that won’t irritate those hardworking hands. It’ll leave your hands soft & feeling invigorated.

Use Instagram? If you do then why not enter the Crabtree & Evelyn #LoveGoalscompetition. Simply post an image or story of what you love most using hashtags #LoveGoals & #CrabTreeUK to be in with the chance of winning a FREE GIFT! Also, don’t forget that they offer International Delivery… I know a few of my American readers have been asking 🙂

And… don’t forget that Mother’s Day is just around the corner too, as is Easter! Chocolate is so last season… so why don’t you pop along to Crabtree & Evelyn to buy something that’s less calorific & will last longer!

Thanks so much as always for reading 🙂

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx

Frantic and Frazzled but Feeling Fantastic

2 Feb

Hi folks,

February has arrived so we can firmly put January behind us. January always seems to be a very busy month. Recovering after Christmas… late nights over the festive period, parties, over spending… yikes… the list goes on. So, we all begin January with our ‘New Year New Me’ mantra… rid our homes of the festivities & bring in a little bit of calm. But, it never seems to happen that way. Our work load seems to be more hectic than ever after having time off over the holiday period. We have stacks of housework too that seems to have been put aside while celebrating. The school run re-emerges & we’re simply back on that hamster wheel of life.

What we need is that element of calm & relaxation as we enter our safe haven we call home. You all know that I’m a Crabtree & Evelyn super fan! I’ve been trying out 2 products over the last few weeks that I’m simply in love with.

Lets start with the linen mist. This is simply stunning & I can already tell that this will be something I’m going to have to buy on a regular basis. Lavender is one of my favourite scents anyway, but partnered with the hint of freshly pressed coffee – its simply stunning. I have been spritzing this on our bed each morning after making it & I’ve also been spritzing it in our guest room. Our guest room only gets used when we have family or friends staying with us which isn’t all of the time. So this has really kept the room feeling fresh. I sometimes think that unused rooms can become a little stagnant. In Seth’s bedroom he has a beautiful little corner sofa in his reading area, so I’ve been spritzing that every few days too. We have a spare room that is simply unused right now… that’s what I’m hoping will soon become a nursery in the near future. I’ve been lightly spritzed the carpet in there with this beautiful scent just to keep that fresh feeling. I really do love it. I’ve kept this as purely an ‘upstairs’ fragrance with it being predominately a lavender scent.

I love the Citron & Coriander Body Wash from the Energising range… It’s gorgeous. It’s perfect for those dark, cold gloomy mornings. The ‘zestiness’ of it really wakes you up. I have very sensitive skin on my arms & legs & can honestly say that this is really gentle & I’ve had no redness at all. I get a little nervous trying out new body washes & scents, just in case you get that sting or redness… or both! But nothing at all with this body wash. It lathers up lovely on a body scrunchie. I really like this one.

Valentines Day & Mother’s Day are both quite literally around the corner… so if you’re struggling for ideas… I can hand on heart recommend these products. There’s nothing worse than receiving a pointless present in my eyes. At least with lovely buys like this – they’re luxurious, practical & they won’t break the bank. In fact, if you’re not already signed up to the Crabtree & Evelyn newsletter, you could receive 10% off your next order! Simply head on over to their website to sign up!

So, the perfect way to feel fantastic & less frazzled is a perfect little treat for yourself from one of my favourite beauty brands 🙂

Thanks so much as always for reading! I hope I’ve given you some gifting inspiration 😉

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx

Share the Love with Crabtree and Evelyn

6 Feb

Hi folks,

Last week I received a lovely package from the beautiful folk at Crabtree & Evelyn HQ. They have some gorgeous treats for you right now on their website perfect for Valentines Day & Mother’s Day.

They have just launched their limited edition Rose & White Chocolate Biscuits… so ridiculously yummy! Who needs expensive roses when you can have rose biscuits!? Although, the flowers will probably last longer as you will just want to snaffle these yummies right up with them being so delicious. We all know that chocolate is the food of love…now pair it with crystallised rose petals & encase it all in utterly divine buttery, crumbly biscuit. I’m eating one right now & I can ensure you that they’re utterly scrumptious! You will also be in the mood for love when you open the tin & smell the beautifully delicate perfume aroma.

Along with my yummy scrummy biscuits I received 3 tubes of ultra moisturising hand therapy in:

  • Rose Water
  • Pear & Pink Magnolia
  • Evelyn Rose

What I love about the 25g tubes is that they’re so unbelievably handy for popping in your handbag. Being a Mammy, means you’re constantly washing your hands… this is so drying & harsh on our delicate digits. This is where this beautiful hand therapy comes in. It’s so lovely & moisturising without being too greasy. Such a gorgeous scent too! My favourite just has to be the beautiful Rose Water. The Rosewater Hand Therapy is formulated with a nourishing blend of macadamia nut oil, hydrating hyaluronic acid, conditioning myrrh, ceramides to help improve skin’s barrier function to reduce moisture loss, antioxidant- rich vitamin C and E, rejuvenating algae extract and revitalising bladderwrack extract. Perfect for overworked hands that need a little TLC. Again, any one of these, or all 3 would make fantastic gifts!

Crabtree & Evelyn always has such beautiful packaging. The pretty delicate floral designs are so lovely. I’m all about the aesthetics of a product & I can promise that these are aesthetically pleasing & give off that overall luxury feel.

Whether you’re looking for that perfect stunning gift… or simply a nice treat for yourself – these products will not disappoint! Head on over to their website now for a spot of retail therapy.

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx



Living ‘Sparkly’ the IxxyPoco Way

9 Aug

Hi folks ✨

Well… It’s no secret that I like fancy things. I love to live life sparkly & being surrounded by nice things & designer labels. I like eating nice food & drinking sparkly yumminess. But, I like all of these things at the best bargain price. 

I’m the Queen of coupons & the Princess of bargain shopping. There’s no shame in bargain hunting. The cost of living has become so high that quite often treats are forgotten. Well, life is for living & I love a treat. 

I’m such a handbag & purse pervert… I’m always scouring glossy magazines for the latest stunning arm candy. Once I have my heart set on a new bag – I’ll stop at nothing until it’s mine. Generally I’ll head to my current bags that I own & I’ll either have a cull & sell anything I’ve not used in the last 12months & put the money toward my new purchase. Or… I’ll get down to some good old saving. Even if it’s just £5 a month… I’ll save until I have the pennies to buy it. I’ve just sold 5 handbags & with the money I’ve managed to buy myself a new Kate Spade Purse & a Vivienne Westwood Tote. It’s a great way of freeing up some room as well as buying something new. And, your old bags go to a new home. It’s kind of like recycling really. I really need to start organising ‘swishing’ parties. A Swishing Party is basically where everyone brings something they no longer want, then you swap with someone else. So you could bring clothes, shoes, bags, scarves… Anything really! Such a good idea & a money saver! Plus, it’s a good excuse to get the girlies over to sip some sparkles. Talking of sparkles…

Sparkles ✨ Now, we all know I love a glass of sparkles. Whether it be a good bottle of Champagne or a cheap Cava. The whole reason I call it sparkles is so it’s very ambiguous as what’s in my glass. It’s always bubbly, it’s always dry… But is it always Champagne? Heck no! I’d love to be sipping Moet every weekend, but that’s become rather pricey! So, my wine rack consists of Cava that I’ve bought at £4 on offer, Prosecco when it’s 5 for £25 & Champagne when there’s money off. Even Moet, Lanson & Veuve go on offer sometimes. When they do I tend to buy a bottle to keep for a special occasion. Places like Aldi & Asda are great for picking up a bottle of Champagne for £10… Sometimes cheaper if you’re lucky. 

Food… Now I LOVE food! I cook from scratch & I make my own sauces. Meat etc… Can be a bit pricey at times. But it’s all about where you shop & quantities. If you follow my diet page you’ll know I use my Crock Pot a lot. I buy my meat pre-frozen from Asda which saves a lot. I tend to buy whole fresh chickens as it’s cheaper to buy a whole chicken sometimes & then it’s lasts a good few days. There’s so many different things you can make with chicken. I buy rice & pasta in bulk. I’m lucky & have a big walk in pantry which is great for storage. I tend to buy giant sacks of pasta & rice which is so much cheaper. I also buy tinned items in bulk too whenever I see an offer. If I see a vegetable offer in a local market I’ll buy it in bulk then blanch & freeze them. We eat well… We have gorgeous food… But at a good price. 

Make up… I couldn’t live without the stuff. Again I buy when there’s an offer. I buy most of my make from Debenhams & Boots. Both places have excellent points cards. It’s the best way to buy. Make sure you use the offers & coupons to boost your points. That way you build up a good balance to spend at a later date. I can get up to £200 worth of boots points on my card within 6 month. It just makes your pennies go that little bit further. I also have some amazing acrylic storage which I bought from Muji. It’s so much cheaper than a Kardashian Acrylic Cube. 

Somethings in life I won’t scrimp on like SKY TV (sad I know lol) Eating Out & things for Seth. But that’s fine because I try to get everything else at a bargain price lol. 

So there you have it… This is my sparkly way of living life ‘fancy’ & Sparkly ✨ 

Thanks for reading & have a great day 💕

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx

What’s in My Hospital Bag?

25 Feb

Hi folks ✨

Well… Since Baby T’s birth day is fast approaching I thought I’d share the contents of my hospital bag. I just thought some people may find it helpful. I was a little clueless if I’m honest, about what to pack. So I’ve based my bag around helpful emails from Mothercare, Emma’s Diary Tips, advice from my Midwife & advice from close friends. So… hopefully I’ve covered all bases. 

 As you can see, me & Baby Bear have 2 separate bags. I’m not going to share the contents of bambino’s bag in photo format as I want to keep his potential coming home outfits under wraps.But in there I have:

  • 23 Diapers (I hate the word nappy)
  • Pack of cotton wool pleats
  • Pack of baby cotton wool pads
  • Sensitive wipes – more for me really – not bambino
  • Sudocrem
  • Bepanthen
  • Johnsons Rash Cream (just in case)
  • 7 Outfits including knitted cardigans
  • 2 Pairs of scratch mitts (just in case)
  • 7 Hats
  • Snowsuit
  • 1 Blanket
  • 1 Baby Shawl
  • 1 Hooded Bath Towel (Just in case)
  • 4 Dribble Bibs
  • 4 Large Muslin Cloths
  • New Born C&G Formula Milk – Just in case I can’t breast feed – hopefully I won’t need it!
  • Travel Changing Mat – just in case

Half way through checking the contents of Baby Bears bag… Coco came in to the nursery to see what I was doing. She’s so cute. 

 My bag… Well I have more diapers (I have way more in his nursery too in case I need more for in hospital), bath towel, make up (I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t pack some make up essentials… after 6 hrs of surgery to break my leg in 14 places & fit an external frame… I was applying lip gloss & mineral foundation lol), & my toiletries bag. 

My toiletries bag includes:

  • Contact Lenses
  • Toothbrush
  • Toothpaste
  • Face Mist
  • Face Wash
  • Under Eye Cream
  • Day Cream
  • Night Cream
  • Shower Gel
  • Body Lotion
  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Flat Loofer
  • Hair Bobbles
  • Hair Clips
  • Lip Balm
  • Tissues

I also have slippers, cotton robe, 3 Mothercare breast feeding friendly nighties, bedtime nursing bra from Mothercare, regular day time nursing bra from Mothercare, 7 pairs of knickers that are c-section scar friendly & my glasses. I even went & bought 2 pairs of brand new glasses especially for my hospital stay. 

 Dove deodorant, iPhone charger, hair brush, 1 pack maternity pads, 2 packs sanitary pads – purely because I have heard mixed reports on which are the best to have with you. I do have more packs of both at home. So if need more or favour one type more than the other, then the hubster & my mammy can bring me more in. 

I also have another toiletries bag lol, which includes:

  • Mamascarf from Mothercare
  • Flannel
  • Medela & Lansinoh Nibble Balm
  • Garnier Micellar Water Face Wipes
  • 24 Breast Pads
  • Alice Band
  • Tissues
  • 1 Fruit & Veg Bar
  • 3 Alpen Nutty Bars ( I also have 2 large bottles of Evian in my pantry ready to take into hospital)

I’ve not packed my coming home outfit yet… But I will be taking in leggings, maternity tunic & Uggs boots. I’m going for pure comfort. Also, my medical notes are always in my handbag as my consultant told me that I must carry them around with me at all times due to my many complications. Along with my birth plan & my diary for any notes I may need to make etc…

Obviously the day we come home, the hubster will be bringing in baby bears little car seat etc… 💙

So there you have it… That’s what is in my hospital bag. I decided to take my Cath Kidston Foldaway Holdall as it’s so light & very spacious. It also has the removable toiletries bag/zipped pocket. It’s such a handy piece of luggage. I’ve used this bag for my previous operations & hospital stays too.

I hope you’ve found this useful or… just interesting 💙

Thanks again for reading.

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx




The Countdown to Baby T 

21 Feb

Hi folks ✨

I hope you’ve all enjoyed/are enjoying a lovely weekend. 

My parents have been to stay for the last few days. They arrived on Thursday. It was so lovely to see them. Getting around is getting that much harder now & I can’t sleep with pain, so having them here gave me a great distraction. Obviously they came bearing gifts – as per usual! My Mammy always bakes  

When you’re not feeling great – home baked food is always much appreciated. One of the girls I work with said to me that the best gift someone can bring you when you’re pregnant or have just had a baby is food. She said it’s the one thing you need & with everything else – you just don’t get round making nutritious yummies. I’ve already got my food order in for her next visit lol. I think she’ll be staying for a week after bambino arrives… So her task will be to fill our freezers with homemade yummies ready to just pop into the oven! 

Baby bear has even more home knit items from my Mammy now too… I must take a pic of everything she’s knit so far… It’s all so beautiful. Some items I had asked for in particular… & others she just decided to knit.   

 We’re now on the countdown to bambino’s arrival. I’ll be 35wks on Tuesday. Everything is getting so exciting now. Albeit a little scary too. I’m mainly scared of going into labour. Purely because I’ve been told that labour is far too dangerous for me as they don’t know how my body will respond. So, we have several plans of action in place for in case that scenario arises! In case it was to happen during the day while the hubster is at work, I have two people on standby who are literally 5mins away. I can call them at any time to be my support buddy. 

My hospital bag & baby bears bag are both packed now. I have everything, pretty much including the kitchen sink lol. We bought him his little snow suit this weekend too. He has several outfit options for his coming home attire… I just can’t choose! My Mammy has knit a stunning cape too  

   Being as organised as I possibly can before his arrival & for his arrival is massively comforting to me. I’ve got lots of things swimming around my head & I have lots of apprehensions & things I’m scared of based around his arrival. I just wish he was here safe & sound. 
I’ve put together some ‘changing kits’ for around the house… So I have fresh nappies, cream, wipes, etc… At arms reach at all times.  

Within a month, our little baby bear is going to be here, & I just can’t wait 💙 I’m so glad I made that change 3 year ago to lose 6 stone in order to get pregnant  

 With the pain during this pregnancy, I know I could not have done it if I’d not lost the weight. Being so big & pregnant would’ve been so much harder for me & the baby. If I’m lucky enough to have another baby in the future, I’ll be making sure I lose a little more weight before hand. I think the thinner & healthier I can be, it’ll be easier on my joints & the areas I’ve had surgery. 

I cannot wait to have that first glimpse & then skin on skin cuddles with my baby boy. So many people keep telling me that I’ll never sleep again, I’ll never wear make up again, my life will change, I’ll never be organised again, life will be tough, how much breastfeeding hurts & its total agony blah blah blah. Maybe they think they’re being helpful. But I just find the negativity so strange. I’ve had 4 years of dreaming of becoming a Mammy. I know our lives will never be the same again… But surely these precious bundles of joy are to be cherished & loved. I can’t speak for anyone else, but I’m gonna embrace motherhood whole heartedly. I’m going to enjoy every single second with my baby bear. I sometimes think the negative minded people, forget about those who struggle with fertility issues. Life is hard & very fast paced these days, I just think people forget to stop & cherish what they have & to look at life with loving & postive eyes. I know many people criticise me for wearing rose tinted spectacles… But I can’t change who I am. I’m the forever postive thinker. I’ll always strive for happiness, positivity & success. I adore & cherish those close to me. Yes… I have trials & tribulations – just like everyone else… But I choose to use the trials as a learning curve & turn them in to positives. 

Soon… I’ll be blogging about our new arrival & just cannot wait 💙 

Thank you so much for continuing to read & for the positive support I’ve received. Don’t forget you can contact me or follow me via my website: 

I have more items arriving soon too for review… So keep your beautiful rose tinted peepers peeled for those! 

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx 




Anything that Sparkles 

11 Feb

Hi folks ✨

Sorry I’ve been a little elusive the last few days. I’ve been nursing a horrid cold & sore throat. I’m so not a good patient… so I must confess to being a little bit of a dying swan all day Monday & Tuesday.

So… lets go back to Saturday. Saturday was such a lovely day, despite the weather being utterly disgusting! I collected my new glasses… I love them so much, which is a major feat for me as I hate wearing glasses being a contact lens lover. I bought a pair by Solitare & a pair by ZigZag. So not stupidly expensive frames… but nice. Well… I think they’re nice ✨

 After collecting my glasses we headed to The Pastures Lodge for lunch. I’ve been there so many times lately… But I love it & it’s such good value for money! After lunch, we headed home for a much needed chill & a movie. Then… It was time to get our glad rags on & head down to Otto Wine bar in the Village. The boys drank beer… while I drank sparkles… Sparkling water that is lol ✨ 

 We then headed next door to Mehfil for an Indian Feast… But I totally forgot to take pics of the food! Oooooopsie.

On Sunday, David (the hubsters bezzie) headed home after a sausage sandwich. I spent the rest of the day feeling really poorly, but, I did get quite a lot of content edited & added on my website if you want to go check that out:

Did I mention that I’ve become a guest blogger for Sugar babies? You should go check out their blog… there are so many good posts on there! 

 So… Monday & Tuesday were total write offs really… I spent a lot of time snuggling in bed feeling sorry for myself. Although… I did paint my nails with a beautiful pink polish from CND Vinylux in Tutti Fruitti 

 I also made lots of blogging notes in my blogging book from The Journal Shop. Oh & don’t forget that you can get 10% off of your first order!!! 

 I drank lots of decaf Yorkshire Tea & snuggled with Coco… perfect for when you’re feeling ill. 


I was so excited on Tuesday to receive a lovely package from Mothercare. I recieved 2 beautiful maternity dresses, a nightie & robe set & a breast feeding scarf. So please keep your eyes peeled for the full review on these beautiful garments. 

 Also, obviously it was Pancake Day (Shrove Tuesday) this week. After a lovely homemade spicy chilli… we made American style pancakes together for dessert topped with Nutella. It had to be done. 

Yesterday I was feeling a lot better… So I headed to Otto for tea & cake wth my lovely friend Jane. A sweet treat & gossip was very much needed. The homemade cakes down at Otto are utterly stunning. I had the biggest slice… well… wedge of Red Velvet Cake. I couldn’t eat it all, but it was so yummy. 

 It also gave me the opportunity to wear one of my new dresses that Mothercare sent to me. This is my Oh Ma! Maternity Dress which is priced at £40.00. Sooooo comfy! 

 For anyone wanting to know where I bought my lippy… it’s Pretentious by Younique that you can buy via the embedded link for £15.

Tea last night was a yummy homemade Moroccan inspired lamb Stew that I’d cooked in the Crock Pot. I served it with a wholemeal pitta & bulgar wheat. It was soooo yummy!  

 To make this stew:

  • 250g Frozen Diced Lamb
  • 1 Tin Chopped Tomatoes
  • 1 Tin Mixed Beans & Chick Peas
  • Frozen Diced Onion
  • Frozen Sliced Peppers
  • Handful of Dried Apricots
  • 3 Celery Sticks Sliced
  • 1 Tsp Garlic Granules
  • 1 Tsp Ground Cumin
  • 1 Tsp Dried Coriander
  • Sprinkle of Cayenne Pepper
  • Sprinkle of Dried Chilli Flakes

I don’t brown the meat beforehand. I literally throw all of the above into my Crock Pot set on low & cook for around 7hrs. I thicken with tomato puree before serving. 

That in a nutshell is what I’ve been up too so far this week ✨

I’m working on a few blog posts at the moment:

  • What’s in My Hospital Bag
  • The Perfect Mammy Bag

…As well as reviewing my new Mothercare goodies. I’m also waiting on a few stunning items to arrive that I’ll be reviewing for various companies. So, I’ve got lots coming up! Keep those beautiful peepers on the look out for those posts coming up soon!

As always – thanks so much reading!

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx 


Lunch Dates and new Arm Candy

6 Feb

Hi folks ✨

I’ve actually had a busy few days socialising… Check me out being a social butterfly ✨ 

I had such a lovely Friday 💙 I went out for lunch to The Pastures with my friend Carolyn & her lovely little girl Alexa. We had lovely food… Lots of gossiping… Truck loads of tea & a not very healthy Ciabatta & Wedges  

   Baby T was spoilt by Auntie Carolyn who had bought him some super cute clothes & another book for his reading corner ✨ 

  The Pastures is such a great place to have food, especially with little ones as their just so child friendly. Alexa had a whale of a time in Ali Bongo’s. So much so that once we got back to our house, she fell asleep in front of Nick Jnr lol.  

It was so nice to get out for a while other than when I’m headed to the hospital for maternity appointments. Although, finding nice things to wear is becoming increasingly difficult lol… I’m literally getting bigger by the day 💙

 While I was getting ready that morning, I found my Pandora Rhodinite necklace that I’d totally forgotten about. So I decided to wear it as I’ve probably not worn it in like over a year now.

The hubster’s Bezzie, David, is staying with us this weekend. So I decided to make a bit of a Mexican feast for our supper last night. The chilli was über healthy as I made it all from scratch in the crock pot. But… Then I decided to make nachos… Not so healthy lol. I live my new bowls from Asda… Only £2 each! Utter bargain. I actually ordered them in white, but they sent the red ones instead as the white had sold out. I think I actually like these ones better✨


 It was mega yummy… Even if I do say so myself lol 😋

Today we had a little jolly to Barnsely to collect my new specs from the opticians. I got a beautiful dark purple pair from Solitaire & a black pair from ZigZag 

 This is my ZigZag pair.

Afterwards we headed to The Pastures for lunch lol… The Pastures is fast becoming my new fave place to eat. I feel like I’ve been there loads lately! We’re also off out for a meal tonight too. This time we’re headed into our little beautiful village for an Indian meal. So right now we’re just drinking tea & watching Maze Runner.  

 Me & the hubster are using our new mugs that we got for Valentines Day off of my Bezzie – she’s such a sweetie ❤️… Well sometimes lol 😘

I decided to paint my nails too since I had red chipped nails 🙈 when my varnish starts to chip it really makes me feel funny  

 I love the Avon Pro Wear nail varnish. This is Orchid Splash. I bought this while it was on offer for just £2!!! Such a bargain!!! 

My new tote from Cath Kidston arrived this week. Can’t believe I got this £32 instead of £75.

 I’m simply in love 💙 I’m going to save it though for when I go into hospital to have my little poppet. I’m going to put his little outfits in it. I’ve been using my brown leather & leopard print bag from Joules this week. I had been using my black & white leather Pied a Terre bag, but I like to rotate my bags so none of my handbags feel left out lol. Yep… I’m just that odd lol. I love keeping my bags all nice & snug in their dust bags when I’m not using them.

 So… that’s my little update on what I’ve been up too. I’m currently trying out a new daily moisturiser from Blue Mandarines – so I’ll be writing a review on that very soon! Oh & don’t forget about my new website: 💕

Thanks for reading & hope you’re all having a lovely weekend ✨

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx

Baby T’s Birth Day Next Month and Getting Organised

1 Feb

Hi folks ✨

Yesterday we had a much needed lazy day. I began my day with having a lovely loooong bubble bath. After my bath I decided it was time to sort through all of Baby T’s toiletries as he literally has so many 💙 

 Since me & the hubster are monopolizing the bathroom cupboards, I decided it was sensible to get our bathroom shelves out of the loft that we had used while living in our apartment. I do love cleaning & organising. I mean… He’s going to be arriving next month!!! Eeeeeck!!! 💙

Since I’m still not sleeping & Saturday night was particular bad – the most strenuous thing I did yesterday was to paint my nails. I went with CND Vinylux in Hollywood. I love a classic red nail. It’s timeless & it always goes with everything. 

 The pram made an appearance yesterday too when we decided that we needed to play with it so we could confidentally  collapse it etc… I seriously do love this travel system. We’ve bought the isofix for the car too which is going to make life so much easier. That way we don’t have to mess around with seat belts etc… I can’t wait to get his little car window sun shade & a little steering wheel… lol… I’m so sad I know. 

 We literally did not do much yesterday at all… sometimes you just need a day like that. Especially when you’re feeling under the weather. One thing you all need in your kitchen, especially for ‘can’t be bothered days’… you need a Crock Pot or slow cooker. I was planning on making a full on yummy chicken casserole with loads of veg & roast potatoes… but since I wasn’t feeling tip top, I literally just served up the casserole with some crusty bread. I prepped the casserole that morning – so easy!

  • Frozen Skinless & Boneless Chicken Thighs
  • Frozen Whole Green Beans
  • Frozen Diced Onions
  • Frozen Sliced Peppers
  • 1 Tin Chopped Tomatoes
  • 1 Tsp Dried Thyme
  • 1 Tsp Tarragon

Cook on low all day. It was so yummy & minimal effort required! ✨ 

While we ate casserole & crusty bread, Coco snaffled her latest treat from Top Collar, don’t forget that by following the link & entering code: COCO you will receive a completely free bag of treats!  

 Today I’ve been doing more meal prep. I ended up with loads of fresh carrots & was worried they were going to go off before I got around to using them all! So I peeled, chopped, blanched, dipped in ice cold water & bagged up to freeze. It’s such a good idea as you can freeze in the required portion size. Saves loads of time in the long run as you can boil or steam straight from frozen.  It’s brilliant for when you see those veggie bargains but then end up with more than you know what to do with. 

 Tonight we’re having fajita’s for tea & the hubster is on chef duty… so another easy kitchen day for me… yey! ✨

So… that’s all I’ve been up too… not much lol. Tomorrow is a day of hospital appointments & scans… eeeeck! I love seeing my little poppet 💙 I’m sure we’ll be able to sneak in a little lunch date tomorrow too! We’re also hoping we may have time for a super quick trip to Barnsley to collect my new glasses. But that all depends on my hospital appointments running on time.

Well, I’m going to leave this post right here.

Thanks so much for reading ✨

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx

MOTs and Meaningful Moments 

31 Jan

Hi folks ✨ 

I hope you all had a great Saturday yesterday. We went on a jolly to Barnsley. I decided it was about time to treat myself to some new spectacles. I never ever wear my glasses… well… only when I’m ill. I’m a dedicated contact lens wearer. But since becoming pregnant, I’ve found that I cannot tolerate them all day like I once could. I don’t know if my eye’s are more dry or if it’s because I’m tired from not sleeping. Whatever the reason… I’m finding that I’m wearing my glasses like at least 4 days out of 7 a week. I really despise my glasses… I’ve had them for such a long time & I think I’m just bored of them. Plus, I have mega bad eyesight, so I need ultra thin lenses too.

My hubser is a glasses wearer & he suits them so much. So… I decided to bite the bullet & go get a spectacle makeover. We went to iVision in Barnsley & they were utterly suberb! The staff are so nice & friendly. I think I’ve most definitely found my new opticians. I’ve never really had an opticians in Doncaster… It’s so naughty but I just buy my contact lenses  & never bother with eye tests etc… Such a bad habit of mine… I’m a very “if it’s not broken don’t fix it” kinda person. But now I’m going to be a Mammy, I need to practice the mantra orfpreservation & staying in tip top health. My little boy needs a strong healthy Mammy 💙You know I lost all that weight to be healthy inside… so I need to extend that to all aspects of my being. 

Since becoming pregnant I feel as though I’ve had such a massive MOT. I’ve registered with a new Dentist in my Village who is amazing & my teeth are in tip top shape. I’ve had every test going on my glucose levels, cholesterol & heart, & because of the weight-loss – everything is spot on. Now I’ve had my eyes checked & tested & they’re actually slightly better. So I’m very happy with my Mammy MOT. Oh & you’ll have to wait until next week for some speccy selfies as my lenses needed to be ordered in to stock… coz I’m special lol. I can’t even remember the makes I’ve ordered. But they are both beautiful… One pair is Black & White & the other is Purple.

It was hail stoning in Barnsley yesterday which is like the closest thing to snow in my eyes… so I was pretty excited with that. Since we didn’t have to wait around while my glasses were made, we headed back to Donny for lunch. We headed straight to the Mallard in the Frenchgate Centre. I was such a hungry Piglet that I forgot to take a pic of my food!!! 🐽 I literally just hoovered up my Piri Piri Fajitas. After lunch & 2 glasses of sugar free lemonade – we headed to Accessorize for a bobble – Graham thought that was hilarious… That we went ‘bobble’ shopping. I ended up buying some little grippy clips – nothing super exciting. 

 It started snowing pretty much as soon as we got home. Where we live is much higher than the town centre, so the wind chill is way worse here. The snow didn’t last though unfortunately ❄️ I also had a parcel waiting for me too from W7. They sent me a lovely little bundle of things to try & review

  • Argan Eyes Mascara in Black
  • Big Blusher/Powder Brush
  • Chunky Lips Crayon in Spontaneous
  • Honolulu Bronzing Powder

I’ll be reviewing those products as soon as possible 💄 

 I’ve also ordered me & Baby T (yes… it was totally an essential purchase for the baby… lol) the Kingswood Rose Big Leather Trim Tote. I wanted it for hospital & to match Baby T’s diaper bag for when we’re out & about. Plus, it was an uber bargain being reduced down from £75 to £32. I love Cath Kidston… her products are such good quality & totally timeless too. My brown Michel Kors purse won’t really match it, but I have a lovely baby pink Jasper Conran purse that will match it perfectly. I do love it when a winning combo comes together lol ✨ 

 My purse was also a bargain as it was in the sale… But also had a glue mark on the front. So I haggled a little… The RRP was like £80 or something. The sale price was £38 but we paid a mere £18.50. Haggling for  a good bargain used to scare me… but if you’re nice & polite & have a legitimate reason – whats the harm. They can only say no. 

 Hey presto… the glue came off the soft leather with a good old Johnsons Baby Wipe. 

 I so love a bargain. You all know that I love a bit of glamour… But I love it more when it’s at a cheap affordable rate. Being a first time Mammy to Be – we’ve had a LOT of expense getting everything ready for the little Prince’s arrival 💙… so bargains are much needed in the glam & beauty department for Mammy & Daddy lol.

Being married to my best friend, soul mate & lover is the most amazing thing in the world ❤️ All of my surgeries brought us closer too… I didn’t think we could be anymore close. But now we have this little miracle growing… I just feel so overwhelmed with love, connection & adoration. We’ve shared some amazing meaningful moments over the 11 years of knowing one another, but now we seem to be more in tune with each other more than ever. Romance seems to be occurring all of the time in the teeniest of situations. I was never one of these girls who from being little wanted a baby. I’ve watched friends & family become parents & it’s never really bothered me. But one day it just clicked… I looked at my hubster & thought “yep… I want your babies”. Sounds soppy I know – but that’s how it happened. It’s only taken us 5 years to achieve that dream & I couldn’t feel more blessed. This journey is something I will never ever take for granted 💙  

 Righteo… well I shall leave this bloggy post right here.

Have a superb Sunday & thanks for reading. It’s lovely seeing new countries popping up on my stats ✨

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx