Catch Up Time

21 Jun

Hi folks,

I think we’re massively overdue a catch up. I just seem to be super busy lately… lots & lots going on!

So… first of all… we had an amazing holiday up on the Northeast Coast. It was so lovely to go away with family & just spend some time together. Newbiggin-By-The-Sea holds so many amazing memories for me when I was little… I always said that I wanted to take my kids there if I ever had any. So to see Seth & my niece playing on the very same beach I used to as a child was just utterly priceless.

We literally just relaxed while we were away… the most energetic thing we did was go for walks by the sea & play on the beach. I was super naughty though while I was away… I ate ice cream… I ate take out & I ate chocolate… yikes! 4 year ago I lost over 6 stone to help me conceive Seth. But… with pregnancy & bad choices… I’m 2 stone heavier than I was when I hit my target weight & I’m currently wearing a size 14/16. I’ve had a word with myself & I’m now currently back in the zone. I’ve been healthy for the last 2 weeks & I’m already 6lbs lighter!!! I WILL get back into my lovely size 12 clothes. I don’t do anything extreme other than drink plenty water & eat plenty veg, fruit & lean meats. I have been having 1 Lean Java Bean Coffee per day too… but thats another story for another blog post as I’ve been reviewing it. I still have treats such as a glass of sparkles or a slice of pizza… but I totally go by the rule of; ‘Everything in Moderation’.

So… I’ve holidayed… I’ve started back with my weightloss &… I’m going to be writing some reviews for the Doncaster Freepress & The Doncaster Star!!! My reviews will all be based around days out & eating out in my local area when you have a young family in tow. I’m super excited!!! I shall let you all know when they’ll be in print.

We had another amazing day out to The Yorkshire Wildlife Park on Saturday. We seriously love that place. We’ve now got an annual pass which is such good value for money. I love going for a long walk around the park then stopping for a lovely little picnic. The weather has just been amazing lately… it’s felt like we’re abroad on holiday. We get so few beautiful days with the sun shining in this country that we need to make the most of them. Plus… when the weather is sunny & warm, you automatically want to eat healthily. You just don’t fancy anything heavy or stodgy.

We have a lot of work to do in the garden in our new home, to make it just perfect. But, for now… it’ll do. We had some paddling pool & bubble machine fun this weekend. Seth absolutely adores being out & about. I’ll be writing a full review on all of his gorgeous new garden toys that we got from the Early Learning Centre. In our old home, we had very little garden at the back & hardly no lawn at all. It wasn’t ideal for Seth to play in  really. So even though our new garden isn’t massive… it’s a lovely size for Seth to be able to play happily. I just can’t wait to get all the decking sorting & some pesky wonky flag stones lifted!

There’s still lots that we want to do around the house to get it just right… for all we’re always super busy with parenting… work… socialising… etc… we’ve managed to get a lot of stuff done. Everything is unpacked & everything has a home. But we’ve decided that we want to swap the spare rooms over. So once that is done we should be pretty much sorted. Seth’s room is looking fab! It’s so colourful & it totally looks like a little boys room now & not a baby’s bedroom. Our room is starting to take shape… although I really want to paint it duck egg blue & pale pink. But I think that’ll have to wait till maybe next year as we have lots of other stuff to do. Once the guest room is sorted, the spare room then can just remain empty apart from Seth’s old SnuzPod & Pram etc… I’m hoping that one day soon it can be a nursery… but I guess we’ll just have to wait & see for that one.

I’m also trying to squeeze in my driving lessons too. As we have no local childcare here, I can only have lessons when Graham is home from work. So I’ve been doing lots of evening driving lessons. Ugh… I so cannot wait until I’ve passed my test & I can go car shopping… preloved cars though of course. I often just wish I’d learnt to drive when I was younger… but then I didn’t so it’s pointless really dwelling on it. At least until I pass, I have Graham to chauffeur us around lol.

I have loads of reviews coming up for you all… JoieMAM UKELCSeamore I Sea Bacon, Crabtree & Evelyn, Hey Like Wow, Lean Java Bean & Panda Life.

Wow… it’s really started to chuck it down with rain here… I’m thinking we could be in for a thunder storm… I mean it has been pretty muggy & humid all day… Seth’s curly hair has been wild with the humidity God love him lol.

Well… I shall leave my post here.

Thanks so much as always for reading… & thanks for sticking with me while I’ve been busy. I promise I’ll be blogging more frequently again!

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx


More Crabtree & Evelyn Goodies 

13 Jun

Hi folks

Have I got a lovely little review for you. The kind & lovely folk at Crabtree & Evelyn have sent me some lovely goodies from their Gardeners Range. 

I’d never tried the Gardeners Collection before. The fragrance from this range is utterly stunning. The scents that stand out for me are Lavender & Sage. But in there you’ll find Lavender, Sage, Rosemary, Thyme & Oak Moss. Such an intoxicating aroma. 

In my little blogging pack I received: 

So… let’s start with… 

Exfoliating Soap 

I popped this soap in our main bathroom & every time I open the door I’m met with a gorgeous fresh scent. It just makes you think of being outdoors in a beautiful floral garden. Scent aside, the soap itself is gorgeous too. I get very dry skin along my knuckles & down my index fingers. Soap tends to dry my skin out & can even make it crack. This soap however is really gentle & moisturing. The exfoliating element of fine ground pumice is amazing for cleaning overworked hands. Perfect for after muddy play in the garden. The fragrance really lingers on your hands afterwards too.

Ultra Moisturing Hand Therapy 

This little stunner is enriched with shea butter. The thing I love about this hand cream is that it’s not greasy at all & it absorbs really easily leaving no residue. The smell is gorgeous. You can buy this hand cream in various sizes… so you can have one stood in the bathroom & one popped into your favourite handbag. I’m a huge fan of any Crabtree & Evelyn Hand cream if I’m honest. But this one is deffinitely up there with my fave scents.  

Intensive All Purpose Balm

I love a multi purpose balm. A little tin of all round goodness that you can pop straight into your handbag for those pesky little skin emergencies. This beautiful balm is enriched with shea butter & beeswax. So it’s super hydrating & moisturing. The eucalyptus in it gives it that protecting antiseptic feel. I actually used this a lot on my lips. The constant change in weather at the moment from hot to cold has left me with sore & chapped lips. This balm has worked a treat! My little boy often gets a a rough patch of skin near his elbow from commando crawling around the place…. a teeny little dab of this & it cleared right up. This would be excellent on hard working hands too. It may be a little pot, but a little dab goes a long way. Less is deffinitely  more where this little miracle balm is concerned. This product is an Online Exclusive. 

This range is stunning… just what we’d expect from Crabtree & Evelyn. If you’re struggling for gift ideas for Father’s Day – these products would be prefect! Treat Dad & Grandad to some goodies. At the moment there is 30% off certain products & I know for sure that some of the Gardeners range products are in that deal. Also… free delivery online for transactions over £15! Bargain! 

So what are you waiting for??? Go treat yourself & your nearest & dearest too! 

Thanks as always for reading 🙂

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx

Nuby Goodies 

6 Jun

Hi folks

As you all know, we’ve just been on holiday… we had such an amazing time. But I shall fill you all in about our lovely little vacation in a separate blog post. 

So, just before we went away we received a gorgeous little package of lovely goodies from Nuby UK

In our pack we received:

So… let’s begin…

Lock n Roll Bib 

OMG… this bib is quite frankly amazing. We tend to dine out a lot & the one thing that can be a bit of a pain is what bib to use. Seth’s bibs get so utterly covered in food, that I tend to buy him disposable ones for when we eat out. Quite simply as I don’t want a dirty bib rolling around in my handbag smearing food all over. This bib is a total game changer! It’s a catch all bib so it’s fab for catching all of that food debris. It’s also easy to wipe clean with a baby wipe. Then… get this… it rolls into a little rubber case keeping all of the nasty foodie bits encased!!! So you can pop straight into your handbag with no worry of foodie splatters leaving disgusting crusty bits in your fave handbag! I’m so unbelievably pleased with this product!

360 Insulated Maxi No Spill Cup 

This is the must have Cup of the summer. This cup is for 12m+. It’s great for the transition from sippy cup to open cup drinking. The fab design makes it non spill. Seth loves this cup. He even takes it to Music Bugs with him.

This cup is insulated to keep drinks cooler in the summer. I have to say that it defo works. I take this cup out with us when we’re out & about, with Seth’s water in it & it’s always nice & cool. It comes with a little lid too that you can pop on for when it’s in your handbag.

SureGrip Plate 

The SureGrip range is fab for developing those all important table manners. I don’t know about your little ones, but if I give Seth a plate he just throws it within minutes. So the Suregrip plate is great. It sticks so well to Seth’s Cosatto Supa Noodle High Chair tray. It’s such an easy safe way to teach him to eat from a plate rather than just his tray. This plate washes so well too. Seth hasn’t been able to pull this plate off his tray yet… so we’re doing well!

Garden Fresh Fruitsicles

Fruitsicles are for making your own ice lollies at home. Cleverly designed for little hands and they even catch drips. I made some yummy fruit purée ice lollies. Hopefully they’ll help Seth when he has sore gums from those pesky teeth he’s sprouting.

You can see from the pics below just how much Seth loves them. He was even trying to drink every last drop from the drip catcher. I made banana, apple & blueberry purée lollies. Deffinitely a big hit on those sore teething gums. 


Squirters Bathtime Vehicles 

Seth adores bath time playtime. These little squidgy cars are a fantastic addition to his bath toys.

With them being made from squidgy plastic – they’re great for biting. Seth has used these as a fun teether whilst in the bath. Not only do they squirt water, but thy squeak & float too. Fantastic little bath time toys that are great for developing hand eye coordination. 

So there you have it… that’s our latest little Nuby bundle of goodies. Don’t forget that you get free shipping on all orders over £15 from Nuby. Utterly amazing! 

Thanks so much for reading & I hope you found this post useful 🙂

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx

“Play is the Highest Form of Research” – Albert Einstein 

5 Jun

Hi folks

Seth’s been having so much fun playing with his gorgeous new toys from The Early Learning Centre 

In our pack of goodies we received: 

In this review I’ll be focussing on the Singing Animal Keyboard & Wooden Magnetic Garden Friends Train. We’ve just moved house & we’re in the process of making the garden ‘Seth’ friendly – so I shall be reviewing the outdoor toys VERY soon 🙂

I love traditional wooden toys. There’s something ‘timeless’ about a wooden toy. They’re the sorts of toys our grand parents & great grand parents were learning & playing with. Let’s face it… bambinos can be rather heavy handed with their toys & wooden toys are so durable. And quite simply… wooden toys always look so beautiful. 

The fact that this set is so durable is a total godsend… Seth likes to put his toys through their paces lol. This train track has been used as drum sticks on more than one occasion. I can tell you now that it is still in mint condition. So if you have a heavy handed child.. this is the toy for them. The lovely little train carriages are magnetic too. Each carriage is a beautifully painted garden friend. 

The train track can be fitted together in lots of different ways too. Great for problem solving & developing motor skills. Seth has found the magnetic trains so intriguing. I don’t think he can quite work out how they stick together. Right now this train set is on offer for £10!!! Get it while you can! You could even buy it then pop it away for Christmas! 

The Singing Animal Keyboard is so sweet. It’s a lovely little twist on a regular keyboard. Seth loves that each key makes the animals move & sing. It’s been great for teaching Seth different noises that animals make. Also… it’s not too loud. I mean let’s face it… as a parent some toys can be so loud & cringey lol. But this toy is just lovely. 

Again – it’s really robust. It’s been able to withstand a full on Seth tantrum where it was quite lietrally launched from end of the room to the other… if it can withstand that… then this toy is practically indestructible 🙂 

I just cannot wait to get out in the garden with Seth’s ‘outdoor’ toys. You can expect a review rather soon! 

Did you know that you get free delivery from the ELC when you use the Click & Collect option? Or… free home delivery when you spend £40 or more. 

I know I’ve said before… but I shall say it again… The Early Learning Centre is a brand that has stood the test of time. It’s a household name that we all know & trust. The quality of these toys is top notch. You never have to worry about quality & safety.

I hope you’ve found this review useful & enjoyable.

Thanks as always for reading,

Love & huggles,

Hayley & Seth xxx

Back Soon

29 May

Hi folks 

Today we’re off on vacation & I’m not too sure what our internet connection will be like… so I shall say TTFN for now. I’ll be back in a week 🙂 And I will have lots of reviews for you as well as a big vacation write up.

Have a fab half term! 

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx

Finding the Perfect Car Seat

24 May

Hi folks,

So… Let’s talk car seats. What an utter mine field Car Seat shopping can be. Especially since the law regarding car seats & booster cushions has changed this year. You can view the official government guidelines here.
When you leave hospital, you leave with your newborn baby in their infant carrier. Buying an infant carrier is relatively easy. I mean, usually you purchase a full travel system anyways. So you’ve probably gotten your baby carrier as part of a set. You click your prescious bundle in & out of the car via an ISOFIX base & you’re sorted. But… what do you do when they start outgrowing their baby carrier!? What do you buy? Do you buy a rear facing seat only to discard it when you start forward facing? Do you begin forward straight away when your bambino reaches 9kg even though you feel nervous about it? Do you need an ISOFIX base? Or do you just secure with a car seat belt? So many questions… so much choice… where do you start!?

Well… here’s the answer… The Every Stage FX Car Seat by Joie. 

This car seat is an utter game changer. This is literally the only car seat you will ever need! This car seat is literally 4 seats in 1. This is a 0+/1/2/3 Stage car seat, rear facing from birth to 18kg & forward facing from 9kg to 36kg. When rear facing this seat is secured via the car seat belt. When forward facing in group 1, this seat has easy & exact ISOFIX installation. When you progress to groups 2/3 for high back booster mode there is an easy ISOSAFE connection. So you can rest easy knowing that this car seat is rock solid.

What are the features? 

  • Group 0+/1/2/3 car seat
  • Suitable rearward facing from birth to 18kg/4 years
  • Suitable forward facing from 9kg to 36kg/12 years
  • 6 recline positions: 2 rear facing and 4 forward facing
  • Easy installation with ISOFIX and top tether when using in forward facing group 1 mode
  • Side impact protection provides added security for the head, body, and hips
  • Guard Surround Safety™ panels provide extra side protection and fold into seat when not in use
  • One-hand, 10 position height adjustable headrest
  • AutoAdjust™ side wings widen as headrest is raised to accommodate growing children
  • Reinforced steel inner seat shell increases structural integrity
  • 3 piece flexible insert system includes an infant head support, infant body support, and infant wedge – all customisable for the ultimate fit at every stage
  • Grow Together™ multi-height headrest and harness system adjust simultaneously and require no re-threading of harness
  • Custom Harness Hideaway™ compartments store the 5-point harness when using as a Group 2/3 booster
  • Plush, deluxe cushioning and fabrics
  • Built in side ventilation
  • Side, mesh storage pockets for child’s must-have travel items
  • Well marked, colour-coded installation paths
  • Dual lock-offs for installing with vehicle’s 3-point seat belt
  • BabySoft 5-point harness with shoulder and lower buckle covers
  • One pull motion easily tightens the 5-point harness

So… you’ve read the technical bit… but is it comfy? Well, you all know that Seth is a little fussy scamp – but he seems rather happy with his new seat. He’s giggled in it, had snacks in it & even had a nap in it. With the click recline system it’s perfect for the younger bambinos to be able to snooze without hurting their necks. Both mine & my hubster’s family do not live near us – so we quite often go on road trips to visit. This seat is perfect for longer car journeys. We’re actually off on holiday next week – so I’ll be sure to give you a vacation review of it. Along with our much loved Mirus pushchair – also from Joie

So… how much does it cost? This car seat retails for around £250. Now, that may seem pricey, but when you think that this literally goes from birth to 12yrs… it’s such a bargain! Amazing investment. This is the ONLY car seat you will EVER need. Put it this way… if we have another baby… this will be our travel essential!

Installation… I left that in the capable hands of my hubster. But here’s a handy video

I really do love this carseat as it has everything… even down to little side pockets for those all important essentials. I feel confident & happy with this carseat… Seth is comfy & cosy… & it looks nice! I mean, I know that safety has to come to before what looks good… but it’s a total bonus when you can have it all. But seriously… this car seat allows you to choose when you want to begin forward facing. It’s such a hot topic. Only ‘you’ know what is best & right for your baby. This seat gives you that freedom to choose.

So please stay tuned for more reviews of this fabulous carseat. Like I said – we’re off on holiday next week so I shall be writing up another review when we get back, along with an update on our Mirus.

Thanks so much as always for reading & I hope you’ve found this review useful!

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx

London Adventures

17 May

Hi folks,

Wowzers… last Wednesday was so much fun! Travelling to London on your own is always a little nerve-racking I find. I’m just not a regular London visitor… so the whole fast paced hustle & bustle is somewhat scary to me. But… I packed my Vivienne Westwood safari bag armed with my Mac, IxxyPoco Planner & a map installed on my iPhone courtesy of the hubster. He’s a good’un! So… off I went for my London adventure!

First stop was the Mothercare A/W Press Show. Just wow wow wow! This Press Show did not disappoint.

So… first of all… the new collections…

Little Bird by Jools Oliver
… the new collection literally encompasses everything that we know & adore about Little Bird. Colourful, vibrant & definitely designs to make our bambino’s stand out from the crowd. The signature rainbow colours are present along with some lovely little designs & patterns. There’s plenty casual wear & some gorgeous outfits for special occasions. Lovely soft, comfy fabrics too which is always essential for our little ones when they’re wanting to nap one minute & climb every piece of furniture in sight the next.

MyK by Myleene Klass…

I just simply love love love the MyK range. There’s the signature monchrome with some mustard tones thrown in there too. Cute panda designs & fabulous leopard prints. The fabrics are so lovely… chic, yet soft & easy to wear for our little ones. Nice soft fabric with flexibility to allow little ones to be able to crawl, roll & run around. I love Seth to look smart – but I also want him to be comfortable at the same time. This range is so perfect for that. And Myleene is just so lovely & even prettier in real life… how annoying. I need to up my ‘glammy Mammy’ game I think.

Smile by Julien MacDonald…

The Smile range boasts some fantastic occasion wear. Gorgeous pastels & plenty of frills. I always think this range says ‘extravagance’. Whilst being shown around the collection I was told the price of this range has been dropped too… so that’s always good news for the old purse strings.

Blooming Marvellous…

I adored this range of maternity wear whilst I was pregnant. Staying trendy can be really hard when you’re pregnant. Especially when you have a special event to attend. This collection is so beautiful… lots of sparkle & shimmer… comfy fabrics & clever little tops that will be fantastic for discreet breast feeding. All of the shimmer & sparkle will be perfect for the party season.

I loved this quirky little slogan tee shirt

Mothercare/Heritage Collection…

I love soft greys & whites on babies. Mothercare have some gorgeous baby garments. Stunning little pieces that are quite simple really – but very classic. Along with their new bedding & nursery furniture.

Simply adored the Heritage Collection… it was all very regal & rather British. Princess Charlotte & Prince George spring to mind. Gorgeous little outfits. Lots of bold colours & traditional London designs such has Royal Palace Guards & London Landmarks. Perfect for your little Princes & Princesses.


The Early Learning Centre have some gorgeous new toys hitting our shelves… in fact. I have a review coming up soon all about the amazing toys Seth received. ELC is such a trusted household name, you can always rely on the ELC stamp of approval to deliver educational, fun toys that also safe.

After being shown around the new collections & soaking up the atmosphere. Clemmie Hooper & Elizabeth Day hosted a fantastic talk & Q&A session all about the new Baby Box by Eve. 

The Baby Box by Eve will go on sale exclusively to Mothercare in June 2017 priced at £99

The box has been exclusively designed by Clifford Richards. Much of his work can been seen in the Victoria & Albert Museum.

So… What’s in the box?

  • Sleep safe tips
  • Jersey fitted 2 pack crib sheets – white
  • CTN cellular moses/crib blanket white (core white)
  • MC 3pk embroidered muslins
  • NB dribbler white 2pk
  • Water Wipes
  • 2 x white bodysuit
  • 1 sleepsuit white
  • 1 white hat
  • 1 white cuddle and dry
  • Flora box includes 1 bear blanket and rattle
  • Fauna box includes 1 elephant plush and blanket

The box also includes a safe & snuggly mattress. The mattress inside the babybox is created by eve’s team of mattress experts and is made of specialist nursery grade high density foam. The cover is washable (at 60 degrees) and quick drying. It is ultra-breathable, thanks to the use of Cairfull ® fabric, and is 400 times more breathable than a standard mattress fabric. The 3D spacer technology in the fabric means that airflow can move from side to side and up and down, providing extra ventilation, moisture regulation, resilience and comfort for your baby. The box will also include tips for safe sleeping.

Love love love the Baby Box. It’d make such a gorgeous Baby Shower gift.

The Q&A with Clemmie was utterly fantastical. Meeting her was so nice. As a first time Mammy, you often worry about doing things right & if everyone else is doing a better job. With social media being such a dominant thing in our lives these days, we’re often bombarded with these ‘glammy Mammy’s’ who make motherhood look so easy. It was kind of nice to hear from Clemmie that she has the same thoughts & worries just like the rest of us.

Why do I look so serious there on the back row!?

Here’s a brief little summary of the Q&A…

  • How do you safeguard whilst being so Insta Famous

This was something I was really interested in. Working in the social media field, you do worry daily about the exposure of your children. Clemmie is very careful not to publish or post any photos of her family that could show them in a bad light. Also, bath time & holiday snaps would be very carefully chosen.

  • Nighttime Routine

I was actually sat next too Naomi Isted & we both asked questions on nighttime routines. Clemmie seems like a very relaxed Mammy. I worry about self soothing & controlled crying. I’m a very clingy Mammy I’d say & we still put Seth to bed after a cuddle & he’s nodded off. Seth sleeps around 12 to 14hrs. Clemmie said this is perfectly fine & if it works for Seth & it works for us. I think sometimes you just need that little bit of reassurance. Clemmie was all about finding what works best for your little family.

  • Sharing your time with all 4 children

Hearing how Clemmie manages her time with all 4 of her children was fascinating to me. Well… we only have Seth. The thought of having another is so exciting but also so scary. It was lovely hear that Clemmie & her husband work as a team to make sure all 4 girls receive all of the love & attention they need.

  • Any tips for first time parents

I loved that Clemmie was so down to earth & said basically just walk around with a muslin cloth constantly. I think I spent the first 9 month of Seth’s life with a muslin cloth draped over my shoulder. Also… have a good girl gang. That group of mammy’s you need around you to reassure you that you aren’t alone & that what you’re doing is right. I personally couldn’t live without my girl gang of Mammy’s.

  • Visitors after baby is born

It was lovely to hear that it’s not just you who feels tired of visitors in those first few weeks. Making cups of tea & waiting on visitors isn’t fun really. Clemmie gave some fab advice… just stay in bed 🙂

  • Things you couldn’t live without as a first time Mam

Microwave & Muslin Cloths. Let’s face it… you never get to drink a hot cup of tea so your microwave is essential.

  • Managing work & parenting

This is something I think about a lot. Clemmie had great advice of arranging special trips out with the children individually & as a family too. Like I said… it’s just nice to know we all have the same concerns & that we’re all becoming skilled at juggling life. Also… at 5pm… turn the laptop off. Don’t answer those emails. Have a cut off time.

So… after a fantastic morning spent at the Mothercare Press Show I headed over for coffee & a choccie muffin with the gorgeous Ena. What a lovely meeting & catch up we had. It’s always lovely to meet up in person after months of emails going back & forth. I’m going to have some lovely Joie UK products to review over the rest of the year. I’ll have a one coming up very soon all about the Joie Every Stage FX Car Seat.

During our catch up I even got to try a shot of the new nitro cold brew.

So… after a fun filled morning at Mothercare & an afternoon of chatting with Ena… it was time to head back to the station. I managed to squeeze in a cheeky glass of vino & a little work before my train arrived. 

It was such a fantastic day. It was also good for my separation anxiety. I literally have no time away from Seth, apart from my 1hr a week to do my driving lessons. So… this was just another step for me. Seth had a whale of time with his Nana… I don’t even think he’d noticed I wasn’t there. I guess that’s good… at least I know he’s a super confident little boy.

I’ve got a lovely review coming up for The Early Learning Centre… Seth is currently trying & testing some gorgeous toys. I’ve also got a fantastic review coming up for the Joie Every Stage FX Car Seat which falls in line with the new car seat laws. And… I’ll have another Nuby review coming up soon too. So much to look forward too.

As always… thank you so much for reading.

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx